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Employee Appraisal Comment

Employee Appraisal Comment

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Published by seygabriel
Employee appraisal comment
Employee appraisal comment

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Published by: seygabriel on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Employee appraisal comment
Much has been said and written about performance appraisals, their importance inmeeting the company objectives and staying at the cutting edge of competition. Here aresome myths about performance appraisals.Performance appraisals are reasonably accurate reflections of the performance of anemployeeThe consensus seems to be that performance appraisals rarely reflect the correct pictureof the achievements, confidence and qualities of an employee with regards to achievingcompany objectives.In many companies the job description of employees is either non existent or is anantique document made by managers under pressure from the human resourcesdepartment. It is far different from the employee's actual job which is often dynamic as isrequired to meet the ever changing needs of the organisation.Furthermore, the work of an employee and his human qualities are a myriad of complexities, of which those that matter most are emotions and creativity, which are notmeasurable objectively. Objectivity means that results of an appraisal should not besubjective. They should not change if the assessment is done by different people withdifferent opinions, beliefs and prejudices which is hardly the case. Besides, it is difficultto measure creativity. How do you measure the performance of a musician, a poet or apainter? You can't measure their performance by measuring their output volumes.Since it is only a record of a manager's opinion, without credible evidence, quantifiabledata or accurate tools for measurement of performance to support those opinions, therehave even been cases where courts of law have ruled that appraisals cannot be admissibleas valid measures of performance. In some cases the manager may give a better than realreport to his subordinates to get a bigger portion of the corporate cake for his departmentand to maintain internal peace.Performance appraisals reflect the year long performance and are not isolated eventsThis is not always true, too often it is the performance and /or behaviour in the weeks or months prior to an appraisal that is most remembered which is natural. If you work hardthe year long and make a mistake in the last few days before the appraisal, your failure isfresh in the manager's mind and may be reflected in your appraisal.There is a lot of good advice to managers to do a constant appraisal on a regular basisthroughout the year but they are too busy often fire-fighting or dealing with crisis after crisis and rarely able to find time to complete an annual appraisal properly.

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