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Published by: goku_the_protector on Mar 05, 2011
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d20 Feats
Stephen D'Angelo (dangelo@crystalkeep.com) -- Web location - http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20Revised on April 8, 2003
Table of Contents
686 Official D&D feats (998 references)1657 Total D&D feats (2031 references)2266 Total d20 feats (2681 references)
Official Sourcebooks:
BVD = Book of Vile DarknessD&D = Dieties & DemigodsDMG = Dungeon Master’s GuideDOF = Defenders of the FaithDR### = Dragon Magazine (with issue number)DR-A# = Dragon Magazine Annual (with issue number)DU### = Dungeon Magazine (with issue number)E&A = Enemies and AlliesELH = Epic Level Handbook FAQ = D&D FAQ (02/27/2002 version)FR = Forgotten RealmsOfficial feats are marked by having their source highlighted.LD = Lords of DarknessMM = Monster ManualMM2 = Monster Manual IIMOF = Magic of FaerunMoW = Masters of the WildOA = Oriental AdventuresPHB = Player’s Handbook PSI = Psionics Handbook SBG = Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook S&F = Sword and FistS&S = Song and SilenceT&B = Tome and Blood
Unofficial Sourcebooks:
ASM = Arcana: Societies of Magic (Green Ronin)AZ = Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun (Avalanche)BEB = Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside (Thunderhead)BEM = The Book of Eldritch Might (Malhavoc)BF = Black Flags (Avalanche)BM = Battle Magic (Mongoose)CA = Sovereign Stone: Codex Arcanis (Paradigm Concepts)CAM## = Campaign Magazine, with issue number CCW = Star Wars: Coruscant and the Core Worlds (WotC)CM = Sovereign Stone: Codex MysteriumCoC = Call of Cthulhu (Wizards of the Coast)CWS = Chaos Magic: Wild Sorcery (Mongoose)DGY = Demonology (Mongoose)DL = Deadlands: Core Rulebook (AEG)DLOM = Dragon Lords of Melnibone (Chaosium)DP = Dinosaur Planet: Core Rulebook (Goodman)DRG = Dragons (AEG)DS = Star Wars: Dark Side Handbook (WotC)DSH = Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook (Fantasy Flight)DUN = Dungeons (AEG)EVIL = Evil (AEG)FIW = Kalamar: Fury in the Wastelands (Kenzer)FS = Fading Suns: Core Rulebook (Holistic)FW = L5R: Fortune & Winds (AEG)GA = Spycraft: Gentleman’s Agreement (AEG)GL = Gladiator (Mongoose)HF = Hollowfaust: City of NecromancersHVM = 7
Sea: Heroes, Villains, and Monsters (AEG)IOG = 7
Sea: Islands of Gold (AEG)ITCK = If Thoughts Could Kill (Malhavoc)JS = Jade and Steel (Avalanche)KPG = Kingdoms of Klamar: Player’s Guide (Kenzer)Mon = Monster (AEG)MoR = L5R: Magic of Rokugan (AEG)MR = Mythic Races (Fantasy Flight Games)MW = Mystic Warrior (Mystic Eye Games)NE = Nile Empire (Avalanche)NEC = Necromancy (Mongoose)NJO = Star Wars: New Jedi Order (Wizards of the Coast)NOD# = Nodwick comic book, issue # (Dork Storm)POD = Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon (WotC)POJ = Star Wars: Power of the Jedi (Wizards of the Coast)QC = The Quintessential Cleric (Mongoose)QD = The Quintessential Dwarf (Mongoose)QE = The Quintessential Elf (Mongoose)QF = The Quintessential Fighter (Mongoose)QR = The Quintessential Rogue (Mongoose)QW = The Quintessential Wizard (Mongoose)RL = Ravenloft Campaign Setting (Swords & Sorcery)RO = L5R: Rokugan Setting (AEG)R&R = Relics and Rituals (Swords & Sorcery)SA = 7
Sea: Swashbuckling Adventures (AEG)SAR = 7
Sea: Swashbuckling Arcana (AEG)SB = Seas of Blood (Mongoose)SG = Star Wars: Starships of the Galaxy (WotC)SH = Seafarer’s Handbook (Fantasy Flight Games)SHH = The Shaman’s Handbook (Green Ronin)SPS = Spells & Spellcraft (Fantasy Flight Games)SPY = Spycraft (AEG)SS = Seven Strongholds (Penumbra)SSS = Sovereign Stone: Campaign Sourcebook (Sovereign)SST = Sovereign Stone: The Taan (Sovereign)SW = Star Wars: Core Rulebook (Wizards of the Coast)SW2 = Star Wars: Core Rulebook Revised Ed (WotC)SWG## = Star Wars Gamer Magazine (with issue number)TA = Twilight of Atlantis (Avalance)TBG = Touched by the Gods (Penumbra)TC = Twin Crowns (Living Imagination)T&T = Traps & Treachery (Fantasy Flight Games)UD = Undead (AEG)WAR = War (AEG)WoG = Deadlands: The Way of the Gun (AEG)WoH = Deadlands: The Way of the Huckster (AEG)WoN = L5R: Way of the Ninja (AEG)WoS = L5R: Way of the Samurai (AEG)WOT = Wheel of Time: Core Rulebook (WotC)WSJ = L5R: Way of the Shugenja (AEG)
Change Notes:
November 2002: Add AZ, BVD, DR301, DU095, MM2, QC, QD, QE, QW.April 2003: Add CCW, DU096, FIW, GA, HVM, IOG, KPG, SA, SAR.
