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Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

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Published by Jessica Taisha
Parent Handbook for daycare
Parent Handbook for daycare

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Jessica Taisha on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Parent Handbook
Deposit:A non-refundable $25 deposit is due uponenrollment in the program. This deposit willhold your child's spot in the program for twoweeks and will be applied to your first week of care. Holding a spot longer than two weeksand the fees required are at the provider'sdiscretion. If you change your mind aboutyour child attendingHome Away From HomeFamily Childcare, the deposit will not berefunded.Tuition:Fees are based on the tuition schedule listedbelow. Your specific tuition will be outlined inyour childcare contract. These rates are forcontracted days/times and will not beprorated. Additional hours or days must beapproved by the provider. Payment is due nolater than drop off time on your firstcontracted care day of each week. If this dayis a holiday, a vacation or planned day off forthe parent or the provider, payment is due theprevious business day. If you or your child areill, your payment is still expected unless otherarrangements have been previously made. If Iclose the child care due to my own illness oremergency, payment will be accepted on yourfirst contracted day back to child care. Therewill be a late fee of $15 per child for eachcalendar day (including weekends) thatpayments are received late beginning thefollowing morning for all payments not madebefore your contracted drop off time. Thisincludes the weekends.Payments may be made by cash or check payable to Jessica Warman. No post-datedchecks will be accepted.A $10 per week discount will be offered tothose parents choosing the pay with cashrather than check. This is for my conveniencein not having to deal with cashing multiplechecks at the bank each week. It is notrequired, checks are perfectly fine. Again, thisdiscount is offered strictly because it isconvenient for me.If your check is returned to me for insufficientfunds (regardless of the reason), you will bebilled $35 plus all bank fees I incur as a result.This bill is due upon receipt. If a check is everreturned for insufficient funds, only cashpayments will be accepted from then on, noexceptions.There will be no refunds given for early closingdays.Please do not put me in the uncomfortableposition of having to ask for my money,including late fees. You will be given aminimum of two-week's notice of anyincreases in your child care fees.If there is a change in your child care fees dueto your child's age, the new rate will go intoeffect the first full week after your child'sbirthdate. A new contract must be signed atthis time before the new rate will take effect.Full-time (5 full days per week @ 5 or morehours per day)
- $135/week -$130/week -age (age 2½ and up) -$125/week Tuition is based on enrollment, notattendance, therefore, no credit is provided forabsences due to illness or other times the childis not in attendance. The only exceptions aredaysHome Away From Home Family Childcareis closed for reasons other than nationalholidays.The provider reserves the right to revise therates. A 30-day written notice of any ratechange will be given to parents prior to itsimplementation.Late Pick-up Fees:After the agreed departure time, parents willbe assessed a $5.00 per child late fee forevery 15 minutes (or part of 15 minutes) theyare late in picking up their children. The sameapplies if a child is dropped off before thescheduled arrival time. I understand thatcircumstances occasionally prevent a parentfrom arriving on time to pick up his/her child.In such instances, please notify me as early aspossible so both your child and myself can beadvised. (The late fee is still assessed even if you notify you will be late.)Extended Absence:In the event your child needs to be absent foran extended period of time, (i.e. maternityleave, teacher summer break), a fee of 1/2your normal weekly rate will be charged, due
Parent Handbook
on the last day of the week your child iscontracted to be in care for the current week.This is to hold your child's spot in the childcareprogram until s/he returns. The provider mustapprove a leave of absence and you must giveat least two week's written notice.Holidays:Home Away From Home Family Childcarewillbe closed for the observance of the followingholidays:
New Years’ Eve
 New Year's DayMemorial DayLabor DayThanksgiving and the day afterChristmas Eve and Christmas Day.Exact dates will be posted on the monthlycalendar. When a holiday falls on a Saturday,we will be closed the preceding Friday withpay. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, we willbe closed the following Monday with pay.I also take 5 paid personal days throughoutthe year. These days are taken forappointments, family activities, attendingtrainings, or just to relax and have a day off.When I plan for these days off, I will strive toschedule them as far in advance as possible sothat you may make other childcarearrangements.I do take 10 unpaid vacation days throughoutthe year. These days may be taken as 2 fullconcurrent weeks, or broken up as individualdays and/or weeks. You will be given a
minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for these days.
 Enrollment:At your initial interview, you will be given anapplication packet containing the handbook and other informational forms. Return theapplication. Be sure to indicate theapproximate first date of attendance on theforms (must be within 2 weeks). Once theapplication is received and we determine thatyour child is accepted into the program, youwill be sent a second packet with more formsto be filled out and returned on or before thefirst day of attendance. These forms include:prescription  medication form
