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Koch Industries Discovery Newsletter January2011

Koch Industries Discovery Newsletter January2011

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Published by docdumpster
Koch Industries market 1/10th of America's ethanol
Koch Industries market 1/10th of America's ethanol

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Published by: docdumpster on Mar 03, 2011
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Elsewhere, Koch Fertilizer announcedfour international expansions last year,including projects in Australia, Brazil,Mexico and the U.K.In all, Koch companies have completedmore than $32 billion in acquisitions andinvestments since 2003, including $3 bil-lion just last year.
Although governments tend to subsidizethe kind of short-term job creation thatcan lead to temporary growth, Koch’sfocus is on long-term growth and thecreation of real jobs.“Real jobs,” notes Charles Koch, KII’schairman and CEO, “are those that createreal value by eectively and eciently producing what people want. Real jobsincrease our overall quality of life.It is productivity that determines how those jobs should be rewarded.“Wages can only rise when productivitrises,” Koch says.“Governments (and voters) need torealize that anything that decreases orimpedes productivity – such as subsidiesand mandates – will only hurt employ-ment in general and cost the economy jobs in the long run.
If nations made New Year’s resolutions,job creation would probably be at thetop of many lists this year, especially forcountries with high unemployment.Across all of Koch Industries, there arecurrently more than 50,000 employeesin the United Statesand another 17,000internationally.And that doesn’tinclude the morethan 2,000 openpositions we’re trying to ll,” saidDale Gibbens, KII’s vice presidentfor human resources.But those totals are only the beginning.Harrah Analytics, an independentresearch company, recently studied thedirect economic eects of Koch’s U.S.-based jobs.Using formulas provided by the U.S.Department of Commerce and theBureau of Economic Analysis, Harrahthen calculated the indirect and inducedeects of those jobs.Te result was a total of more than200,000 jobs nationwide.
Do the math
State by state, the multiplier eect of Koch jobs is signicant.In Georgia, for example, four jobs bene-t from every Koch company employee.In exas, the multiplier is 5.6 jobs perKoch company employee.exas, which trails only Georgia for themost Koch company jobs of any state, isseeing especially strong growth amongKoch business interests.Flint Hills Resources is completing$350 million in renery upgrades at itsCorpus Christicomplex andrecently openeda new fuelsterminal (above)near Austin.A new sulfur prilling unit in CorpusChristi, operated by FHR, enables KochSulfur to market product in Asia, Europeand South America.Koch Pipeline Co. is expanding its Southexas system to move more crude oil andcondensate to Corpus Christi.In 2012, KPL plans to completea 16-inch pipeline connectingEagle Ford crude oil producerswith Corpus Christi.  Tat projectwill include the construction of storage tanks, pumps and truck receipt stations.exas is also a growth market forINVISA, which is looking to ll atleast 100 open positions at its manufac-turing facilities and engineering oce.In October, the governors of Louisianaand Arkansas both celebrated Georgia-Pacic’s announcement that it wouldinvest $500 million in new technology for two mills, one in each state.
january 2011
Creating real value – and real jobs
Koch companies have completed more than$32 billion in acquisitions and investmentssince 2003, including $3 billion last year.
Koch companies support morethan 200,000 jobs in the U.S.
– Harrah Analytics
Why would Koch want to participate inthe U.S. ethanol market? From all thatI read, ethanol in the U.S. cannot beproduced economically versus gasolineand only is used because of governmentsubsidy. Tis seems inconsistent with“growth through the economic means.
Paul SnyderSenior sysems analys - INVISTA Chatanooga, Tenn. 
Many Koch company employees have asked the samequestion ollowing Flint Hills Resources’ recent purchaseo ethanol plants in Iowa.  For an in-depth analysis o thatdecision, see the story “Why buy ethanol?” on page 9.
Wilmington, Del., in 1901.Te
was re-launched in Cali-fornia in 2007 and later sailed throughthe Panama Canal. It is now based inNew England.Te historic restoration of the
 is of particular importance to Coen andits sta, as we feel this brings us back toour roots.  Coen was established in 1912with most of our early burner installa-tions aboard seagoing ships.Being a member of one of the Kochfamily of companies, we hope thispicture nds its way into the pictureportrait for Mr. Koch.
Mathew N. HallApplicaions engineer - Coen Co.,Woodland, Calif.
This photo o the
was one o 11,088 imagesused to create Charles Koch’s 75th birthday portrait.For more about that portrait, see page 11.
Editorial Board
PhilipEllenderRichFink JeffGentryDaleGibbensMaryBethJarvisCharlesKochJimMahoneyDaveRobertson
I grew up in Oklahoma and received anAgEcon degree from OSU in 1992.  Ihave known about Koch my entire life.But I’ve never actively researched you.In 2001, my husband and I moved toWestern Australia to start our own beef cale feedlot about two hours inlandfrom Perth.  We invested our life savingsand built up our business to two-thirdsof its planned and approved design.Ten the state’s Department of Environ-ment and Conservation shut us downwhen we actively campaigned againstAustralia’s so-called Carbon PollutionReduction Scheme.We knew that this horrendous new tax would cause severe diculties forour business.  We are now engaged in abale of epic proportions as we try tobring this out-of-control governmentbureaucracy into line.I hear that Al Gore promoted a demean-ing website about Koch Industriesbecause of its public stand on the sameissue.  I have not visited that website, butI went straight to yours.I applaud your commitment to free mar-ket enterprise, and I commend CharlesG. Koch’s “Evaluating a president”article in October’s