General Feats
General Feats (Part 1 of 11)
Feat Name Prerequisites DescriptionAdditional Magic ItemSpace
ELH 50
Epic Character 
This feat may be taken multiple times, each with a different type of item.
Choose an item type that has a limit on the number of magic itemsof that type you can wear at once. You can wear one more item of this type.Normally you are limited to one headband, hat, or helmet; one pair of eye lenses or goggles; one cloak, cape, or mantle; one amulet,broach, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab; one suit of armor or robe; one vest, vestment, or shirt; one pair of bracers or bracelets;one pair of gloves or gauntlets; two rings; one belt; and one pair of boots.
Animal Friend {2}
SHH 31
Handle Animal skill 5+ You have the spell-like ability to befriend animals at will, just aswith the Animal Friendship spell (and subject to that spell’slimitations).
Arcane Birth Gift
QE 51
WIS 13+
This feat can only be taken at first level.Supposedly limited to Elves.
Choose one 0-level Druid spell. You can use this spell as a spelllike ability once per day.
Arcane Knowledge {1}
QR 46
Arcane SensitivityUse Magic Device skill 1+Once per day, you can identify an item by studying it and holding itfor one hour, then make a Use Magic Device check. If successfulyou learn about one of its magical properties. If the item hascharges, it loses one charge. If you roll a 1 on this test, the item isactivated with you as the target or epicenter. The DC for the check varies by item type: 15= potion/scroll, 20= armor/weapon/rod/wand,25= ring/staff/wondrous.
Arcane Sensitivity
QR 46
Use Magic Device skill 1+ You can detect if an item is magic by holding it, concentrating for one minute, then making a Use Magic Device check DC 20.
SA 129
Knowledge(Astrology) 4+ Once per day, you may spend 1 hour in study and make aKnowledge(Astrology) check DC 20. If successful, you may help (-2 on DC of checks that person makes today) or hinder (+2 on DC of checks that person makes today) one person. A person can only beaffected by one Astrologer a day. If two try, then the one with thehighest check is active and the others are ignored. In the case of atie, the one that was done first is active.
Berek’s Own Luck 
CHA 18+Fortunate {1}Outrageous FortuneDashing and DaringLevel 6+You may, level/6 round down times per day, ask the GM for a luckycoincindence to occur, providing rough details (for example, to beunharmed after a jump off a building). The GM will grant this insome way of their choosing (such as a passing wagonload of cotton). If you take enough damage to kill you, you may make aCHA check DC 20. If successful, you somehow survive but youlose this feat, Fortunate {1}, and Outrageous Fortune and youcannot ever take these feats again. You can immediately take a newfeat for each feat you lose this way.
Blinding Speed
ELH 51
Epic Character DEX 25+
This feat may be taken multiple times, each time adding morerounds.
You can act as is Hasted for 5 rounds each day. These need not beconsecutive rounds. This power is activated as a free action.
QE 51
Supposedly limited to Elves only.
When you take this feat, you lose 200 XP and you have an empathicbond with one person or creature. Once per day you can make aSense Motive check DC 10 to know what the creature is feeling, nomatter the distance.
STR 13+Climb skill 6+Jump skill 6+You may move through trees at your base ground movement speed.This only works in wooded areas with trees no further apart than 15feet, and you cannot wear armor heavier than medium.
SA 129
STR 15+ or CON 15+
This feat can only be taken at first level.
You get 2/- Damage Resistance due to your body structure. +1 onIntimidate checks.
Break Fall
SPY 84
DEX 13+Climb skill 4+Tumble skill 4+When you fall, you take damage as if you fell 10 feet less than youfell. You can use your Tumble skill to avoid more than the 10 feetit normally does. For every 5 you add to the DC for the Tumblecheck, you can avoid another 10 feet of falling damage. If you failthe check, Tumble has no effect.

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