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Struktur Hewan Epithelial Tissues

Struktur Hewan Epithelial Tissues

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Published by SyaifulBachry

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Published by: SyaifulBachry on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complete report of animal structure with title “ Epithelial Tissues “ whichmade by.Name : Syaiful BakhriReg. Numb. : 081404192Group : IIClass : Biology ICPDepartment : Biology DepartmentAfter checked by assistant and assistant coordinator, so this report is accepted.Makassar, April 2009Coordinator Assistant AssistantDjumarirmanto Dian Anggreini
In animals, tissue of closely packed cells that forms a surface or lines a cavityor tube. Epithelial cells line the inside surfaces of fluid or air-filled tubes and spaceswithin the body. Epithelium may be protective (as in the skin) or secretory (as in thecells lining the wall of the gut). Epithelial cells join each other side to side to makeepithelialtissue. Epithelial cells are specialized cells. They protect cells below themand may also carry out special functions. For example, in the human lung epithelialcells line the alveoli (air spaces). These cells are very thin and form a large surfacearea in order to facilitate the absorption of oxygen and the loss of carbon dioxideduring the process of gas exchange. They also make sure the alveoli remain moist atall times to keep them healthy.The epithelial cells lining the airways leading to the lung from the mouth andnose are different. Here there are many are specialized ciliated cells. These cells havetiny hairs or cilia which beat backwards and forwards. They sweep fluid up and awayfrom the lungs to the mouth. Any dirt or bacteria that have been inhaled are takenaway from the lungs where they may cause damage.Smokingharms these ciliatedcells.Epithelial tissue is a layer which formed by cells with dense formation, its
extracell matrixes is just few and commonly bordering the cavities in our body or covering body surface. That kind of epithelial tissue called covering epithelium ingeneral. Epithelial can also be found at some glands, that why some of them calledglandular epithelium.
B. Purpose
The purpose of this lab work was to observe various kinds of epithelial tissuesand glands.
C. Benefit
By this lab work, students would learn deeply about epithelial tissues andwould increase students’ interest of epithelial tissues.

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