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California Group 5 - Apr 2003

California Group 5 - Apr 2003

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Mar 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Coming in our Next Issue:
Profile of Kevin Spesert:Group 5’s new LegislativeLiaison OfficerAre you ready for HLS duties?Welcome new Group 5Commander
Individual Highlights:
Columbia Search 2Business Cards 2IO 101-T Card 2Call to Serve 3Cadet Balloon Pilot 3Upcoming Events 4Group 5 Staff 4
A Quarterly Publication of Group 5 CAP
On December 17, 1903, on agray, quiet morning, twobrothers from Dayton, Ohio,hoped to prove to the worldthat powered, manned flightwas possible.Orville Wright did just thatby flying the strange-lookingmachine, known as theWright Flyer, for 12 seconds,covering a distance of 120feet.This simple, but historicevent laid the foundation forthe eventual creation of the
 When playing with luck, the house usually wins
I stopped by a ruraluncontrolled airport nearSacramento on the way back from Ione recently. Therewas a Cessna 182 in thepattern so I thought I'd watchfor a few minutes. Therewere no other aircraft in thearea, so this guy had theplace to himself. Hisapproach was a bit stiff. I'dseen this before in Fresnoand the plane ended up on itsnose after a bouncy landing.He appeared to have control
April 1, 2003NorCal Group 5
Aerospace Education
 Centennial of Flight Celebration
United States Air Force as aseparate and independentservice. Nearly 100 yearslater, we celebrate thisachievement and allcontributions to the historyof flight by participating inthe Centennial of Flightcelebration.To find out about Centennialof Flight events scheduledfor your region, visit thewebsite atwww.calsnet.net/usafcent.
Maj. Dennis Parham
until just before touch down– he pulled the nose a bit toohigh. The plane stalled about10 feet above the runway,the left wing dropped and asthe left main hit, so did theleft wing, throwing up largechunk of dirt. It bouncedback and forth on the mainsbefore settling down - threeon the runway and no bentprop. What would you donext? I could not believe myeyes. This guy decided to tryagain - so he advanced thethrottle and took off. He didnot slow down to check fordamage. Back around thepattern he went and madetwo more landings before Ileft. (They were much betterthan the first.) I stopped byyesterday to see if I couldfind the aircraft, but no luck.I wonder about the pilot'sluck - does he still havesome? What would you havedone, after trying to dig ahole with your left wing?
Maj. Jim Crawford 
NorCal “High-Bird
Photos from ‘VacavilleReporter’ article showingCAP volunteers searchingor Columbia Shuttledebris.
At the request of NASA,California CAP membersjoined fellow members inNevada to help search forpossible debris of the spaceshuttle Columbia during themonth of February.The California memberswere called in to aid thesearch that began withmembers from Texas, NewMexico and Arizona Wingsalready involved in thesearch for a month. The
Public Affairs
 Group 5 Members Search for Columbia Debris
You don’t have to be agraphic designer…the formatis already laid out. Youdon’t have to buy paperstock and print themyourself. All you have to dois fill out a form with yourposition title, rank, name,address, phone number, andemail. And for about $17.00total you can have 250professional looking CivilAir Patrol business cards tolet other people know you
Public Affairs
 CAP Business Cards – Your Personal Billboard
All unit Public AffairsOfficers who want (readshould) to become MIO’s,should already have their101-T card for MIO. If youdon’t, then log on to theWMU today and initiate the
Public Affairs
 PAO’s – Get Your MIO 101-T Card Today!
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California team was lead byCapt. Michele Gray of Vacaville.The target search area waslocated 100 miles north of Las Vegas, near Panaca inthe heart of the Nevadadessert. AccompanyingCapt. Gray was Lt. AlanLord of Napa.The process to cover thedessert ground was slow, butmethodical. Using flags andGPS markers to tag “finds”,the teams collectively turnedover several pieces of debristhat could potentially belongto Columbia. Several cadets,trained in ground search andsurvival, were also allowedto participate.
2Lt. Steve Taylor 
