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Published by Abhinav Chandel

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Published by: Abhinav Chandel on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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gHow many of you have played Age of empires, or World of Warcraft or Sim City? Ithink most of you and if you haven’t, this article is still necessary for you.  Last nightwhile watching a video from TED 2010 archives, I happen to stumble upon a videofrom Jane Mcgonigal where she discussed about how games can change the world.Watching her talk about this issue, I had an idea. I don’t know if it is an idea whichcan work or just one of those brain farts. I don’t care about what it is, but I felt it isworth sharing.The reason why I asked if you play above-mentioned game is, those are the gameswhere we constantly change a given environment/world. However, in real life toowe are changing world with each of our steps. For e.g. the refrigerator you userelease Chloro-fluoro carbon that leads to the depletion of ozone layer, the vehicleyou use increases the pollution, or say electricity we use, with every unit we arepushing a marine species towards extinction by disturbing their life cycle. I think weall know about all these facts and chose to ignore them because seriously, whocares about Mother earth more than our girlfriends, friends, siblings, parents etc.However, when you play a game say Sim City, in that game you have to build a city.You have to take care of pollution (water, air, soil, noise) and other environmentalhazards. And you do all this forgetting everything else around you. Or you fightterrorists or solve other problems which in real life you don’t. Ever wondered why?The reason is simple; we get points for solving them. We clear a stage and achievesomething, even though it is in a virtual world only. That is the reason, which keepsus motivated enough to forget the classes, food, bathing and everyone else justbecause we want to earn those points, kill those enemies or save the world in thegame.On the other hand, we never ever bother about doing something for oursurrounding, for others, for trees, for oil, for fish, for dog, for everything thatbelongs to earth but not us, again the reason is POINTS/ACHIEVEMENTS. No onesays well done when we give 1 Rs to a beggar, no 1UP shines when we plant a tree,no “you have attained a new level” sign comes when we ditch an auto to walk 3Kms. What if it does, what if we get points for doing every good deed, what if wecan accumulate those points to show off others  that how awesome we are, howmuch we care for earth. Does it excite you? It surely does, because here is a chancefor us to do something for others and the earth while getting immediate returns. Weget points, we can do anything with those points. We achieve those points, get adiscount at our favorite store by showing those points, beat a competitor, or maybeget a girl/guy. Who knows, everything is possible in a game. But here the game isplayed in real world, under the heat of sun and the chill of winter. On roads,villages, colleges etc. and anywhere else you want to play, it’s your choice.THE IDEA:
I know you must be wondering where is the platform, the gaming arena and theways to earn points. Here, a very important socializing tool comes in front i.e.BLOGGING. Yes, the blogs will play the major role in this game, in fact this game willbe impossible to play without blogs. The question is, How to use blogging? As we allknow, a blog is like a personal diary. We all put up our daily ongoing and blabberabout whatever we did or saw others doing, we put up videos and pictures too.Here how it goes,You go out and do some these tasks:1. Help a poor child, or adopt a child through an NGO. Or just try bringing smileto a poor family.2. Plant a tree3. Stop using your vehicle and try using public transport for a week.4. Try saving water  or try saving electricity in an innovative way.And so on…Each of these tasks will be kept in different categories, and each category will havedifferent points. For e.g. You get 5 points to plant a tree, 15 points to adopt a child,20 for helping a family, 5 to ditch your personal ride for public transport etc.Now comes the next part. How to earn points by doing these tasks:1. Blog about it2. Post the picture showing you bringing the small change3. Post the video of you doing performing the task and taking views of otherpeopleFor blogging you get 1 point, for posting the picture you get 5 and for posting avideo you get 10 points. This way for each task you do, you can earn points forperforming the task and then putting your work online. Therefore, you are alsomotivating others to do the same things you did.Who checks and determine the points?  The answer is ‘You only’.Here comes the role of a community of the gamers, this community includes theplayers playing this game in the real world. Out of those players, a panel will beselected for each locality, area, city, state, country. So that each panel will have anidea of how things work in their real world environment and therefore can give

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