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8 General
DTE command lines
Command line general format
Command line editing
Command line echo
Types of TE Commands
TE Command
Basic Command
Extended commands
Action Command
Parameter Command
Concatenating commands after extended syntax commands
Concatenating commands after basic format commands
Issuing commands
Executing commands
TA responses
In-band Escape mechanism
22 Control and Identification Commands
Control and Identification Commands
Z - Reset to Factory Defined Configuration
&F - Reset to Default Configuration
I - Request HW Version
+CGMI (+GMI) - Request Manufacturer Identification
+CGMM (+GMM) - Request Model Id
+CGMR (+GMR) - Request Revision Id
+CLAC - List All Available AT Commands
* - List All AT Commands
+GCAP - Request Modem Capability List
+WS46 - select wireless network (PCCA STD-101)
Call Control
A - Answer
H - Hang up
D - Dial (non GPRS calls)
<Dial-string> Parameter
MT originated PDP context activation
D*99* - Request GPRS service
D*98* - Request GPRS IP service
Network requested PDP context activation
S0 - Automatic response to a network request for PDP context activation
A - Manual acceptance of a network request for PDP context activation
H - Manual rejection of a network request for PDP context activation
L - Monitor Speaker Loudness
+CFUN - Set Phone Functionality
RING - Ring Indication
O - Return to On-line Data Mode
+CACM - Accumulated Call Meter
+CAMM - Accumulated Call Meter Maximum
+CPUC - Price per unit and currency
+CCWE - Call Meter Maximum Event
+CPWC - Power class
+CPAS - Phone Activity Status
+CSTA - Select Type of Address
48 Interface Commands
Interface Commands
+++AT - Escape Sequence Character
S3 - Command Line Termination Character
S4 - Response Formatting Character
S5 - Command Line Editing Character
E - Command Echo
Q - Result Code Suppression
V - TA Response Format
&C - Circuit 109 (DCD) Control
&D - Circuit 108 (DTR) Response
+IFC - TE-TA Local Flow Control
S0 - Automatic Answer Control
S6 - Blind Dial Delay Control
S7 - Connection Completion Timeout
S10 - Automatic Disconnect Delay Control
M - Monitor Speaker Control
X - Call Progress Monitoring Control
+ILRR - TE-TA Local , 4Rate Reporting
60 Error Control (LAPM/MNP)
Error Control (LAPM/MNP)
+ES - Error Control Selection
+ETBM - Call Termination Buffer Management
+ER - Error Control Reporting
Data Compression (V24bis/MNP5) 63
Data Compression (V24bis/MNP5)
+DS - Data Compression Mode Selection
+DR - Data Compression Reporting
Fax Class 2 65
Fax Class 2
+FCLASS - Select Mode
+FBO - Phase C Bit Order Parameter
+FCQ - Copy Quality Checking
+FCC - TA Capability Parameter
+FCS - Current Session Parameter
+FDR - Fax Data Receive Command
+FDT - Fax Data Transmission Command
+FEA - Phase C received EOL alignment
+FET - Page Punctuation
+FIE - Procedure interrupt enable
+FIP - Initialise Fax Parameters
+FIS - Current Session Negotiation Parameter
+FIT - Inactivity timeout
+FKS - Session Termination
+FLI - Local ID String
+FPI - Local Polling ID String
+FLP - Indicated Document to Poll
+FPS - Page Transfer Status
+FSP - Request to Poll
See “+FIS:”, page 82
+FTC: Report DTC frame information
+FHR: - Report received HDLC frames
+FHS - Call termination status
+FCI: - Called station id (CSI)
+FCS: - Report DCS frame information
+FTI: - Remote station id (TSI)
+FPI: - Report Remote id, CIG
+FPS: - Page status report
See “+FPS: - Page status report”, page 85
