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The Miracles of the Prophet

The Miracles of the Prophet

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Published by silverpen

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Published by: silverpen on Aug 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Nineteenth Letter
This treatise describes more than three hundred miracles. And as it describes themessengership of Muhammad (PBUH), itself a miracle, so is it itself a wonder inthree or four respects, proceeding from the miracle of his messengership.
T h e F i r s t :
Although it is more than a hundred pages in length and is based ontraditions and narrations, it was written in an unusual fashion-in the mountains andcountryside, completely from memory, and without referring to any book. It wascompleted, moreover, in a few days by working two to three hours every day, for atotal of twelve hours.
T h e S e c o n d :
Despite its length, this work did not cause tedium to its writer, nordoes it lack pleasantness for its reader. In fact, it aroused such ardour andenthusiasm in even my apathetic scribes that in these hard and distressing times, asmany as seventy copies were handwritten in this neighbourhood within a singleyear. Those aware of this property of the treatise concluded
T h e T h i r d :
In the copies handwritten by nine different scribes who did notcommunicate with one another, including one very inexperienced and unaware of‘coincidence’1-it was also before we were aware of the phenomenon- the wordsreferring to the Noble Messenger ‘coincided’ to such a degree throughout the wholeof the treatise, and in the fifth part for the words referring to the Qur’an, that any onewho is fair to the slightest degree would not consider this to be the result of chance.In ____________________ 1.'Coincidence' (tawâfuq) refers to the unintentional correspondence of letters orwords in lines or patterns on one several pages.(Tr:)
 / Nineteenth Letter
- p.117 
fact, whoever observed it definitely concluded that it was a mystery of the Unseenand a marvel proceeding from the miracle of Muhammad (Upon whom be blessingsand peace).The Principles explained at the beginning of this treatise have extreme importance.As for the prophetic Hadiths related, they are accepted as authentic by theauthorities on Hadith, and they report the most established phenomena concerningthe messengership of Muhammad. Now, to enumerate the merits of this treatise,another treatise of the same length would be needed; we therefore invite those whowish to read it, if only once.
S a i d N u r s i
 ____________________ A REMINDER: In this work, I have related many Hadiths, despite having no booksto refer to. Should there be any errors in the wording of the Hadiths, I request thatthey either be corrected, or be considered as paraphrases of Hadith. For, according tothe prevailing opinion, “To relate the meanings of Hadiths is permissible,” in which
case the narrator puts the meaning of the Hadith into his own words. This being thecase, Hadiths with possible errors of wording should be regarded as paraphrases.* NOTE: The present translation of the Nineteenth Letter is based on a translationprepared by members of the Risale-i Nur Institute of America
in 1976. (Tr.)
 / The Miracles Of Muhammad - First Sign - p.118The Miracles of Muhammad (PBUH)
In His Name, be He glorified! And there is nothing but it glorifies Him with praise.In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to makeit supreme over all religion: and sufficient is God as a Witness. * Muhammad is the Messenger of God... [to the end of the verse]2
[Since the Nineteenth and Thirty-First Words concerning the messengership ofMuhammad (Upon whom be blessings and peace) prove it with decisiveevidence, we assign the verification of that side of the subject to those Words.As a supplement to them we will merely show here, in Nineteen Signs, someof the flashes of that great truth.]
The Possessor and Master of the universe surely does everything with knowledge,disposes every affair with wisdom, directs everything all-seeingly, treats everythingall-knowingly, and arranges everything willing the instances of wisdom, purposes,benefits that are apparent in them. Since, then, the One Who creates knows, surelythe One Who knows will speak. Since He will speak, surely He will speak to thosewho possess consciousness and thought, and those who will understand His speech.Since He will speak to those who possess thought, surely he will speak to mankind,whose nature and awareness are the most comprehensive of all conscious beings.Since He will speak to mankind, surely He will speak ____________________ 2. Qur’an, 48:28-9.
 / The Miracles Of Muhammad -Second Sign- p.119
to the most perfect of mankind and those most worthy of address. Since He willspeak to those who are most perfect, most worthy of address, highest in morality,and who will guide humanity; He will certainly speak to Muhammad, who, as friendand foe alike testify, is of the highest disposition and morality, who is obeyed by onefifth of humanity, to whose spiritual rule half of the globe has submitted, with the
radiance of whose light the future of mankind has been illumined for thirteencenturies, to whom the believers, the luminous segment of humanity, renew fivetimes daily the oath of allegiance, for whose happiness they pray, for whom they calldown God’s blessings and bear admiration and love in their hearts. Certainly, Hewill speak to Muhammad (Upon whom be blessings and peace) and indeed He hasdone; He will make him the Prophet, and indeed He has done; He will make him theguide for the rest of humanity, and indeed He has done.
God’s Most Noble Messenger (Upon whom be blessings and peace) declared hisprophethood, and presented to humanity such a decree as the Qur’an of MightyStature and such manifest miracles as number, according to the scholars, onethousand.3The occurrence of those miracles in their entirety is as certain as the factthat he declared himself prophet. In fact, as is shown by the words of the mostobstinate unbelievers quoted in various places of the Wise Qur’an, even they couldnot deny the occurrence of his miracles, but only called them -God forbid!- sorcery,in order to satisfy themselves, or to deceive their followers.The miracles of Muhammad (PBUH) have the certainty of confirmation by consensusto the hundredth degree. The miracle is the confirmation by the Creator of thecosmos of his declaration of prophethood; it has the effect of the words, “You havespoken truly!” Suppose that you said in the assembly of a ruler, while beingobserved by him, “The ruler has appointed me to such-and-such a position.” At atime when you were asked for a proof of your claim, the word “Yes” uttered by theruler would sufficiently support you. Or, if the ruler changed his usual practice andattitude at your request, this would confirm your claim even more soundly and moredefinitely than would the word “Yes.”In the same way, the Noble Messenger (Upon whom be blessings and peace)claimed: “I am the envoy of the Creator of the universe. My proof is that He willchange His unbroken order at my request and my prayer. Now look at my fingers:He causes them to run like a fountain with five ____________________ 3. Al-‘Asqalânî, Fath al-Bârî vi, 454; Muslim (Sharh: nawawî)i,2<
 / The Miracles Of Muhammad -Second Sign- p.120
spigots. Look at the moon: by a gesture of my finger, He splits it in two. Look at thattree: to affirm me and to bear witness to me, it moves and comes near to me. Look atthis food: although it is barely enough for two or three men, it satisfies two or threehundred.” He demonstrated too hundreds of similar miracles.However, the evidences of the veracity of this being and the proofs of hisprophethood are not restricted to his miracles. All his deeds and acts, his words andbehaviour, his moral conduct and manners, his character and appearance prove tothe attentive his truthfulness and seriousness. Indeed, many people such as ‘Abd

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