childassessment, childcare contract, enrollmentrecord, supply agreement, and any otherforms that apply to your child. Please returnthe contract and deposit as soon as possible.The first week's fees, along with all the othercompleted forms and a copy of the child'simmunization record, are due on your child'sfirst day atHome Away From Home FamilyChildcare. It is the parents' responsibility toupdate forms as necessary, i.e. new round of vaccinations, change of phone number oremployer, etc. Provider Illness:Caring for many small children leaves me andmy family at great risk for becoming ill. Onrare occasions I may need to closeHomeAway From Home Family Childcaredue to anillness in my family. I understand you will haveto pay someone else to care for your child;therefore payment is not required when I haveto close due to illness. It is the parents'responsibility to find other arrangements.Please have a back-up plan ready. Onoccasions where I need to leave for anappointment or emergency, a substitute will fillin. Meals and Snacks:Home Away From Home Family Childcarewillsupply each child age with breakfast, amorning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack,except baby cereal/food and formula. Pleasedo not send food of any kind (including candy,gum or juice) with your child. Nutritioussnacks are welcome for birthdays or otherspecial occasions when first cleared with theprovider. Mealtimes are listed in the schedule. Infant SuppliesDue to the great variety of infant foods andformulas, and the negative reaction that someof these foods can have on infants that arenot used to them, I ask all parent enrolling aninfant to supply their own food and formula fortheir child. Please bring enough each day tofeed your child throughout the day. If you arebringing breast milk or other loose formulathat is not in its original container, please besure that it is in a properly sealed containerand that it is labeled with your child
s name. Itis also recommended that bottle fed infants beprovided with the type of bottle and nipplethat they are accustomed to.Diapers and any preferred brands of baby
Parent Handbook
powders/diaper creams should also beprovided by the parent. Please be sure tobring enough each day for your child to makeit through the day with no issues.Arrangements can be made to keep a supplyat my home if that would be easier for youthan bringing it each day.  Meal Time Policies:
Children are offered a variety of foods but arenot forced to eat. I do encourage each child totry one or two bits of everything, and they musteat or try a little of everything before givenseconds of anything. Sometimes they aresurprised by what they like! If a child refuses toeat, there will be no food served until the nextdesignated meal/snack time. (In the event thatyou view the menu and notice something thatyour child cannot eat due to allergies, or youhave already established that they simply willnot eat it, please provide an alternate sackedlunch for your child for that day. No discountswill be made to your weekly rates for theseevents.) Parents of infants must supply formula andbaby food until the infant is solely on tablefoods. I will not give whole milk to any infantunder the age of 1 year. I require all parents (of any child on tablefoods) to provide monthly snacks. If you areenrolled full time, you are asked to provide 2snacks per month. Each snack should serve 6children. A list of approved snacks will beprovided. Snacks are due on or before the firstof the month. You are responsible for making sure your childhas been fed if they will be arriving after ascheduled meal time.
 Communication Policy:Communication between parents and theprovider is essential if your child is to receiveconsistent, nurturing care. When I accept anew family into my business, I like to be surethat we can share openly any concerns orquestions that may arise. It is important thatthere is a similar childcare philosophy betweenus. I welcome questions, feedback, ordiscussions of any kind that affect a positiveoutcome for the child. Your child will be happyto have the experience of the special people inhis life working together and getting alongwith each other. This will allow your child todevelop a sense of security and will allow us todevelop a closer relationship. I am willing towork with you regarding any special needs orsituations with your child. Please feel free tocall me evenings until 9pm to discussproblems or concerns. Any information youshare with me will remain strictly confidential.Children's work, and daily reports (if there isany information to report about your child) willbe placed in the child's cubby. Please be sureto check this daily so you do not missimportant information. Menus are posted onthe message board. Parents are welcomeanytime during their child's day, exceptnaptime please. You are encouraged to shareany time that you may have. Some ways inwhich you might want to participate include: 
perience or cultural tradition Please be aware that if I'm not expecting you,I may not be able to answer the doorimmediately. So please be patient!Termination of Care:The provider is committed to working withchildren and their families so that each child'sexperience is positive and rewarding. Whencircumstances prevent a child's needs frombeing met at the center or when a child'sbehavior is having a consistently negativeeffect on the well-being and development of other children, it may be decided to terminate
that child’ 
s enrollment. Care may also beterminated under the following conditions:enrollment
-payment of childcare fees or late fees-compliance with policies and procedures 
care orfailing to notify the provider when a child isstaying home sick issues relating to the childParents must give a two-week written notice(14 calendar days) when terminating childcareservices. If a two-week written notice is notgiven, the parent will pay for two weeks of care in lieu of notice. In the event that smallclaim's court is needed to be involved, theparent will be responsible for all court costs.Child Abuse:I am required by law to report any form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of any

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