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Published by Sam Stubblefield
A complete and self-consistent explanation for the efficacy of homeopathy
A complete and self-consistent explanation for the efficacy of homeopathy

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Published by: Sam Stubblefield on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sam Stubbleeld
Alternative Medicine Final Paper March 8
A Strong In uence on the Weak Minded 
The Force, Vogons, and Homeopathy
Samuel Hahnemann has no excuse for unleashing homeopathy on the world.  He lived in apost-Enlightenment era pervaded by an experimentalist world view.  Chemistry and biologywere making extraordinary advances around the end of the eighteenth and beginning of thenineteenth century when he began formulating the troublesome notions behind homeopathy, sohe really should have known better and distinguished between the vague pseudoscience of hisprovings and good experimentation.  Avogadro published his ndings about the nature of matter in 1811
, well before Hahnemann nalized his theories of homeopathy, so the German shouldhave know his high dilutions contained nothing more than solvent.  Now we live in a worldwhere homeopathy exists as a major health-care method in Europe and South Asia wherehundreds of thousands of patients get treated with something that amounts to little more thanquackery.Or does it?  This paper postulates that homeopathy functions fully as a treatmentmethodology, that it is efcacious, more enlightened than “allopathic” medicine, and staving off the obliteration of mankind.  Below the reader will nd a coherent and self-consistent model for the mechanisms by which homeopathy operates and an explanation of some of the ndings of homeopathic medicine.  This explanation will necessitate the supposition of existence for severalentities not normally recognized by science (be it Eastern, Western, Northern, or Southern),including extraterrestrial intelligences and a mystical energy eld.  Once this explanation iscomplete, the paper will address the question of why so many people seek out homeopathic care,naïve as they are to its true mechanism of action.
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The Explanation
In attempting to explain homeopathy, one must address two central issues.  First, one mustnd an explanation for Hahnemann’s Law of Similars which states that “like cures like” and iesin the face of common sense and almost all of medical science.  Secondly, one must reconcilewith not only common sense and medical science, but the entire scientic/experimentalist world-view, the notion that the more diluted a substance becomes, the more potency it achieves.Addressing these questions in reverse order allows for the most logical progression.From the time we make up our rst batch of Kool-Aid as a child, we know that the more onedilutes something, the weaker it becomes (much to the disappointment of our ve-year-oldselves).  The concentration of a substance in solution is governed by very simple equationswhich have correctly predicted the solutions’ behavior for hundreds of years.  Homeopathicdilutions, which one author points out can be a billion times more dilute than a single moleculeof a substance in an ocean
, are said to become more potent the more they get diluted.The explanation for this phenomenon lies in a mystical energy eld that “surrounds us,penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.”
 This Force is wielded by all persons when theyact with intention
.  Most people are ignorant of the power it grants them, but for some, such aspractitioners of homeopathy, the Force their ally, and a powerful ally it is.  When performingsucussion, the practice of mixing the solutions when performing dilutions, homeopaths use theForce to drive the potentiation by willing the effects of the remedy to become more powerful.With each step of further dilution followed by sucussion, the homeopath uses the Force to further potentiate the solution.  This implies that the more time a homeopath spends sucussing aparticular solution, the more powerful it will become, suggesting that if a homeopath were tospend a great deal of time sucussing a solution, it would be come more powerful than he could
This is the same energy that practitioners of therapudic touch and similar treatment methodologies draw from
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possibly imagine..  This begs the question why homeopaths do not simply sucuss a single sampleand not bother with diluting it.In insisting upon ying in the face of common sense and science, Hahnemann stumbledacross the fundamental principle that all objects contain both matter and an ethereal essencewhich imbues the matter with its characteristic properties.  The potentiation using the Force actsto augment the essence, but the presence of matter blocks this augmentation.  This necessitatesdilution to and beyond Avagadro’s limit to ensure full potentiation can occur and not be blockedby the presence of the matter.  This suggests that aliquots taken from solutions containing nomolecules of the original substance and sucussed a given number of times will yield the samepotentiation as solutions diluted from the no-molecule solution and sucussed the same number of times.  This has yet to be shown as homeopaths continue to dilute substances rather thanstopping at a certain point and sucussing multiple times.This mechanism of potentiation explains why homeopaths insist upon sucussing rather thansimply making lots of dilutions without mixing or making the dilution in one step (although thiswould not be practical with the higher dilution levels).  It raises a problem with automatedsucussors, but perhaps the solutions made on these machines lack the potency of hand-sucussedsolutions.The Force also explains the difculties with unintentional potentiation predicted by manycritics of homeopathy.  For example, Dr. C.P. van der Smagt notes “[t]he solvent, pure ethanol,will always contain measurable traces of lead, cadmium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc,and other substances that, for some reason, are not ‘potentiated.’”
Knowing the Force’s role inpotentiation, the reader realizes that the effects of the other trace substances are not potentiatedbecause the homeopath does not will them to be.  One may also nd concern in the presence of 

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