are part of the “Eyes of theHomeland Skies”. Nothingconveys professionalismduring introductions betterthan a formal business card.And business cards are notjust for PAO’s. Everymember with a leadershipposition in CAP should carrythe official CAP businesscard at all times. They’renot only necessary for givingto media, but they are perfectfor recruiting new members.After talking with someoneabout CAP, give them yourcard and write down the nextmeeting information forthem on the back. Manypeople hold on to businesscards for future reference,and pass them on to others aswell. Contacts made todaycan result in fruit for theorganization tomorrowbecause you took that extrastep to be a professional.
2Lt. Steve Ta lor 
process so your Commandercan approve it. If you arecurrent GS rated, then youqualify for MIO trainingstatus. This is important as itallows you to train with aMIO during SAREX’s andwork to fulfill your trainingrequirements for becoming arated MIO yourself. Thisshould be the goal of allPAO’s.
2Lt. Steve Taylor 
Are you playing CAP?Show your professionalismwith CAP business cards.Give them to potentialrecruits.
Last Saturday I attended afuneral/memorial service forone of our own. His namewas Pete North. He was achaplain and served for anumber of years with Sq. 19at Beale AFB. I am sure thatmany of you knew Petebetter than I did. So youknow that he lived anexemplary life, and impacteda lot of lives for good. Iremember him mostly fromChaplain Region Staff colleges where he wouldteam up with Chaplain JohnBerger and lead our worshipand devotional times inmusic. Pete loved music andwas an accomplished pianist.Music was one gift that hegave to those of us whoserve in the Civil Air Patrol.Another gift was himself.
NorCal “High-Bird
 The Call to Serve
It was just past sunrise on avery cool morning. The airwas very quiet except for aslight breeze. It could havebeen the beginning of anyordinary day for Kyle Miller.But this would be noordinary day.It was Wednesday, andnormally Kyle would begetting ready for school. Buttoday was Kyle’s 16
 birthday, and he wasunwrapping a most unusualpackage…a hot-air balloon.Kyle has been learning to flyhot-air balloons for theprevious 17 months, andtoday he was about to make
Public Affairs
 Cadet Becomes Youngest U.S. Balloon Pilot
Cadet SSgt. Kyle Miller,Sq. 14, takes the check-ridefor his balloon PrivatePilot license on his 16 
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That is the heart of achaplain. We are called toserve. That means giving of our time, talents, skills andresources to make life betterfor those around us andrepresent our God in theprocess. Moral LeadershipOfficers play a similar rolein the life and work of ourtotal program. We are notthere to shove religion downany one's throat. However,because of our calling we dobring a religious perspectiveto our work. Get to knowyour Chaplain or MoralLeadership Officer. They arethere to come along side of other leaders in support of the total program. Now thatthe war with Iraq has started,there will certainly be anadded strain on all of us.There is no shame in admittinganxiety or out right fear aboutpossible disasters that may comeour way whether they are in ourcommunities, our own families,or personal lives. The way toovercome anxiety and fear is torecognize it, admit it, and face itwith strength and faith. We are astrong nation, we are a freenation, we are a good heartednation, and with God's grace wewill stay this way. Each of uswho serve in the Civil Air Patrolhave much to give. Each isvaluable to the overall strength of our nation. As we face theseuncertain times together, beassured that your Chaplains willkeep you all in our prayers, anddo whatever we can for thesuccessful accomplishment of our mission.
Maj. George Dawson
his most memorable flight.With his family, friends,instructor, and FAAexaminer standing by, Kylewas about to take his PrivatePilot check-ride.In the vast open area of theformer Stead Air Force Basein Reno, Nevada, Kyleprepared his balloon forliftoff. Check thefabric…connections…basket…burners…tanks…oh yeah,and the wind currents.A little nervous, but ready togo, Kyle gives a thumbs-upas he and the examiner liftoff to 6000 feet, and the recordbooks. Because on that day,Kyle, a Cadet Staff Sergeantin Squadron 14, became theyoungest licensed hot-airballoon pilot in the UnitedStates.Kyle’s flight went smoothly.Afterward his instructorstood proud as he presentedKyle his wings.Kyle plans to obtain hiscommercial ballooninglicense, and hopes to get intothe Air Force Academy aftergraduation. CongratulationsKyle!
2Lt. Steve Taylor 

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