.Your website is informative, excitingand honest.  It was an absolute pleasureand a breath of fresh air to “tour” yourbusiness and your minds.  I will besharing your website and Perspectivesarticles prolically.All the best for your continued success.
Jane H. ompsonNarrogin Beef ProducersNarrogin, Wesern Ausralia
In 2006, Coen Co. (part of Koch Chem-ical echnology Group) sold a burnersystem to Rentech Boiler Systems of Abilene, exas.Rentech then sold that system to Dr.Robert McNeil, who installed theequipment as part of his restoration of the steam-sail yacht
, built in
Questions? Comments?
Publication Design:
Letters and other submissions become the property o KochIndustries, Inc., and may be reproduced in whole or in part,including your name, or any purpose and in any manner.Letters may be edited or length or clarity.
FHR’s ethanol plant in Shell Rock, Iowa.About 60 FHR volunteers, including Lynn Kram andAmbrey Gartner, helped clean up a section o theMississippi River Blus near Pine Bend Refnery inOctober. This annual project is in its 11th year.
completed their h consecutive yearwithout a lost-time injury.
– A golden anniversary is alwayssomething to celebrate, especially if itinvolves parades, sporting events and avisit from the president.Te city of Berazategui enjoyed all of that and more on Nov. 4 as its citizenscelebrated the ieth anniversary of theirindependence and the founding of theircity as a part of Buenos Aires province.Known for its ranching and meat packingindustries, Berazategui is also home toan INVISA plant.  Tat facility, built in1963, produces nylon 6,6 polymer.On Nov. 4, Nestor Samman, site man-ager, Diego Almada, site controllerand Fabiana Iasenza, human resourcesmanager, presented the mayor, Juan JoseMussi, with a congratulatory plaque onbehalf of all INVISA employees.“We think it’s important to participate inthese activities,” said Samman, “becausethey strengthen our community relations. And besides, we are citizens, too!”Many INVISA employees from Beraza-tegui were in the crowd of 10,000 peoplewatching a parade that was aended by Dr. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, thepresident of Argentina.INVISA also sponsored the 24th annualBerazategui Bicycle Race, one of theregion’s most important sporting events.Winners crossed the nish line under anINVISA banner and employees fromthe Berazategui plant presented LYC®ber shirts to the race winners in the Eliteand Under-23 categories.
When King Louis XIV begantransforming Versailles from a huntinglodge into a palace, the area had perhaps1,000 residents and lile infrastructure.oday, the community of Versailles ishome to almost 90,000 residents andits famous palace and gardens aract anestimated 7 million visitors per year.Among the utilities that serve this thrivingParis suburb is a large wastewater treat-ment plant at Carré de Reunion, next to thefamous gardens at the Palace of Versailles.Tis large plant processes an average of 43,500 cubic meters (close to 11.5 mil-lion gallons) of wastewater per day.Because of rising demand for water andstricter euent quality requirementsimposed by the European Community,the plant is in need of improvements.In September, the Veolia Group of OV France SNC chose Koch MembraneSystems to provide PURON® membranebioreactor modules for upgrading theVersailles facility.Most conventional wastewater treatmentplants use a three-step process.  First,coarse solids are screened out of the wa-ter.  Te remaining solids are then treatedwith bacteria before the water is furtherpuried in a third step.By using PURON technology, the lasttwo steps can be combined into one.Te membranes provide a more eectivebarrier against bacteria and are beer atremoving suspended solids.Tis technology will also help expand thecapacity of the existing plant.Te PURON modules are scheduled fordelivery at the end of 2012 and start-upof the plant is expected in 2013.When completed, this project will beKoch Membrane Systems’ largest mem-brane bioreactor installation in Europe.PURON membranes have become quitepopular in France, where KMS has had13 orders and start-ups in the last 12months, including several large-scalemunicipal projects.
The Netherlands
– Employees at Koch Sup-ply & rading’s Roerdam renery hadlots to celebrate in December.On Dec. 2, the renery reached an opera-tional milestone by processing its 250 mil-lionth barrel of crude oil and condensate.Four days later, it achieved its highest-ev-er single day throughput: 83,621 barrels.December was also the best month forthroughput in the plant’s history.  It pro-cessed an average of 78,800 barrels perday.  Te previous record was 78,649.Tanks to that record-seing month,2010 ended up being a protable andrecord year for total throughput, beat-ing the previous annual total by almost150,000 barrels.“Relative to FHR’s U.S. reneries, we area small facility,” noted Louis du Rieu, sitemanager.  “Given our size, processing aquarter of a billion barrels is signicantand something we achieved sooner as aresult of the teams eort to achieve highrun rates when the market conditionsfavored that.Te facility also celebrated a safety mile-stone in 2010.  In August, Koch employ-ees and contractors working at the site
- KS&T’s refnery celebrates processing its250 millionth barrel.
- INVISTA employees help commemorate50 years o independence.
- Implementing wastewater purifcation plans ftor a king.

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