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Island Eye News - March 4, 2011

Island Eye News - March 4, 2011

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Volume 6 Issue 22
Volume 6 Issue 22

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Mar 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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S u l l i v  n ’ s  I s l  n d
I s l   o f  P  l m s
G o  t  I s l  n d
D  w   s  I s l  n d
PaGe 17
IOP Parking public forum
PaGe 2
Spanish Flamenco night
PaGe 9
Inside Island Eye 
Since May 2005
Mrch 4, 2011Volum6 Issu22                             FRee
ast Cooper CommunityOutreach (ECCO) hasbeen a life raft for theimpoverished residents of EastCooper since Hurricane Hugoswept through the Lowcountry in1989. Starting with nothing morethan a dentist chair wedged intothe main room of a trailer and afood distribution center run outof a church, ECCO has growninto a multi-armed organizationwhich reaches into just aboutevery aspect of poverty to lend ahelping hand.“Our goal is to help people getahead instead of staying wherethey are,” said ECCO ExecutiveDirector, Jack Little.Little, who joined the team in2005, spent two years managingthe help center before he realizedthat he’d been taking the wrongapproach to ECCO’s long termgoals.“One day I just walked out of 
my ofce and saw these people
waiting for the clinic, and Irealized that we’re not helping,we’re just doing the same oldthing. We’re not ‘teaching them to
sh’,” said Little.
And starting that day, ECCObegan to grow. Where the non-
eCCO: ndinggnrtionl povrtyin est Coopr
By Kristin HacKler
continud on pg 10
D o g g i e  D a y  a tt h e  i o P  R e c
saturday, FeB. 26
pHotos By BamBi werner
2March 4, 2011
Honoring Guy Taylor
Mayor Cronin was pleasedto be able to present islandresident Guy Taylor with aproclamation thanking himfor his “unparalleled record of 
volunteer service, his sacrice
of countless hours of personaltime and his expertise cultivatedthrough extended services” tothe City of Isle of Palms for thepast 24 years.
Ways and Means report
As chairman of the Ways andMeans Committee, Mayor
Cronin briey ran through the
committee minutes, noting that,through the month of January,revenues are at 44% collected tobudget revenue in the GeneralFund, and expenditures inthe General Fund are at 52%of budget. The quarterly StateAccomodations Taxes werereceived and appear to betrending up 9.5% higher thanlast year, and, while hospitalitytaxes are down, collections year-to-date have increased 9% overlast year.Following a review of severalcompanies which responded tothe City’s Request for Proposalson the Marina dredging project,Ways and Means took therecommendation of the RealProperty Committee and approvedthe Award of Contract to GEL Engineering in the amount of $50,865, not inclusive of sedimenttesting or disposal fee.In terms of ongoingimprovements on City facilities,Ways and Means also approvedthe expenditure of $2,750 toreplace an air conditioning unitin the Cardio Room.Lastly, under miscellaneousbusiness, Cronin noted thatComcast has announced a rateincrease effective April 1, 2011.
Public Safety Committee
Council member Marty Bettellireported on the recent PublicSafety Committee, noting thatthe committee approved theconsideration of an ordinance
increasing the nes for failureto respond to the notication of 
an alarm within 30 minutes ora reasonable amount of time.Each user would be allowedthree false alarms in a calendaryear, after which they would be
subject to a ne of $100 eachfor the fourth, fth and sixth
false alarms, and $200 each forthe seventh and all subsequentfalse alarms. The committeeapproved the recommendationsunanimously.The Committee also examinedan amendment to the zoningordinance which would allow fora 200 foot tall communicationstower to be used for thepurposes of public safety andapproved the recommendationunanimously.
Departmental reports: 
Fire Department 
– In January,the Fire Department received54 total calls, 26 of which wereEMS calls. Personnel conducted
58 re inspections and found 97
Police Department – 
In January,
ofcers found two businesses
and three homes with open orunsecured doors. Dispatchersprocessed 3,391 calls inJanuary, 2,119 of which werefor the Police Department.
