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Narative- A Smile Everyday

Narative- A Smile Everyday

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Published by Amanda Eiler

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Amanda Eiler on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eiler    1
Amanda Eiler Mr. Neuburger Eng 101-1328 Febuarry 2011Narrative EssayA Smile EverydayClimbing trees at seventy-two what better grandma could you ask for? ³She is a muchbetter grandma than she was a mom.´ My dad would say as he reminds me how great he seesthat she is to us. He may see this, but I know this. My grandma taught me the importance of asmile and how to see the world the way you want to. She made the best of everyday.She loved angles; the thought of them would bring peace to her sole, the color purple; itsradiance glowed upon her. Smiling and laughter filled as many moments in her life that her soulcould hold. Her goal was to stay as young as long as possible, not only in looks and health butmost importantly inside. My grandma had faith in me and encouraged me to reach beyond mygoals. She held this gift of expanding the imagination and with this gift was able to prove thatanything was and is truly possible. No matter what the years count up to she never passes twelveat heart.My grandma Deb was an only child to a fairly wealthy family. One day, almost just astoday, she found herself upset with her father. Harsh words were said just before they went their separate ways as their morning started. Now late for work and worried about his little girl he saidI love you and bent down to give her a kiss. Upset and mad she refused the kiss and spoke nowords back. Not far down the road as her father was heading across an intersection a mandismissed his stop sign, and all in a moment¶s time her daddy was gone. At the very instant the
Eiler    2
hopeless words that her daddy had died to her, her heart was filled with pain and regret. As her eyes filled with tears she was now a little girl with no warm father¶s arms around her to protecther from the world or with no ³I Love You¶s´ left to be heard. I believe it was because of this mygrandma holds her joy so close.As my grandma grew older, she found her passion for dancing grew fonder as well. Shepoured all of her emotions into her movements. It wasn¶t long before she opened her owndancing school, and fifteen other studios soon followed. She married and had two sons whotraveled the world with her and also took a part in many shows of hers. The passion of dance sheholds is passed to everyone she has ever meet, even her two boys.As the years passed, those two little boys grew up and both wed. Soon, I was born, a year after my cousin Andrew arrived, and in nine years my grandma had brought her total to sixgrandchildren, four girls and two boys. Her passion for the arts continued through us. Ever sincethe age of three years old she would enroll us in some kind of dance or tumbling and pack all sixof us in her van, and out we would go. Along with the dance, she also took me to piano lessons. Iloved it and hold those time so close. If it was not for her, I would have never been able to feelthe joy she knew through these things. Those times were great because of more than just thedance and music though, without those times I not know my grandma as I do today and I wouldnot be who I am today. On the drive we would sing songs, pretend to be pilots in a plain, andenjoy safety by singing the ³Buckle Up to Save Your life´ song along with so much more. Everytrip was an adventure with my grandma Deb.Dancing was not all about self when it came to my grandma. One of my fondestmemories of dancing with my grandma would be the shows we would do at the nursing homes. Itbrought such joy to everyone around. The joy of the elderly, the staff, my cousins and I all came
Eiler    3
through my grandma and her love and joy for others around her. She was always watching for the opportunity to brighten ones day and she did it so well.Special we are to her and special she is to us! She had so many ways that would sendsuch a feeling down your spine. When we would be in the shopping cart, we were race car drivers and in the car, we were the copilots. She dedicated a song to each one of us, one thattouched so close to what and who we are. Every night we would spend at grandma¶s we woulddo our hair in rollers just as her, and she would tell us stories that were pondered up in her headand taught us how to tell such great stories too. When we would go to the park and it came timeto leave she would come pick each of us up at our ³station,´ and we would hop onto theGrandma Train. I do so many of these very things with my boys because I loved them so. I knowthat they love it just as much as I did. I get told all the time I am an awesome mom for havingfun with my boys, and just about everything that is pointed out brings me back to a fond memorythat starts with my grandma. I find all too often people don¶t take the time to appreciate; to seewhat it is that others around them offer to a life. One of the last lessons my grandma taught mewould be to have appreciation for all that is here with us in this life, every person, everyopportunity, all the beauty around, and all the joy that it can bring if you let it.One day I got the news that my grandma was diagnosed with cirrhoses of the liver. Her bright smile started to fade with her memory. Her skin started to have a yellow tint to it. Then thepain and the itchy skin set in. I wanted and tried to let her know how much she means to me andhow much she has given me; some days I just felt that is was too late and she will never knowtruly how much she means to me, and how much she has given to me and my boys.  I¶m losingher, and it seems effortless. I pray to go back to the beginning. Back to when the earth, the sunand the stars all aligned because perfect does not feel so perfect anymore. I know my time is

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