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Spiritual Matters

Spiritual Matters

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I’m back. Time is going fastknown all over the place. Ton every issue. I have my vBible has a long history. It hcreated after the evils comwomen as vassals. Not totongues. That is why the Wwanted the Bible to be onlypersecution. Men were mov
New Testament reckon thPeter 3:15-16 and 2 TimotApostle John received thWord of God is complete
Trinitarian Bible Society inwell. There is a difference bGod-breathed and the trans(or believing that the Englisplenary preservation of theGail Riplinger. This movemChayim/Bomberg MasoretiStephens and Beza as editare accurate. Some Jesuit-
Spiritual Matters
Soon, it will be the year 2020
. There has been ree interesting thing about life is that you don’t have tiews and it is fine for you not to agree with me on eva
s been translated in numerous languages. The mitted in the Pope's Dark Ages. The Dark Ages alloention that the Bible wasn't allowed to be translatealdenses were persecuted strongly by Rome since tin Latin. The Inquisition killed tons of people in thised by the Holy Spirit to create the Scriptures.
The ee works and the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Chrihy 3:16. The real Scriptures were inspired of GoBook of Revelation of Jesus Christ on the islan. The Hebrews Scriptures of the OT are preserv
ondon has copies of the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greeetween the original languages texts of Hebrew andlation that preserves the original text. The double inh corrects the Greek/Hebrew manuscripts and the dHebrew plus Greek scriptures) is promoted by Dr. Pent has almost a cult like following. The Hebrew JacText as edited by Ginsburg, and the Greek Textusd by Scrivener—both texts available from the Trinitffiliated people support some of the modern versioligious historyo agree with meerything. Thedern Bible wased people to useinto varioushe Vatican oncerror of religious
pistles in thest as found in 2. Since thed
of Patmos, thed as well
. Thek Scriptures asGreek was directlyspiration heresyenial of the verbal,eter Ruckman andob BenReceptus ofarian Bible Societys too. The Jesuit
Bible of Douay was created in 1582. It's known as the Revised Version. The Jesuit versionmutilated the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:13 by getting rid of the words of "...For thine is thekingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever..." The Jesuits infiltrated Oxford University to tryto control religious infrastructure.
Secret Societies have tried to infiltrate spirituality for eons. One example is the man namedG. Bromley Oxnam. Oxnam was not a pupil of the Union Theological Seminary, but he was a33
Degree Freemason. Oxnam had the title of Bishop. He was one of Harry Ward’s pupils.Oxnam wrote a book called, “Personalities in Social Reform.” He devoted numerouschapters to many social reformers. Chapter One of his book is called “The Scholar as SocialReformer.” The scholar in that chapter is classified as the husband and wife team of Sidneyand Beatrice Webb. They were Fabian Socialists in England. They were known as controlledopposition by claiming to make an equitable society, but some Fabian Socialists supportedfascists and believed in using force to make a person follow their agendas. He once praisedSoviet Russia back in his 1927 book entitled, “Russian Impressions.” Also, we need to becareful not to embrace red baiting. Red baiting is to have such a paranoiac aboutcommunism as to ascribe any governmental intervention into society as equated tocommunism or socialism, which is a lie or slander. The truth is that communism issomething that I don’t agree with and it’s morally wrong. Yet, cartel-capitalism is alsomorally wrong for that unregulated system can cause anarchy (including oppression againstworkers’ rights plus the interests of the poor). The WCC controls heavily the Left hand of thereligious establishment and the Right hand is heavily influenced by the Vatican/Jesuitnetwork (and the CNP, etc.). The Freemason Oxnam was one of the founders of theAmericans United for Separation of Church and State. He was the Vice president of thegroup. Masons heavily fund the group back then. In fact, the former Executive Director (Dr.Glen L. Archer and former Associate Director (Dr. C. Stanley Lowell) were both 33
DegreeMasons. They are like the Left version of the CNP. They legitimate oppose the concept of atheocracy, but agree with abortion on demand, banning any strong political speech in thepulpit (which is a part of the First Amendment), and uses stereotypes against people thatdisagrees with them from a socio-political standpoint. Just because someone disagrees withAU, doesn’t mean that this person is some evil extremist that wants a theocracy to suppressthe rights of ordinary Americans at all.
