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Published by Ezra Spero

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Published by: Ezra Spero on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 3The Marketing EnvironmentPreviewing the ConceptsChapter Objectives
1. Describe the environmental forces that affect the company’s ability to serve itscustomers.2. Explain how changes in the demographic and economic environments affectmarketing decisions.3. Identify the major trends in the firm’s natural and technological environments.4. Explain the key changes in the political and cultural environments.5. Discuss how companies can react to the marketing environment.
 Chapter Overview
Although the first two chapters of the text provide an overview of all of the importanttopics in marketing and set the stage for the remainder of the topics covered, this thirdchapter starts going into detail on the first step of the marketing processunderstandingthe environment in which the company operates.The chapter describes the major micro- and macroenvironments in which the companyoperates. The microenvironments dealt with will build on the customer and partnerelationships developed in prior chapters; they include the other company departments, aswell are those companies in the supply chain, the value chain, and the customersthemselves. Interested publics are also discussed.The macroenvironment includes  demographic changes, and the economic,  natural,technological, political, and cultural environment. All of these forces need to be studiedcontinuously to ensure that the company’s business and product portfolios are stillmeeting the needs of its customer base.
Chapter OutlineIntroduction
a. McDonald’s has been losing share to what the industry calls “fast-casualrestaurants because consumers today want more choices.b. Americans are seeking healthier eating options. As the market leader,McDonald’s often bears the brunt of criticism.c. McDonald’s has strived to realign itself with the changing marketingenvironment, and it appears to be paying off.71
d. Marketers need to be good at building relationships with customers, othersin the company, and external partners.e. A company’s marketing environment consists of the actors and forcesoutside marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to build andmaintain successful relationships with target customers.f. More than any other group in the company, marketers must be the trendtrackers  and  opportunity  seekers.  They  have  disciplined  methods marketing intelligence and marketing researchfor collecting informationabout the marketing environment. They also spend more time in thecustomer and competitor environments.g. A companys
marketing environment 
consists of the actors and forcesoutside marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to build andmaintain successful relationships with target customers.Use
Key Term
Marketing Environment 
Chapter Objective
1 here.h. There are both opportunities and threats in the marketing environment.i. The
consists of the actors close to the company thataffect its ability to service its customers.j. The
consists of the larger societal forces that affect themicroenvironment.Use
Key Terms
The Company’s Microenvironment
a. Figure 3-1 shows all of the players affecting the company from a micropoint of view.b. Relationships with all these actors must be developed so that marketingmanagement can successfully create customer value and satisfaction.Use
3-1 here.The Companyc. All the interrelated functional groups within the company form the internalenvironment.d. Marketing management must take these other groups into account:1. Top management sets the mission, objectives, broad strategies, andpolicies.2. Finance finds the money to carry out the marketing plans.72
3. R&D designs safe and attractive products.4. Purchasing gets the supplies and materials needed.5. Operations produces and distributes the product.6. Accounting measures revenues and costs, and helps marketingunderstand how well it is achieving objectives.e. All  these  departments  must  work  in  concert  and  according  to  the“marketing concept” to “think consumer.”Suppliersf. Suppliers are an important link in the companys value delivery system.g. Marketing managers must pay attention to the availability of supplies,because shortages, delays, and strikes could damage customer satisfaction.h. Suppliers  today  are  frequently  treated  as  partners  in  creating  anddelivering value to customers.Marketing Intermediariesi.
Marketing intermediaries
help companies promote, sell, and distributegoods to final buyers.Use
Key Term
Marketing Intermediaries
here.j. They include
resellers, physical distribution firms, marketing servicesagencies,
financial intermediaries
.1. Resellers are distribution channel firms that help the company findcustomers or make sales to them. They include wholesalers andretailers, who buy and resell merchandise.2. Physical distribution firms assist the company in stocking andmoving goods from their points of origin to their destinations.3. Marketing  services  agencies  perform  some  of  the  marketingfunctions such as market research, advertising, and media selectionand placement.4. Financial  intermediaries  include  banks,  credit  companies,insurance companies and others that help finance transactions or insure against risks.k. Marketing intermediaries are also important links in the value deliverysystem.Customersl. There are five types of customer markets that must be studied.1.
Consumer markets
are made up of individuals and households thatbuy goods and services for personal consumption.2.
Business markets
buy the goods and services for further processingor for use in their production process.3.
Reseller markets
buy goods and services to resell at a profit.73

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