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11 03 01 GeoTag Defendants

11 03 01 GeoTag Defendants

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Published by Florian Mueller
List of 397 companies sued by GeoTag, Inc. in 2010 over patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas; on March 1, 2011, Microsoft and Google joined forces to seek declaratory judgment of the invalidity of the patent asserted.
List of 397 companies sued by GeoTag, Inc. in 2010 over patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas; on March 1, 2011, Microsoft and Google joined forces to seek declaratory judgment of the invalidity of the patent asserted.

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Published by: Florian Mueller on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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List of 397 companies sued by GeoTag, Inc. in 2010 for patent infringement (Eastern District of Texas)
For more information:
No.Sued onCase No.Defendant's Name (d/b/a = "doing business as")
00118 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575A&W BRANDS, INC.00218 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575A&W RESTAURANTS, INC.00317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570ACADEMY, LTD.D/B/A ACADEMY SPORTS + OUTDOORSD/B/A ACADEMY SPORTS AND OUTDOORS00422 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587ACE HARDWARE CORP.00517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569ADIDAS A.G.00617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570ADIDAS AMERICA, INC.00717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, INC.00817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573ADVANCE STORES COMPANY, INC.00922 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587AEROPOSTALE, INC.01017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572AFC ENTERPRISES, INC.D/B/A POPEYE'S CHICKEN AND BISCUITSD/B/A POPEYE'S01118 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575AGCO CORP.01218 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575AGRI-COVER, INC.01322 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587AJAY SPORTS, INC.01417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573ALAMO RENT A CAR, LLC01518 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574ALBERTSONS, INC.01618 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574ALBERTSONS, LLC01717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572APPLEBEE'S INTERNATIONAL, INC.01817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572APPLEBEE'S IP, LLC01917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.02017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570AROMATIQUE, INC.02117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AS AMERICA, INC.D/B/A AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDSD/B/A AMERICAN STANDARD02217 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570ASICS AMERICA CORP.02317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569ASICS CORP.02418 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575AT&T WIRELESS, LLC02518 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575AT&T, INC02617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AUTONATION, INC.02717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AUTOZONE, INC.02817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AVALON GLOBAL GROUP, INC.02917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AVIS BUDGET GROUP, INC.03017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573AVIS RENT A CAR SYSTEM, LLC;03117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570AVON PRODUCTS, INC.03222 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587BABIESRUS.COM, LLC03317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BANANA REPUBLIC (APPAREL), LLC03417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BANANA REPUBLIC (ITM), INC.03517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BANANA REPUBLIC, LLC03617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BARNES & NOBLE, INC03717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BARNESANDNOBLE.COM, LLC03817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BASS PRO OUTDOORS ONLINE, LLC03917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BASS PRO SHOPS, INC.04017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BASS PRO, INC.04118 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BATH & BODY WORKS DIRECT, INC.(c) 2011 by Florian Mueller (FOSS Patents, http://fosspatents.blogspot.com)Page 1 of 11
List of 397 companies sued by GeoTag, Inc. in 2010 for patent infringement (Eastern District of Texas)04218 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BATH & BODY WORKS, LLC04317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570BBY SOLUTIONS, INC.04422 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP, INC.D/B/A BCBGD/B/A BCBGMAXAZRIAD/B/A MAZ AZRIA04522 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP, INC.04618 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BEECH NUT NUTRITION CORP.04722 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587BELK, INC.04817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570BEST BUY CO., INC.D/B/A BEST BUY04918 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BEST MAID PRODUCTS, INC.05017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BIG