Ofcers made 198 trafc stops
and wrote 85 tickets, and of 91reports written, 14 arrests weremade.  Two noise violations werealso reported, with one citationwritten and two warnings issued
for reworks violations.
Public Works
Council member Brian Duffygave an update on the 53rdto 57th Avenue Drainageproject, noting that it now has aschedule and has been sent outfor bids.  Other drainage projectsin the area include the Laudenproject and Sparrow Drive.During the meeting, thecommittee approved arecommended amendment tothe trash collection ordinanceconcerning the collection of contractor debris, and statedthat they would be reviewingtheir capital budget and long-range capital plan in order toplan for future expenditures andincidentals.
Recreation Committee
Council member BarbaraBergwerf was happy to reportthat auditions for the nextCrabpot Players performanceof Peter Pan will be held at theIsle of Palms Recreation Center
IOP Council 
continued on page 4
Isle of Palms Council – February 22, 2011
by kristin hackler
IOP discussesparking on the island
by kristin hackler
he Isle of Palms City Hallwas standing room onlyon Wednesday, February23, as roughly 100 residentsand visitors arrived both tospeak on the issue of publicparking on the island and tohear what others had to say.More than 20 citizens stoodto speak during the forum,and suggestions ranged frommulti-story parking garages today passes and paid parkingalong Palm Boulevard. Theoverall tone, however, was thatresidents are becoming moreand more frustrated with theissue of daytripper parkingon the island. Many residentscomplained of careless peoplechanging and urinatingin public view, as well asdiscarding their trash in thestreets and on private property.“We need to look out for theinterest of the citizens of the Isleof Palms,” said resident DickWatson, pointing out that amunicipality has the authorityto regulate parking as it sees
t on the roads within its
municipal boundaries withoutseeking the permission of theSC DOT. “You could put up ‘NoParking Except By ResidentialPermit’ signs tomorrow, if youwanted to.”Gene Jones of Palm Boulevardstated that he felt a golf cart pathwould make a big difference,but asked if an impact studyhad been performed on anyof the proposals. “If we startexercising control over theright of way property and starttelling people where to parkand charging them to park,”
continued on page 7
Lynn Pierottipublisher
Kristin Hacklermanaging editor
Swan Richardssenior graphic designer
Lori Daltonsales manager614-0901
Ellie Smithgraphic designerBlake Bunchreporter
Meredith Powellreporter
ContributorsChildren's MuseumCreative SparksSarah DiazBob HooperHeather JohnsonJack LittleDimi MatouchevNational Park ServiceSCDNRPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWSSubmit your letters to the editor to:info@luckydognews.comFuture deadlines:
March 9 for all submissions
March 4, 2011
Isle of Palms 886-6428 www.iop.net 
Tuesday, March 8
Board of Zoning AppealsMeeting
5:30 p.m.1301 Palm Boulevard
Wednesday, March 9
Municipal Court
10 a.m.1207 Palm Boulevard
Planning Commission Meeting
4:30 p.m.1301 Palm Boulevard
Tuesday, March 15
Ways and Means CommitteeMeeting
5:45 p.m.1207 Palm Boulevard
Sullivan's Island 883-3198 www.sullivansisland-sc.com 
Monday, March 7
Committees of Council
6 p.m.1610 Middle Street
Wednesday, March 9
Municipal Court
10 a.m.1610 Middle Street
Thursday, March 10
Board of Zoning Appeals
7 p.m.1610 Middle Street
Tuesday, March 15
Regular Council
6 p.m.1610 Middle Street
Wednesday, March 16
6 p.m.1610 Middle Street
Civic Calendar
Recycle -
Wednesday, March 9 -
sc, LLc
Publisher of the
Island Eye News 
The Island Connection 
The Folly Current 
Te Island Ee News, a woll owned sbsid-iar of Lc Dog Pblising of SC LLC, is afree, independent newspaper pblised evertwo wees and is for and abot te Isle of Palms, Sllivan’s Island, Goat Island and De-wees Island. Copies are mailed free of cargeto ever active mailbox in or coverage areaand are also available at area bsinesses andb sbscription to non-islanders. Sbscriptionsare $39/ear for non-residents.. Contribtionsof information, pictres and articles are wel-comed and are sed according to space limita-tions and news vale and cannot be retrnedexcept b special reqest. Op-ed articles and
letters to the editor do not necessarily refect
te opinion of  Lc Dog News, or its writers.All advertising rates are listed at: 
 nder “advertising”.
