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How to Love Your Job

How to Love Your Job

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Published by Kenneth Mutugi
how to love your job
how to love your job

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Published by: Kenneth Mutugi on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
How to Love Your Job - Inspired by ZigZiglar
Once in a while, you have heard people complaining and grumbling about theirjobs and how they dislike them and wish they had a more lovable job. You mayhave actually done that yourself or you may be complaining about your currentjob at the moment to the extent of hate being synonymous with your job. Whylie, at several instances in my career life, I have hated my job. Kenyan JobsBlogspot explores this job love-hate phenomenon." I got this horrible job, I hate it, I hate everything about it, I hate everyone downthere."Somehow, as much as you hate your job, you still have some compelling reasonsor forces that make you wake up early in the morning, survive the torturous jamon our roads, tolerate the work environment, bosses and colleagues you considertormenting and stomach the stress in the evening and during the night as aresult of a job that you hate.Zig Ziglar, an American Author, salesperson and motivational speaker exploresthe process of changing this unfortunate attitude by positively retrieving thecompelling reasons that makes you hold onto a job that you hate and using themto establish a basis for loving your job.Unlike what many believe, the change you earnestly yearn for in the job youhate is in fact within your control. Indeed, with a flush of your attitude, the jobyou hate can instantly be the job you love. As much as we wish for the workenvironment, the company, the policy, the boss, the colleague to change so as tomake our jobs lovable, we are the ones that need to change. That change to ajob you love can be achieved by a change in your attitude. After all, the onlything you can change in this world is yourself; your attitude.The first step in this career transforming process is to come up with a list of whyyou like your job. List down the reasons or compelling forces in the format: I likemy job because .... Make your list as long as possible and be honest to yourself.For example, the job pays your rent, buys your food, gives you some socialstatus, gives you exposure and experience, educates your children, yourself andsiblings, finances your mortgage, enabled you to get your car, and will matter inthe next job interview amongst a myriad of other benefits.When you get home tonight, all your household tasks are complete, its bedtime,get off in a room all by yourself, get a sheet of paper and on top of it write: I likemy job because ...(Quote: Remember, in life, people who don't take step number one, never takestep number two)The second step is to change the word "like" into "love". Re-write your list in theformat: I love my job because ...When you get home tonight, everything is finished, get off in a room right byyourself, close the door, change one word from I like my job to I love my jobPage | 1

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