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How Do Deliverance Prayers Differ From Exorcism Prayers

How Do Deliverance Prayers Differ From Exorcism Prayers

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Published by Hannah Alea

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Published by: Hannah Alea on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Today solemn exorcism is limited tothe priest who prays in the name of the church. There are threerequirements in order for this rite to beperformed; the person must bepossessed, a priest must perform theexorcism, and finally an exorcismcould only be performed with thepermission of the bishop (see signs of possession). With private exorcism a lay-person or religious can pray in his/her own name(not in the name of the church). Whatthis means is the laity cannot use theRoman Ritual of Exorcism to pray inthe name of the church. 
Evil spirits enter us through manyways as indicated in the examplesbelow.Innocent Victim : In some cases, evil spirits enter aninnocent victim. The victim may be anunborn baby who is cursed from themother's womb. The curse can befrom a jealous relative, friend, enemy,or even the child's own parents. Innocent victims may also includechildren who are not loved, who aremistreated or abused or rejection byother children, siblings, parents, etc.The abuse can range from sexualabuse, mental abuse, or physicalabuse. Those who Choose Evil: 
In other cases, an evil spirit may enter us because of involvement in evilpractices such as the occult, Theoccult is any practice that involvesceremonies, rituals, chants, magic, or activities that are obviously not Godcentered. These activities or ritualscan change the course of nature, thethe lives of those who are involved insuch practices, and of course, theinnocent victims. The Ouija board is a popular occultboard game and there is alsoDungeons and Dragons. Satan's maintarget in Dungeons and Dragonsgame is our youth. With Dungeonsand Dragons, the most powerful andsuccessful players are those who usemagic. There is a Dungeons Master Guide that even teaches newbeginners how to communicate withthe dead, cast spells, and learn tochant.The use of magic revolves around evilspirits, psychic abilities and contactingspirits. Magic is a power that does notinvolve God. It is a power that isderived from such things as voodoo,

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