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LSi: Valentine's Day: What women DON'T want you to know

LSi: Valentine's Day: What women DON'T want you to know

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Published by Love Systems

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Published by: Love Systems on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love Systems Insider
Date: February 9, 2010
Valentine's Day is the biggest hit-or-miss day of the year. It's a great day to meet new women.It's also a landmine waiting to go off with any women you're already dating.Let's break it down, starting with
picking up on Valentine's Day
. (We'll get to managingwomen you're already dating, right after)
 Most of the time, clubs will be full of groups of desperate men and very few attractive women.You know how "thin-slicing" works from Braddock and Mr M's amazing work on theSocial CircleMastery Home Study Course, so it won't shock you that women will automatically think of you asjust like the loser guys who have been bothering her all night.If you're going to do it anyway, be prepared for lots of 'tests' (what we used to call "shit tests").There's no way a hot woman is going to let herself get picked up on Valentine's Day withouttesting you first. Make sure you have great responses to questions like this:
"Why don't you have a girlfriend?" "Why aren't you on a date tonight?" "Why are you talking to us?" 
It's tempting to answer 
"why don't you have a girlfriend" 
"why don't you have a boyfriend?" 
"Why aren't you thin?" 
But it will also lose you the girl. Actually, any "answer" will "fail" the test. The reason for this istoo long to explain fully here, but it has a lot to do with frame control. She's trying to put you in aposition where you have to explain or justify yourself. If you do, you lose.Instead, show her you understand her game, that she isn't the first hot girl to test you, and youcan think on your feet. Exaggeration and humor helps a lot here - but what you must absolutelydo is take the frame back from her.But don't take it from me - listen to the world's #1 Day Game expert Jeremy Soul break downhow to handle any tests. You'll start enjoying her shock and attraction when you do it right somuch that you'll start WANTING her to test you. Click the link below to get started:
VALENTINE'S RULE #2 - Find the parties.
 Attractive single women don't tend to sit home eating ice cream on Valentine's. They gettogether with their single girlfriends. At a private Valentine's Day party, you're no longer "another loser guy at Club X" - you're "Stephanie's cool friend."Don't have any hot, single, female friends? That's no good. Hot single women tend to hang outwith other hot single women. If your friend Joe from the bowling alley hasn't introduced you toany hot women in five years, he's probably not going to start tomorrow.This was one of the themes of Social Circle Mastery - be strategic about your social life. DoBraddock's "social audit" on the first DVD. It'll tell you exactly what you're missing from your social life and what to do to be introduced to more beautiful women.
VALENTINE'S RULE #3 - Work the old phone numbers.
 Valentine's is one of those great "pinging" holidays, like New Year's or Thanksgiving (in NorthAmerica). You have an excuse to send happy mass text messages. Send to every woman inyour phone, including - ESPECIALLY - women you've lost touch with.This text should be simple and "bait" her into responding. For example:
"Happy Valentine's Day -[Your Name]" 
 Make sure you put your name in the text message. If you don't (especially if you're hitting oldphone numbers too), you risk the momentum-killing response,
"who is this?" 
 Credit dating expert Braddock in his new book Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game for thisnugget - just one of the hundreds of insights, tools, and tips in this now-classic book. If you don'thave this book yet, you owe it to yourself to get it now...there is no better way to turn phonenumbers into dates than using Braddock's formula:>>http://www.lovesystems.com/books/phone-text-game 
Some women will respond back. And that's where the dance starts. Continue, and escalate theconversation. No matter how attracted she was when you first met, you'll need to rebuild someattraction through text.We've got too much to cover to go through all that here, and besides, it's all in Braddock's book(look up the part on 'Dynamite Theory'). Once you get her past the Hook Point, then casuallyask her what she's doing "tonight". Not "for Valentine's" - just say "tonight" like it's any other Sunday.THIS IS JUST A QUESTION. DO NOT ASK HER OUT.There are a million different responses you might get, but there's only one thing that's important.Either she has firm plans or she doesn't.If she doesn't have firm plans, then invite her out. But not on a date. That's too weird, especiallyif you haven't been in close contact with her. Tell her you and your friends are going out for afew drinks and invite her to "join up later".Ideally frame it in a way that implies that it's a mixed group or she might worry it's a bunch of lonely guys on the prowl.People love how the Routines Manual Vol 2 (try it this week for just $9.99!) gives the exactwording of the right things to say for any situation, so I'm going to use that approach here.You:
"[Random Content]. So what are you up to tonight?" 
"I'm not sure, right now I'm just hanging out." 
"Cool, I'm going to a friend's place for a bit then we're heading out, she lives in[neighborhood] so we'll probably go out there. Come join up later! 
 Did you notice how the last message is designed to get the word "her" into the text in a way thatdoesn't seem forced?She might bring a friend. If so, bring one of your own. If she wonders where "everyone else" is,say something plausible and then transition to a better topic. For example:
"It's like Valentine's Day Survivor. Jessica's still there drunk dialing her ex-boyfriend, she'll beback in a few, Dave and Kayla went to do some couples stuff and Jay - well let's just say that Jay shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. Hey, that reminds me...
[and talk about somethingelse].

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