They can't stop real spirituality, so they invent counterfeits in the world. Psalms 12:6-7 says thatthe words of the Lord will preserved forever. Scholars have found that Broke Foss Westcott andFenton John Anthony Hort promoted the idea of replacing the Textus Receptus with the NewGreek Text. They believed that the English Bibles of the future ought to embrace the new text.Yet, Westcott and Hort were known heretics and embraced doctrines in favor of RomanCatholicism. People like Westcott and Hort had links to Secret Societies as well. Later, there hasbeen an attack on real religion. This extends into prophetic research too. John Nelson Darbypromoted the any moment now Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine (this support has been supported bythe trickster Cyrus Ingerson Scofield). The Jesuits and the House of Rothschilds funded thesefalse Bible versions too. The Authorized Version of the Bible and Geneva Bible has beenaccurate translations from the original Textus Receptus text. Thus, one of the founders of
TheAmerican Bible Society
was Grand Master of the Freemasonic Lodge of New York. This was its
Vice-president, Dewitt Clinton, the US Senator who introduced the 12th Amendment to theConstitution, who also professed his Christian faith (albeit through the dark prism ofFreemasonry) and his ambition to place the Word of God in the hands of every American. It wascreated in 1816 by a group of philanthropists. The British and Foreign Bible Society of Londonwas a very influential organization by virtue of its associations and especially to its links to thehierarchy of organized Freemasonry via its high level connections to the"Quatuor CoronatiLodge"founded by the
Palestine Exploration Fund
(PEF). The PEF was founded in 1865 by"a
group of distinguished academics and clergymen"dedicated to the"rediscovery"of the Holy Land. The Quatuor Coronati Lodge was established by members of the PEF as an"archaeologylodge"while the PEF was, in turn, established by the
United Grand Lodge of England
. This
Lodge promoted the reestablishment of the new Solomon Temple in Jerusalem to allow theMasonic Christ to sit on a throne. The Westcott Hort Greek Text and the English Revised Versionhave been refuted by many scholars. I believe that the Greek Textus Receptus and the HebrewMasoretic Text are accurately preserved. I am not King James Onlyism or the belief that the KJVis the only text inspired of God that people should study (without learning the Greek and Hebrewmeanings of the words in the Scriptures). The King James Bible is not superior to the originaltranslations and texts.
It isn't superior to the Greek Textus Receptus and the HebrewMasoretic Text.
So, I want to make that clear. The NT is right to mention these followingwords:
“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21). Westcott wasonce an Anglican priest. It would be the Jesuits influence Vatican apostatetheologies and it would be the Rosy Cross/Masonic influences that still influencethe apostate Protestant side (as opposed to sincere Baptists & Protestants. Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuler, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland are alleither Freemasons or don’t really expose Freemasonry in an edifying way) of theequation too.A lot of people hate this gospel and are exposing the Prosperity Gospel. I hate that false gospel too. Churches in the size of stadium, yet thesefalse churches mock the poor and claim that poverty is some curse that isinflicted on the poor. They are a disgrace. There is nothing wrong with studyingfinances and economic development. There is something wrong with bashing thepoor, making a church have materialism, and lust after making money as ablessing when real blessing is what you can do to help fellow human beings inaltruistic ways. 
There has been the elite trying to control religion. There has been John Newman and the Oxfordmovement. This movement has been exposed by David Daniel’s book called “Did the CatholicChurch Give US the Bible” and other sources. This movement was about to subvert Bible belief inthe Church of England. This was done for the Westcott and Hort crowd, the spiritualists, etc. todictate religious views in the world. The Revision Commission of Elliot, Lightfoot, and Moutlonwere once refused by the Queen Victoria. The Jesuits created their Bible. Spiritualism is anothertactic that tried to stop the Holy Bible’s authority. This spiritualism was influence by co-MasonHelena Blavatsky. This was the time when Darwinianism was promoted with the Origin of theSpecies that was first published in 1859. Darwin was right that there is micro evolution of species(and the Nature has an influence in the variation of species worldwide from the eons of time), buthe was wrong to assume genetic inferiority among certain races of people (This was predicted bythe apostle Paul as
“the oppositions of science falsely so called” 
(1 Timothy 6:20). The robber

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