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US Embassy Islamabad

US Embassy Islamabad

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Published by Terminal X
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Published by: Terminal X on Mar 01, 2011
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US Embassy Islamabad: Centre of ForeignIntelligence Warfare in Pakistan
Report: Sultan Hijazi
During the Afghan Jihad era that spanned for about a decade, there were growingconcerns of Russian invasion into Pakistan as it had already occupied the governmentinfrastructure in Kabul by stationing undercover KGB operatives as officials. TheRussians needed access to the Arabian Sea (warm waters) for its geographicalexpansion and because of the strategic importance of that sea­route.There were concerns in two parts of the world for this rising: The first was inWashington and Langley, where there were growing concerns of Russian takeover ofstrategic locations and mineral resources. Furthermore, the American interests in theregion would be compromised and Russia could turn into a megapower empire, beingthe already strong USSR that it was back then.On another note, the Pakistan Army and the ISI had their own concerns about thelooming Communist hegemony whose adverse influence was already noticed inPakistan especially in the Sindh province. Not so long ago, a KGB file was declassifiedwhich showed that
.This was just one of the concerns Pakistan's security establishment was aware of backthen. It is an old saying "An enemy's enemy is a friend". There is no harm for suchapplication especially when a more rigid enemy is to be countered. Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttohad already taken measures against the growing Communist influence when he broughtin Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for training at the SSG headquarters in Cherat. Later on, Col.
Sultan Amir Tarar had given guerilla training to Mullah Umer and Afghan Taliban. It isbecause of this reason he was bestowed with the title of "Colonel Imam" ('Imam'meaning 'teacher, leader' in Arabic).As the Afghan War progressed and the CIA kept channeling innumerable caches ofweapons, equipment and funding to the Mujahideen vis­
­vis the ISI, the Soviet Unionwas brought down to its knees and eventually demolished on the 26th of December1991. The CIA had only provided the hardware, it was the ISI and Pakistan military'sheadship under Gen. Zia ul Haq, Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rehman and Lt. Gen. Hamid Gulwhich devised strategies and combat tactics for effective counter­action against theinvading Russians.It is to be understood that it was not just America's interest to destroy the USSR as aconsolidating Russian empire, Pakistan had it's own security issues. Had the AfghanWar not taken place, Pakistan would have been in a totally different situation right now,or maybe there would have been a war back then between the Russians and thePakistan military. This situation could have been heavily exploited by the Indian militaryfrom the east which is to this date an adamant lapdog for the Russians and willing towag its tail whenever necessary.As we shift to the present times post Cold War, the totalitarian US regime had thrownitself in Kuwait and adjacent Gulf countries against Saddam Hussein who was oncetheir ally. With the USSR done with, the Americans ventured into the Gulf establishingtheir strategic bases and camps. Later on, the American Military Industrial Complexrealized that continuous waging of war is the only way the US economy could be keptrunning. There were studies of mineral resources in the Balkans and particularlyPakistan and Afghanistan. These areas were also to be given special attention bycovert ops divisions.However, Pakistan was the favourite choice. The primary reason being
possessing nuclear warheads which wassymbolized by the May 28, 1998 nuclear explosions at Chaghi in Balochistan province.To get about establishing a firm presence in the Middle East and Central/South Asia,there was dire need of a false­flag attack on American soil which could be used as the
perfect preemptive for another string of invasions in foreign land. And hence as outlinedin the Project for the New American Century's ominous report:
"The PNAC program, in a nutshell: America’s military must rule out even thepossibility of a serious global or regional challenger anywhere in the world. Theregime of Saddam Hussein must be toppled immediately, by U.S. force ifnecessary. And the entire Middle East must be reordered according to anAmerican plan. PNAC’s most important study notes thatselling this plan to theAmerican people will likely take a long time,"absent some catastrophiccatalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."(PNAC, Rebuilding America’sDefenses (1997), p.51)
Dov Zakheim
It had indeed taken a long time to fool the world again and justify "revenge" for the TwinTower attacks, as it turns out that this very idea was proposed by (Rabbi) Dov Zakheim,a hardcore Zionist Jew working as Intl. Executive for System Planning Corporation.System Planning Corporation specialises in remote­control aircraft technology. His ideawas readily accepted by US military officials who considered him an authority when itcame to the field of intelligence. He was promoted to the post of Comptroller at thePentagon in May 2001, four months before his company's planes rammed themselvesinto the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11, which apart from its severe catastrophic

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