Happy Birthday, Aggie!
Mayor Smith began the Councilmeeting by speaking aboutMrs. Agatha Pozaro MuellerThomas, who recently held herone hundredth birthday on theisland.  Mrs. Thomas has livedon the island her entire life,and is a cherished citizen of Sullivan’s Island.  In the formof a resolution, Mayor Smithgave a brief history of Mrs.Thomas’ life on the island and
noted her twenty-ve years of 
service working for the Townof Sullivan’s Island, as well asthe fact that she has been amember of Stella Maris CatholicChurch for 99 years.“The members of the TownCouncil of Sullivan’s Island joinwith the many relatives andfriends of Mrs. Mueller Thomasto send their hearty wishes fora joyous celebration to honorher one hundred years,” theMayor smiled.Mrs. Thomas said that she
has had the benet of living on
this island her entire life, andthat it is a great place to raisechildren.  She continues tohope that people that come tothis island see it how she does,and respect her birthplace.
Citizen’s Comments
Resident Norman Khoury statedthat his group, The Sullivan’sIslanders, has sent Council aletter in regards to the virtuousattributes of the accreted land.They just wanted to encouragethe Council as to how beautifuland necessary the accretedland is in going forward with aplan on this issue.Resident Bobby Cummingsalso spoke before Council inregards to budgeting for theIsland House. The budget, hestated, has been broken into
two phases: the rst phase
deals with items of safetyand accessibility, while thesecond phase deals more withaesthetics. Their vision is tosecure the building for safety,accessibility, and functionalityfrom the standpoint of the next20 to 30 years. As they increasethe utilization of the Club, themost important thing is safetyand they are currently dealingwith an electrical upgrade.Cummings stated that StevenHerlong and Michael Daly haveput together the budget, andare also offering contractingwork. Their main concern isdealing with electrical problemsand wiring, as well as the
replacement of some xtures.
Another issue is the installation
of an ADA-certied ramp for
the exterior, as well as theinstallation of a “panic door”which would be large enoughfor a wheelchair and wouldinclude a panic bar in caseof an emergency. SouthernLumber Mill Work has alsooffered to provide the materialwith about $3,200 worth of labor, estimated by Mr. Daly.They also estimate about$5-8,000 will be needed perbathroom to make them ADAaccessible.Council member BuddyHowle stated that shouldput these projects up to bid,since Mr. Daly will be doinga majority of the work.  Hefelt that the Island Houseneeds to “be right and lookright.”  Mayor Smith said thatADA compliance is of utmostimportance, but he also pointedout that the lawsuit [concerningthe accreted land] is drainingtheir funds drastically, andthese upgrades they are facingare very expensive.Council member JerryKaynard noted that the IslandClub has been on the agendafor a few months, but it hasbeen in process for nearly ayear and while the Council hasasked for a lot of informationfrom the Island Club, the Clubhas more than complied.Following a lengthydiscussion, Kaynard revisedhis original motion to includea maximum of $9,999 for theelectrical work and $6,066 forthe ADA ramp, as part of the
rst phase of this project. The
motion carried 7-2 with McGeeand Mayor Smith dissenting.Lastly, resident Sean Danehertasked about an event permitfor March 12 and March 17 for
Sullivan’s Island Council -February 15, 2011
SI Council 
continued on page 5

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