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The Early March, 2011 edition of Warren County Report

The Early March, 2011 edition of Warren County Report

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Published by Dan McDermott
Warren County Report is the most-read newspaper in Front Royal and Warren County Virginia
Warren County Report is the most-read newspaper in Front Royal and Warren County Virginia

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Published by: Dan McDermott on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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20,000 Readers • #1 Newspaper in Front Royal & Warren County!
Volume VI, Issue 5 · Early March, 2011
County Report
Somebody’s house is burning 
own, Dominion Powerand county ponderroles
Wildfres were historic in scope
Marlow Motors:
Tree generations o amily and business history 
Capital costs or corridor water service at issue
Page Warren County Report Early March, 011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com
Fires of the century
o advertise in Warren County Report:Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
By Roger BianchiniWarren County ReportOn March 1st Warren County Fire& Rescue Chie Richard Mabie andLt. Gerry Maiatico presented a sum-mary o the events surrounding thedepartment’s experience o the week-end o Feb. 18-0 as high winds ueleda breakout o wildres around War-ren County. Most prominently wasthe Browntown area re beginningFeb. 19th that eventually consumeda now estimated 000 acres in theShenandoah National Park. Otherres orced evacuations in mountainneighborhoods around Linden. TeBlue Mountain area re eventually consumed 3 acres, re ocials said.Maiatico described the scene he andother responders encountered on thecounty’s east side mountain neigh-borhoods as looking “like Armaged-don” as people ed the path o local-ized res with pets and possessionsin the areas around Linden Heights,including High op Road, Look-out Point, Clifside and McDonald’sFarm.Mabie credited the actions o residents in helping to alert theirneighbors to the pending emergency and local citizens and businesses inproviding ood to reghters over athree-day span o non-stop actionin the ace o a re event unlike any within this generation o local re-ghter’s experience.“It’s something I’ve never seen be-ore,” Chie Mabie told the county supervisors and staf during a March1st work session. “It is the largest op-eration I’ve ever worked on … withcompanies sent in rom as ar away as Arkansas – we’ve certainly neverseen anything like this and I hope wenever get this kind o day again … thewind and terrain beat us to death –and it [the Browntown/National Parkre] was aching to get over to thoseguys [ghting the Linden area res].Mabie said park service ocialsdescribed the Browntown-NationalPark re as “one o the largest res”ever to hit the north side o Shenan-doah National Park and SkylineDrive.Even 11 days, including one snow and one heavy rain event later, Mabiereported that park service ocialswere saying the park re was stillconsidered as much as 0-percentactive, with hot spots aring up andrequiring continued attention.But perhaps remarkably, Mabienoted that there were no atalities
Fire ocials describe ‘Armageddon’-like scene, evacuation
Gale orce wind-driven Feb. 19 wildres were a historic & heroic day
What would become known as the “Smith Run re”
ended up consuming 2000 acres of Shenandoah Na-tional Park land on Warren County’s soutside - cour-tesy photo Sarah Hudson.In a photo provided to us by WC Fire & Rescue, the
re that destroyed this home at 60 Lookout Point Wayin Lidnen area rages before reghters even reachedthe re. This was the scene that greeted neighbor David Coe as he discovered the re, alerted 911 andbegan photographing. The owners were not home atthe time of re and the cause remains a matter of speculation, re ofcials say.
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Early March, 011 Warren County Report Page 3Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com
and only two minor smoke inhala-tion injuries to reghters. – “Tatis an unheard o low number o inju-ries or this type and this amount o work,” Mabie said.O three days o ood and respiteprovided by the Browntown com-munity to reghters throughoutthe weekend, Mabie joked that thiswas the only time he had ever gainedweight while ghting a major re.Following Mabie and Maiatico’sdescription o citizen and commu-nity eforts in support o reghtersand their own threatened communi-ties, Shenandoah Supervisor Richardraczyk observed, “I think this is an-other example o our citizens pullingtogether when we need them – it’slike the Debbie Llewellyn situation;like the Bunky [Wood] situation – itmakes me proud to be a part o thiscommunity.”On the down side o community in-volvement, Park Service Ocial Har-old Fisher conrmed that Paul Swee-ney had been charged with “carelessly damaging property by re”, a Class IV misdemeanor, in regard to the starto the Browntown area-National Parkre. Fisher said that an investigationhad determined that Sweeney hadimproperly disposed o ashes roman outdoor heating woodstove on hishome property at 53 Parkside View Drive.Following is the transcript o Chie Mabie’s March 1st report to the War-ren County Board o Supervisors onthe series o re events that actually began on Tursday, Feb. 18, with are near the peak o High Knob:
Chie’s report
“I think it’s sae to say that Satur-day, February 19, 011 will go downas one o the busiest, i not the busi-est day in Warren County reghtinghistory. As you know, our re andrescue department became engagedin two o the largest and manpowerlabor intensive incidents in our exis-tence.“Te day actually started on thepreceding Tursday (Feb. 18) whileoperating at a wildre on SkylineView Drive at the top o High Knobsubdivision. While crews were oper-ating, I was notied o an immediateconerence call with the Departmento Forestry and the National Weath-er Service regarding upcoming reweather and re potential. Notingthat we were projected to be a Class4 day with a Red Flag Fire WeatherWarning or Saturday, noticationswere sent to all volunteer and careerstaf to ready apparatus and equip-ment.“When dealing with wildland andbrush res, normally even bad daysdon’t start until around noon or later.Our day (Feb. 19) started as ollows:1- 7:05 AM - 63 Yardbird Lane- wildland re started by power linedown - bad terrain, went to two-plusacres - 5 companies/11 personnel,Forestry Dept plus ractor. Last unitcleared at 4:15 PM- 7:3 AM - 38 High op Rd.-wildland re threatening structures-started by sparks rom a chimney - went to two-plus acres - 4 compa-nies/18 personnel - under controlat 8:04 AM; last unit cleared at 9:1AM3- 9:41 AM - 53 Parkside View Drive - would be known as SmithRun Fire - wildland/mountain rethreatening structures- started by improper discarding o wood stoveashes. Initial objective was to pro-tect structures while attempting tocut of re rom climbing the moun-tain. Responders did an outstandingjob o structure protection - didn’tloose any structures; but re waswind driven and climbing up terrainat an alarming rate – 3 to 4 acres onarrival, 3 hours later up to 105 acres(see map). Winds were constant at35-40 MPH, gusting to 50 plus. Wewere extremely lucky that windswere blowing north and east, away rom most structures, but into theShenandoah National Forest – recrossed Skyline Drive at 4:30 PM. At6 PM the re had grown to 94 acres.At 6 AM re had burned overnight to1,37 acres. Over the next 4 hours,re grew to 1,86 acres and nally at 6:00 PM on Sunday, topped outat 1,897 acres (Mabie adjusted thisFeb. 8 estimate to 000 acres basedon orestry service reports during hispresentation). What started out asapparatus rom 7 companies/30 per-
Fires of the century
o advertise in Warren County Report:Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
WC re & Rescue Lt. Gerry Maiatico points out thelocation of the national park/Browntown area reduring March 1 presentation to the WC Board of Su

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