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71-March 2011

71-March 2011

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Published by jules67

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Published by: jules67 on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue No. 71
March 2011 PO Box 2008, Hazeldene 3658
: 500 copies to Silver Creek Rd., Silver Parrot Rd., Creekside Drive., Riverside Cres., Service Road, Moore
‘s Rd., Spring Valley Rd. Upper King
Parrot Rd, and the Main Road as far as Minto Rd. Also the Hazeldene Store, Flowerdale Hotel, Strath Creek Store and Glenburn Roadhouse.Articles, advertisements, etc. can be left at the store, posted to PO Box 2008, Hazeldene, or emailed to the Community House at fch@internode.on.net
Flowerdale Primary
Junior Youth Group
Letter to Editor 
Flowerdale CFA
Kinglake Scouts
Locatl Tradies
Flowerdale Community
Contact Numbers
Inside this issue:
Charcoal FootprintFebruary 6
“Hey, look what I made” was what Lain McDonald said to us when he
saw us looking at the awesome Peace Sign hanging around his neck.And later, just for a moment, we were sure it was a kitten sitting acrossthe table from us. A girl kitten who was threading jewels and beautifulbeads on to a bracelet. How could that be? Had we fallen down a
rabbit hole? But no… a closer inspection revealed that it was Ruby Reed
who was tricking us with the coolest face paint you could imagine.Stopping by the Flowerdale Sports Club tent to pick up a delicious bur-ger and salad, we started to notice that the fairies, the cats, the pup-pies, the fierce tigers and the mini-superheroes were actually kids whohad been visiting with Kristen and her magic paintbrush.When our newest Junior Citizen of the Year, Skyler Hunter, showed us thelittle patchwork embroidered purse she had made, we were quitegobsmacked. When we opened her purse, there was a tiny wooden broach and a lovely neck-lace. And of course, she told us that she had made them all. Skyler had been visiting with residentwoodworking artist, Tony Turner (Of Illuminated By Fire Tree fame), and Tracey Styles who hadbought thousands of colourful beads and trinkets for the kids to turn into jewellery, and Vicky Miller who was surrounded by hundreds of little colourful patchwork pieces.
Page 2Flowerdale Flyer March 2011
As we peeked into the large tent, a pint sized monster oozing blue slimy glug from head to toe
greeted us with a massive smile. But monsters don’t smile,we thought. And when we looked again, it wasn’t a mon-
ster at all. It was James Simpson taking finger painting to anew dimension, with Sal Phillips and Jan Stutchbury, all inno-cence and smiles when the more adventurous youngstersdecided to cover themselves from head to toe in the glori-ous blue slime. Every parents best friend those two.!!!We ambled past the Junior Youth Group stand to buy aquick raffle ticket and devour a delicious sultana muffinfrom Tanya, Rod and the kids. And we noticed SharonCollins moving hastily back and forth from one of the tentsto the Hall in a very odd way
arms outstretched in front ofher, with the sleeve of a white T-Shirt in each hand
a bitlike a running clothes line. As we near the Hall, the mystery is solved when we see Sharon hangingcolourful hand painted t-shirts on the makeshift line to dry
designs and patterns of every imagin-able kind and all created by kids.Must be time for some tea and scones, we thought, and ducked into the Hall only to discover that ithad been transformed into the most wonderful gallery of photography, painting, woodwork, leather work, glass work all produced by artists from our very own Flowerdale Valley.A visit to the new Hub Offices resulted in is taking away a tiny USB device which held more than 600photos of Flowerdale and its people taken since February 7
2009. We had been given a previewof the pictures in the form of a slide show earlier, in the afternoon and there were more than a fewglistening eyes when we saw our lives in the past two years light up on the screen.Charcoal Footprint has been a labour of love for our local Protographic Artist, Samm Hall. Havingbought a lovely block of land some years back, Samm, her Partner Reece and kids Ryan and Tomused the block as a weekend retreat. They were in Flowerdale two years ago when fire changedthe face, but not the spirit, of our Valley, and they played very active roles in helping our commu-nity walk along the path of slow recovery. Apart from extensive hands-on practical help in the days,weeks and months after the fires, Samm put her passion for photography into action. For these pasttwo years, she has been present at almost every major and minor event in Flowerdale and has
taken many thousands of pictures. Humble and sensitive in her approach, Samm always asks “doyou mind?” before taking any photos .
 February 6
2011, just shy of two years since the fires, was the day that the Flowerdale website waslaunched by our Community Facilitators, John Burgess from the Flowerdale Recovery Committeeand Pete Williams from Deloittes Digital who has quietly walked beside us in our long journey, offer-ing help without ever asking or expecting anything in return.The generosity of the human spirit evokes something in Flowerdale people which causes them torepay the giver a thousand fold. And that was what Sunday 6
February at the Flowerdale Hall wasall about. A huge volunteer team from the community ensured that Charcoal Footprint was a daynot ever to be forgotten inFlowerdale.
We wouldn’t live anywhere
Page 3Flowerdale Flyer March 2011

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