LOTS STORES, INC.05117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BIG LOTS, INC.05217 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570BJI, INC.D/B/A BROWN JORDAN05317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BJ'S WHOLESALE CLUB, INC.05417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572BOB EVANS FARMS, INC.D/B/A BOB EVANS05517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572BOB EVANS RESTAURANTS OF MICHIGAN, LLC05618 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575BOBCAT COMPANY05717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571BPS DIRECT, LLC05817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573BRAKE CENTERS OF THE SOUTHWEST, INC.D/B/A JUST BRAKES05917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572BRINKER INTERNATIONAL, INC.D/B/A CHILI'SD/B/A ROMANO'S MACARONI GRILLD/B/A MAGGIANO'S LITTLE ITALY06018 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BROOKSHIRE BROTHERS, LTD.06117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570BROOKSTONE COMPANY, INC.06217 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570BROWN JORDAN INTERNATIONAL, INC.D/B/A BROWN JORDAN06318 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP, INC.06417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569BULLSEYE SOLUTIONS, INC.D/B/A BULLSEYE SOLUTIONS06517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572BURGER KING CORP.06618 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574BURT'S BEES, INC.06718 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574C&S WHOLESALE GROCERS, INC.06817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571CABELA'S, INC.06917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN, INC.07017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573CARMAX BUSINESS SERVICES, LLC07117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573CARMAX, INC.07218 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575CARR-GOTTSTEIN FOODS CO.D/B/A CARR'S07317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CARTIER ENTERPRISES, INC.07417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CARTIER INTERNATIONAL, LLC07517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CARTIER NORTH AMERICA, INC.07617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569CARTIER S.A.07717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CARTIER, INC.07822 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CASUAL MALE RETAIL GROUP, INC.(c) 2011 by Florian Mueller (FOSS Patents, http://fosspatents.blogspot.com)Page 2 of 11
List of 397 companies sued by GeoTag, Inc. in 2010 for patent infringement (Eastern District of Texas)07918 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575CATERPILLAR, INC.08017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CEC ENTERTAINMENT CONCEPTS, L.P.08117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CEC ENTERTAINMENT, INC. D/B/A CHUCK E. CHEESE'S08223 Jul 20102:10-cv-00265Center'd Corporation08317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569CHANEL S.A.08417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571CHANEL USA, INC.08517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571CHANEL, INC.08622 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CHARLOTTE RUSE HOLDING, INC.08722 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CHARLOTTE RUSE, INC.08817 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CHRISTIAN DIOR BOUTIQUES, INC.08917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CHRISTIAN DIOR PERFUMES, INC.D/B/A CHRISTIAN DIORD/B/A DIORD/B/A DIOR.COM09017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CHRISTIAN DIOR PERFUMES, LLCD/B/A CHRISTIAN DIORD/B/A DIORD/B/A DIOR.COM09117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569CHRISTIAN DIOR S.A.09222 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CHRISTOPHER & BANKS CORP.D/B/A CHRISTOPHER & BANKSD/B/A CJ BANKS09317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573CHRISTUS HEALTHA/K/A CHRISTUS HEALTH NON-PROFIT CORP.09417 Dec 20102:10-cv-00573CHRISTUS HEALTH FOUNDATION09518 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575CHURCH & DWIGHT CO., INC.D/B/A TROJAN BRAND CONDOMSD/B/A TROJAN09617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CICI ENTERPRISES, LP D/B/A CICI'S PIZZA09722 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC.09822 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587CINEMARK USA, INC.09917 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CINNABON, INC.10023 Jul 20102:10-cv-00265CityGrid Media, LLC10117 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571COACH, INC.10217 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569CONN'S APPLIANCES, INC.10317 Dec 20102:10-cv-00569CONN'S INC.10422 Dec 20102:10-cv-00587COST PLUS, INC.D/B/A COST PLUS WORLD MARKET10517 Dec 20102:10-cv-00571COSTCO WHOLESALE CORP.10617 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572CRACKER BARREL OLD COUNTRY STORE, INC.D/B/A CRACKER BARREL10717 Dec 20102:10-cv-00570CRAFTMASTER MANUFACTURING, INC.D/B/A CRAFTMASTER D/B/A CMI10818 Dec 20102:10-cv-00575CUMMINS, INC.10918 Dec 20102:10-cv-00574CVS CAREMARK CORP.D/B/A CVSD/B/A CVS.COM11017 Dec 20102:10-cv-00572DARDEN CONCEPTS, INC.(c) 2011 by Florian Mueller (FOSS Patents, http://fosspatents.blogspot.com)Page 3 of 11

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