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Published by Anne Loughlin

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Published by: Anne Loughlin on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rush Poker Dominator Presents..Easy Step-By-Step Method To Dominate Rush Poker
Important: Online Poker professional Sean Moronse in noway guarantees you will make any certain amount of moneyplaying online poker. It is a "GAMBLE." Never, ever playwith any more money then you can afford to lose.DISCLAIMER:You apply the strategies and techniques outlined in thisbook COMPLETELY at your own RISK. I cannot guaranteeyou will win or lose and I CANNOT be responsible for yourlosses. There is a WINNER and LOSER in poker everyday, if you cannot handle losing please EXIT this eBook right now.You will incur losses, our GOAL is to MINIMIZE theselosses and MAXIMIZE your profits. NOTHING isGUARANTEED.
© All Rights Reserved | Rush Poker Dominator 
Welcome to Rush Poker Dominator! The only strategy guide on the market that teaches youhow to make some serious money playing this CRAZY ACTION PACKED GAME. Since FullTilt Poker launched Rush Poker, it is all online poker players talk about. The exciting newgame can only be found on Full Tilt Poker and players who play at other internet poker sitesare switching over to Full Tilt just to play rush poker. But just how should you play and whatpoker strategy should you use when playing Rush Poker?This is the burning question everyone is asking!
First of all what the heck is Rush Poker?
Rush Poker is a new, extremely fast-paced variation of internet poker, and can only be foundon Full Tilt Poker. Instead of choosing a ring-game table to play at and playing with the sameopponents for your whole session, Rush Poker enters you into a ‘pool’ of players. There canbe 1,000+ players in that pool (depending on the stakes you choose to play), and once youclick ‘join now’ you will be automatically seated at a random table. You will see a ‘quick fold’button, if you press this you will immediately be moved to a new table so no waiting aroundfor the action to get to you. When playing a hand of Rush Poker, if you fold you are movedimmediately, if you play the hand then it plays like a normal hand of poker, and once the handis over (no matter whether it goes to showdown or not), all players are randomly moved tonew tables with new opponents. This happens every hand when playing Rush Poker, and youabsolutely will be on the edge of your seats from the amount of hands you will see! Onaverage you will see an astounding 300 hands an hour at least!What is the main difference between rush poker and regular ring games?The biggest change to the game by far is that you instantly change tables when you fold your hand. Meaning you never have history with your opponents.Each hand is at a new table with new opponents. You don’t know who the fish are and youdon’t know who the strong opponents are. Everyone has no information on them for the mostpart. Because you can’t develop reads through playing multiple hands with the same
© All Rights Reserved | Rush Poker Dominator 
opponent, you have to treat each opponent the same. But that works both ways. Since youcan’t develop reads on your opponents, they can’t develop reads on you. In Rush Poker youdon’t have to worry about leveling, balancing your range, or anything like that because your history with your opponents is going to be minimal.
Factors to Consider When Playing Rush Poker  You Cannot Get A lot of Information On Your Opponents
In Rush Poker you are unable to gather a lot of information on your opponents play becauseyou won’t be familiar with them. You will be playing every hand at a new table, against newplayers. Unless you have played with a player a lot and know their name and game well andhow they play, it will be impossible for you to know if your opponent is a shark or a donkey.Knowing an opponents play is a very important characteristic of a winning online poker player,but in rush poker you have to throw this strategy out the door. The best thing you can do iskeep a tight image and play strong hands aggressively.
Tighten Your Game
In Rush Poker you should only be playing very strong starting hands. Why? Because there isabsolutely no need to play marginal hands when you can simply hit quick fold and be movedto a new table and dealt a new hand. One mistake many players were making is playing a lotof suited connectors. Playing suited connectors in this game is acceptable only if you can doso cheaply, and if you have the discipline to get away from the hand if you do not HIT the flopHARD!Many rush poker players will catch top pair on the flop and call anything with it just to see their opponents carrying a huge overpair. With more hands per hour, everyone will be dealtmonster hands a lot, which is why you will see a lot of players going all in.********Please Note******** In rush poker, just about everyone's hands that they are playingwill be better than they would be in a regular ring game. Players will fold all their 84's, J6s,
© All Rights Reserved | Rush Poker Dominator 

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