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Balochistan: Launching Pad of Instability

Balochistan: Launching Pad of Instability

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Published by Terminal X
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Published by: Terminal X on Mar 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Balochistan: Launching Pad of Instability
Report: Sohail Ahmed www.terminalx.org 
Baluchistan constitutes almost 44% land area of Pakistan and has a very smallcontingent of population which is further comprised of Baluch and Pashtoon clans. Thehistory of this province is a bit disturbing as compared to other parts of the country.When Pakistan gained independence, Quaid e Azam had taken up the task of unifyingthe new fabrics of the infant nation. Due to his relentless efforts, baluch leaders were
convinced to join Pakistan and the religion cemented the bonds with the federation. Butthat consensus was not eternal.Though the province is rich in natural resources, the ruling elite never focused toemancipate the poor masses. This sense of deprivation deepened in the localpopulation which culminated in the armed struggle against the state.Other factors also played their equal role to fuel the already worsening insurgenttendencies. So it is unjust if I would not unveil those deteriorating factors which havebrought enormous sedition in the dwellers.
Geopolitical location
Balochistan is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea and adjacent to the MiddleEast region which provides the best alternate route to emerging nations of the region fortheir safe transportation of goods across the globe.
1. Silk Route
: Traditionally, the primitive people of both Pakistan and China have hadtrade relations for thousands of years. They usually had a reputation of exchanginggoods made by craftsmen and women. Path they followed for their trade was oftenknown as the Silk Route. Modern China puts its enormous emphasis to use the sameroute for its quick and safe transportation of goods to the rest of the world even today.Pakistan has already shown its interest to grant a trade corridor to China, which willeventually benefit not only the local industry but also boost the production capacity oftrading industry of Pakistan. Gawadar port is being developed by both the countries toserve this purpose, despite the fact that neighboring India has some reservations and iscontinuously lobbying against the project. That is why it is creating trouble in variousforms for Pakistan which will be elaborated below.
2.Natural Resources
: According to recent topographic surveys, scientists haveestimated that Balochistan contains the world’s third largest gold reserves and thisdiscovery is of vivid interests to various regional players. In spite of the obscurity of thereferences we are unable to mention on the exact topology of natural reserves hidden inthe area, the mineral richness of the region has become a critical point of internationalpower politics.

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