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2011 Friends Calendar

2011 Friends Calendar

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Published by Christine Greenland

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Published by: Christine Greenland on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T R A C T A S S O C I A T I O N O F F R I E N D S1 5 0 1 C h e r r y S t r e e tP h i l a d e l p h i a , P A 1 9 1 0 2 - 1 4 0 3
2011Friends’ Calendar
In the light I have experience of the new creation in Christ Jesus, even thepassing away of the old things, and the new things coming instead thereof.The old heart gone, the hard heart gone, and a new and tender one insteadthereof. The old law of sin and death taken out of the way, and the law of theSpirit of life in Christ Jesus received in the place thereof. And the fear of thenew covenant put into the new heart (in which is the beginning andperfection of the heavenly wisdom), and the Spirit of God put within, toenlighten, enliven, and fill the mind with life and righteousness, and cause itto walk with God in the new and living way, and to know his statutes andjudgments, and do them.In the light the gospel-love is known and springs. In the darkness is enmity;but in the light is love. It is true indeed, that here the whole law is fulfilled,even of loving the Lord God with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength, andone's neighbour as one's self. Yea, here one is not only commanded to loveenemies, but taught and enabled so to do. Yea, keep but here in the light, noenmity can spring up, but only love to the greatest enemies, whom we have nocoals of wrath, but only of love to heap upon.Here I meet with, and partake of, a cool, meek, patient, tender, gentle, quiet,lowly spirit, which is of the Lord, and of much esteem with him. This is theLamb's nature, who is light; and this also is their nature who are of the Lamb,and walk in the light of the Lamb...
Isaac Penington, 1679
Quotations for the
2011 Friends’ Calendar
are taken from Scripture (King James Version) unless otherwiseindicated and from the writings of Friends (Quakers) or those writings Friends might do well to consider. We hopethese citations will lead to further reflection and study, with consideration of spiritual and historic context.
Moon phases are from Fred Espenak,
Phases of the Moon
: 2001-2100. Greenbelt, MD: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center;http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phasecat.html. Dates are adjusted for Eastern Standard Time from Greenwich MeanTime.
Isaac Penington.
Some Experiences, Which it hath pleased the Lord to give me, concerning his Way, his Truth, his Church and People,Against whom the Gates of Hell cannot prevail.
31st, 5th mo, 1679. In
, v. 4, p. 535-536; Digital Quaker Collection.
First Month:
William Briggins 1688 from
Piety Promoted in a collection of dying sayings of many of the people called Quakers…
William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds. Philadelphia PA: Friends Book Store 1854; vol. 2, page 22
(www.archive.org/stream/pietypromotedinc02evan; digitized from University of Pittsburgh Library System)
 Second Month:
William Penn 1726.
Some Fruits of Solitude.
Richmond IN: Friends United Press, 1978; p. 70.Margaret Fell
A Call unto the Seed of Israel, that they may come out of Egypts Darkness, and House of Bondage,unto the Land of Rest.
M. F.
Printed for Robert Wilson. no date given, p. 9-12.Digital Quaker Collection.
Third Month:
Selections from the letters of the Sarah Grubb.
London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co. and C. Gilpin 1848
p. 281. DigitalQuaker Collection.Stephen Crisp.
Pure and Spiritual Worship: a sermon preached at Devonshire-House, November 12, 1690 
Philadelphia:Crukshank 1773. Digital Quaker Collection.
Fourth Month:
Yearly Meeting of Women at York, 1688.
Hidden in Plain Sight: Quaker Women’s Writings 
Wallingford PA: PendleHill Publications 1996; p. 530.
Fifth Month:
Samuel Bownas 1750
A Description of the Qualifications Necessary to a Gospel Minister…
Philadelphia PA: WilliamD. Parrish & Co. 1847.
p. 98. Digital Quaker Collection.
Sixth Month:
Sondra Ball 2009.
Abundant Life
Autumn leaves 
http://www.sondra.net/al/vol13/1312AbundantLife.htm .
Seventh Month:
George Fox 1666.
An Epistle to be read in all the Assemblies of the Righteous; #
245 in
The Power of the Lord Is Over All: The Pastoral Letters of George Fox 
T. Canby Jones, editor. Richmond IN: Friends United Press 1990; p. 209.
Eighth Month:
Caroline Stephen 1908.
Light Arising.
Cambridge: W. Heffer and Sons
pp. 68-69. Cited in
Christian Faith and Practice in the experience of the Society of Friends.
London: London Yearly Meeting, 1960, #246.William Penn 1726.
Some Fruits of Solitude 
. Richmond IN: Friends United Press, 1978; p. 66.
Ninth Month
: William Littleboy 1916.
The appeal of Quakerism to the non-mystic 
. London: Friends Book Centre 1945 pp. 4-7.Cited in
Christian Faith and Practice in the experience of the Society of Friends.
London: London Yearly Meeting, 1960, # 82.
Tenth Month:
Elizabeth B. Emmott 1908.
The Story of Quakerism 
. London: Friends Book Centre; p. 96. Cited in
Christian Faith and Practice in the experience of the Society of Friends.
London: London Yearly Meeting, 1960; #213.
Eleventh Month:
Thomas R. Kelly 1941.
A Testament of Devotion 
New York: Harper and Brothers; p. 29.
 Twelfth Month:
Mary Penington
1624 –1682
Quotation from
The Experiences in the Life of Mary Penington 
1911, p. 44.
NormanPenney, editor
. C
ited in
Christian Faith and Practice in the experience of the Society of Friends 
, London: London Yearly Meeting, 1960, #29.We thank Tom Etherington of the Bible Association of Friends in America, and Anita Weber for assistance in preparing the 2011Friends Calendar, and Earlham School of Religion, which provides the Digital Quaker Collection (DQC).http://esr.earlham.edu/dqc/
2011 Friends’ CalendarFirst Month
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For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish,yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction,which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceedingand eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things whichare seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things whichare seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen areeternal.
II Corinthians 4: 16-18
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If at any time we should be in distress, either inward or outward, if ourdependence and eye were to the Lord, and with an upright heart we patiently waited on him, he in his own due time will work deliverence . . .
William Briggins, 1688

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