+FPO: - Remote polling indication
+FNC: - Report non-standard command frame
+FNF: - Non standard facilities report
+FNS: - Non standard setup report
+FCO: - indicates connection with a fax terminal
+FHT: - Report transmit HDLC frames
GSM 07.10 Multiplexor Protocol 89
GSM 07.10 Multiplexor Protocol
+CMUX - Multiplexing Mode
GSM TE-TA Interface 91
GSM TE-TA Interface
+CSCS - Select TE Character Set
92 GSM Call Control
GSM Call Control
+CRC - Cellular Result Code
+CR - Service Reporting control
94 GSM Data/Fax
GSM Data/Fax
+CBST - Select bearer service type
+CRLP - Radio link protocol
GSM Network Reporting 97
GSM Network Reporting
+CNUM - Subscriber
*EBSE - Band Selection
+CREG - Network Registration
+COPS - Operator Selection
+CLIP - Calling Line Identification
+CLIR - Calling Line Identification
+COLP - Connected Line Identification
+CCFC - Call Forwarding Number and Conditions
+CSSN - Supplementary service notifications
110 GSM Facility Lock
GSM Facility Lock
+CLCK - Facility lock
+CPWD - Change password
GSM Mobile Equipment Control and Status 113
GSM Mobile Equipment Control and Status
+CPIN - Enter PIN
+CGSN - Request product serial number identification
+CSQ - Signal quality
116 GSM Mobile Equipment Error
GSM Mobile Equipment Error
+CEER - GSM Extended Error Reporting
+CMEE - Report Mobile Equipment Error
118 SMS General Commands
SMS General Commands
+CSMS - Select Message Service
+CPMS - Preferred Message Storage
+CMGF - Message Format
+CSCA - Service Center Address
+CSCB Select Cell Broadcast Message Types
+CNMI - New Message Indications to TE
+CMGD - Delete Message
132 SMS Text mode
SMS Text mode
+CSMP - Set Text Mode Parameters
+CSDH - Show Text Mode Parameters
+CMGL - List Messages
+CMGR - Read Message
+CNMA - New Message Acknowledgement to ME/TA
+CMGS - Send Message
+CMSS - Send Message from Storage
+CMGW - Write Message to Memory
+CMGC - Send Command
+CMMS - More Messages to Send
SMS PDU mode
GSM Phonebook
+CPBS - Select phone book memory
+CPOL Preferred operator list
+CIMI - Request IMSI
+CPBR - Read phone book entries
+CPBF - Find phonebook entries
+CPBW - Write phonebook entry
+CRSM - Restricted SIM access
+CHSN - HSCSD non-transparent call configuration
+CHSC HSCSD current call parameters
+CHSR - HSCSD parameters report
+CGDCONT - Define PDP Context
+CGQREQ - Quality of Service Profile (Requested)
+CGQMIN - Quality of Service Profile (Minimum acceptable)
+CGATT - GPRS attach or detach
+CGACT - PDP context activate or deactivate
+CGDATA - Enter data state
+CGPADDR - Show PDP address
+CGEREP - GPRS event reporting
+CGREG - GPRS network registration status
+CGSMS - Select service for MO SMS messages
SATK 2.0
Display Text (Module -> PDA)
GET INKEY (Module -> PDA)
GET INPUT (Module -> PDA)
PLAY TONE (Module -> PDA)
REFRESH (Module -> PDA)
SEND SS (Module -> PDA)
SEND USSD (Module -> PDA) (Class 3 Feature)
SET UP CALL (Module -> PDA)
SET UP MENU (Module -> PDA)
Polling Off
Provide Local Information
184 Sony Ericsson Specific Commands
Sony Ericsson Specific Commands
*ECAM - Sony Ericsson Call Monitoring
*ESIMC - SIM Insert/Removal indication
*EPRO . Sony Ericsson get provider name
*ECIPC - Enable/Disable Ciphering Command
*EPNR - Sony Ericsson Read SIM Preferred Network
*EPNW - Sony Ericsson Write SIM Preferred Network
Error Messages
+CME ERROR: <err> - Mobile Equipment error result code
+CMS ERROR . Message Failure Result Code
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