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Medosch_Techno-Determinism in Media Art

Medosch_Techno-Determinism in Media Art

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- 1 -
Technological Determinism in Media Art
Armin MedoschA dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Sussex University for thedegree of MA Interactive Digital Media.October 2005
- 2 -
Acknowledgements 3Abstract 4Introduction 5Methodology 6
Chapter One: Theoretical Discourse Analysis 8
Technological Determinism 8Scientific Determinism 9The Critique of Technological and Scientific Determinism 11Critical Theory 11Science Studies 13McLuhan and McLuhanism 14Technoscience 17The Paradigm of Information Theory and Cybernetics 19Artificial Intelligence 20Artificial Life (AL) and emergent AI 21The Techno-Imaginary 22
Chapter Two: What is Media Art? 24
The Re-Writing of History 26Themes and Positions 31Participatory vs. Totalitarian Utopianism 31Media Art Trajectories 32
Chapter Three: High Media Art 35
Examples of High Media Art 36The Legible City 36Artificial Life Art: Interactive Plant Growing 36Knowbotic Research 37Terravision 38
Chapter Four: The Discourse of High Media Art 40
Cyberspace 40Postmodernism and Computers 41Tabula Rasa: A Radical Break with the Past 42New Media Art and Progress 45The Digital Ontology 47The New Frontier 48High Tech Spiritualism 49Summary 49
Conclusions 51References 52
- 3 -
I would like to thank Prof. Karel Dudesek and Dr.Janthia Taylor for giving me the opportunity todevote time to research and see through this work. I would like to thank my supervisors Neal Whiteand Sol Haring for their support. A special thanks to Geoff Cox, Joasia Krysa, Richard Barbrookand Helen Sloan for their valuable feedback on earlier versions of this paper.

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