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Published by Ezra Spero

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Published by: Ezra Spero on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 13Communicating Customer Value: Personal Selling andDirect Marketing
GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions
1. These employees are well-educated, well-trained professionals who work to buildand maintain long-term customer relationships by listening to their customers,assessing customer needs, and organizing the company’s efforts to solve customer problems. Who are these employees?a. Managers.b. Missionary salespeople.c. Salespeople.d. Sales managers.e. All of the above.(Answer: e; 401; Moderate)2. Which of the following communication and promotion tools involve directconnections with customers aimed toward building customer-unique value and lastingrelationships?a. Personal selling.b. Direct marketing.c. E-commerce.d. Publicity.e. A and B.(Answer: e; p. 401; Moderate)3. Johnson Fabric Company has four selling positions for employees. One of them isnot really an actual selling position. Which is it?a. Order taker.b. Missionary salesperson.c. Order getter.d. Creative selling.e. B and D(Answer: e; p. 402; Moderate)4. A _____ is an individual acting for a company by performing one or more of thefollowing  activities:  prospecting,  communicating,  servicing,  and  informationgathering.a. sales manageb. sales executivec. sales support persond. salespersone. none of the above(Answer: d; p. 402; Easy)122
5. _____ involves two-way, personal communication  between salespeople andindividual customerswhether face-to-face, by telephone, through video or Webconferences, or by other means.a. Advertisingb. Persuasive sellingc. Personal sellingd. Integrated marketing communicatione. A and B(Answer: c; p. 402; Easy)6. Current view holds that salespeople should be concerned with producing customer satisfaction and company profit. So whom do they generally serve?a. They represent the company to customers.b. They represent the company to investors.c. They represent the customer to the company.d. A and Ce. None of the above(Answer: d; p. 402; Challenging)7. When a firm sets out to analyze, plan, implement, and control sales forceactivities through sales force management, it sets and designs its_____, recruits,selects, trains, supervises, compensates, and evaluates the firm’s salespeople.a. sales territoriesb. sales force managementc. team selling effortsd. coop selling and advertisinge. promotional objectives(Answer: b; p. 414; Challenging)8. Of the three typical types of sales force structures, which one is often supportedby many levels of sales management positions in specific geographical areas?a. Territorial.b. Product.c. Customer.d. Complex systems.e. Matrix.(Answer: a; p. 403; Moderate)9. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a product sales force structure?a. Extra selling costs involved with multiple sales visits from separate divisions.b. Attention given to individual products.c. Salespeople may wait to see the same customer’s purchasing agents.d. Increase customer delivery time.e. B and C(Answer: d; p. 403; Challenging)123
10. What do many companies use to set sales force size?a. The workload approach.b. Product availability.c. Demographic characteristics of the sales force.d. Sales quotas established.e. Profit margin.(Answer: a; p. 404; Moderate)11. To reduce time demands on their outside sales forces, many companies haveincreased the size of their inside sales forces, which include technical support people,sales assistants, and _____.a. order takersb. order gettersc. telemarketersd. administrative assistantse. secretaries(Answer: c; p. 405; Easy)12. Which activity was not mentioned in the text as typical for a sales assistant?a. Call ahead and confirm appointments.b. Provide technical support.c. Conduct credit checks.d. Follow up on deliveries.e. C and D(Answer: b; p. 40%; Moderate)13. A growing trend for many companies is to use a group of people from sales,marketing, engineering, finance, technical support, and even upper management toservice large, complex accounts. This approach is called _____.a. department sellingb. multiple sellingc. team sellingd. management-controlled sellinge. simultaneous selling(Answer: c; p. 407; Easy)14. In many cases today, a major reason to adopt team selling results from changes in_____.a. customers’ buying organizationsb. competitionc. rising costsd. fewer skilled salespeoplee. none of the above(Answer: a; p. 407; Moderate)124

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