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Writings on Mullah Nassr Eddin

Writings on Mullah Nassr Eddin



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Published by MikeSufi
Gurdjieff's teaching
Gurdjieff's teaching

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Published by: MikeSufi on Aug 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Writings on Mullah Nassr Eddin, quotes
These anecdotes and quotes are from the Beelzebub's Tales 1931 manuscript.
Book I - Gurdjieff Quotes
Although I have began to write in Russian, nevertheless as the wisest of the wise,Mullah Nassr Eddin would say, in that language "you-cannot-go-far".Mullah Nassr Eddin, or as he is also called, Hodja Nassr Eddin, is, it seems, littleknown in Europe and America, but he is very well known in all the countries of thecontinent of Asia. This legendary personage corresponds somewhat to the German
Till Eulenspiegel 
. Numerous tales popular in the East, akin to wise sayings, areascribed to this Nassr Eddin; and various witticisms, some of long standing and othersnewly arisen, still continue to be ascribed to him also.I recalled this saying from among the many "infallible" and "indisputable'' sayings of that, in my opinion, universal teacher, the wisest of all the terrestrial sages, one whomI particularly esteem, and one who, again, of course, in my opinion, ought to beesteemed and respected by everybody without exception - Mullah Nassr Eddin, and Ihave set it down at this point in my Warning, because of my proposed subsequentwritings I intend often to touch upon philological questions also.That Greek language, the spirit and essence of which were transmitted to me byheredity, and the language now spoken by contemporary Greeks, are as much alike,as, according to the expression of Mullah Nassr Eddin, "a-nail-is-like-a-requiem"....that the so-styled "grammar" of any laguage is compiled by people who not only inrespect of knowledge of the given language are those biped "somethings" which HisUniqueness Mullah Nassr Eddin characterizes by the words "all-they-can-do-is-to-wrangle-with-pigs-about-the-quality-of-oranges"...Meanwhile I boldly or, if you like, impudently, take it upon myself in advance toadvise you to absorb with, as might be said, an "intensive-mobilization" of all your  perceptive organs, the information elaborating the rest of this story, in order that thecrystallization in you of the new impression may proceed normally and not in themanner in which it has already become habitual for this to proceed, that is to say, asthe great sage Mullah Nassr Eddin defines and expresses it: "One part is used up for one's own welfare, and that only for today, while all the rest going in at one ear, isexhausted in the process of trying to get out at the other."...I cannot do otherwise than as the most exalted great terrestrial sage Mullah Nassr Eddin would say, "tangle-and-entangle" the whole of you, or as he also sometimessays, "put-you-in-goloshes", in full face of the fact that I am counting on your help, or rather on your money, which I shall receive thanks to your purchase of writings; for 
the full possibility of accomplishing even with a "flourish", my self-imposed and perhaps from your point of view, purely egoistic aim....that since in the present period of my existence I must become a professional writer,I am compelled to employ this new profession of mine, at whatever cost, as our esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin has expressed it, to "tangle-and-entangle" all your, asyou call them, "images" and "notions"..."Really I do not know how to advise you, my dear captain. Ah, yes... in that solar system where I existed for a long time, there is a planet called 'Earth'. On that planet'Earth' very peculiar three-centered beings arose and still continue to arise. Andamong the beings of a continent of that planet called 'Asia' there arose and existed avery wise three-brained being whom they called there 'Mullah Nassr Eddin'.Mullah Nassr Eddin or, as he is otherwise called, Hodja
 Nassr Eddin, is, it seems,little known in Europe and America. He is very well known, however, in all thecountries of the continent Asia. This legendary personality is like the Russian 'KusmaPrutkov', the American 'Uncle Sam', or the English John Bull'. To this Mullah Nassr Eddin are ascribed numerous popular tales of the East, akin to sayings of the wisdomof daily life. They also now continue to ascribe to him various witticisms recalledfrom long ago as well as those newly made."For each and every peculiar situation, whether great or small in the existence of the beings there, this same terrestrial sage, Mullah Nassr Eddin, had an apt and pointedsaying."As all his sayings were full of the sense of truth for existence there, I also awaysused them in order to have a comfortable existence among the beings of that planet."In the given case also, my dear Captain, I intend to profit by one of his wise sayings."In such a situation as has befallen us he would probably say:"You cannot jump over your knees and it's absurd to try to kiss your own elbow....while there on the planet which interests you, the action of this astonishing andexceedingly ingenious invention bloomed and blossomed from the very first day, asthe wise Mullah Nassr Eddin would say - 'Like the trumpets of Jericho in full blast.'"At best they would so thrash you that as our Mullah Nassr Eddin there says: 'Youwouldn't recover your senses before the next crop of birches'.
...the result for him was as the highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin once again says:simply "Roses,roses.""But, as a matter of fact, when I was on that planet for the last time and, having heardof the said writer, once went myself specially to see him, on quite another matter, heseemed to me to be not only like all the other contemporary writers there, that is tosay, extremely limited, and also as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin would say: 'seeing nofurther than his nose,' but as regards any knowledge of the real psyche of the beings of that planet in real conditions, he might safely be called 'totally illiterate'."And as for the given case, there is no harm in recalling again one of the wisesentences of our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin who says:"'Struth! What only may not happen in the world! A flea might swallow an elephant!'"restrain yourself from such laughter, if only it were to come about that they shouldsuddenly clearly sense, in some way or another, and understand without any doubtwhatever, that to their planet from their Sun itself, not only does nothing of any suchthing as 'light', 'darkness', 'heat', and so on, come, but that their supposed source of heat and light is itself almost always freezing with cold like the hairless dog of our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin."Not a single one of those 'sorry scientists' has ever thought that the difference between these two cosmic processes is just about the same as that which the highlyesteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin once expressed in the following words:"'They are as much alike as the beard of the famous English Shakespeare and FrenchArmagnac, no less famous'."It is the same with your favourites on the planet Earth. They also have invented theaddition to the name of every other person the word 'mister' or sometimes a wholemeaningless phrase expressing such conception as our honourable Mullah Nassr Eddin has the following sentence for:"And namely, he says:'All the same, there is more reality in it than in the wise-acreings of an expert inmonkey-business.'"The following is what happened:

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