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Published by Marina Ta

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Published by: Marina Ta on Mar 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NAZI-DEUTSCH/NAZI-GERMAN: AN ENGLISH LEXICON OF THE LANGUAGE OFTHE THIRD REICHbyRobert Ashley MichaelKarin Doerr(New York: Greenwood Press, 2002)©2002 by Robert Michael and Karin DoerrINTRODUCTION TO NS-DEUTSCHHISTORICAL BACKGROUNDNearly two millennia before the Third Reich, anti-Jewish myths
and images of evil
 the languages and minds of Europeans. Without this long preparation and the accidents ohistory, the Holocaust would not have been possible. The process began in the fourth cenvocabulary chosen by the most influential Church Fathers to describe Jews, Judaism, and JAmbrose sermonized that the synagogue was a "place of unbelief, a home of impiety, a rdamned by God himself"
and that Jews "polluted their pretended bodily purity with the itheir souls."
St. Jerome identified the Jews with Judas and with the immoral use of monewould bedevil later Christian-Jewish relations. The young Goebbels saw the Jews as Judas
St. Jerome believed that “If you call [the synagogue] a brothel, a den of vice,refuge, satan’s fortress, a place to deprave the soul, an abyss of every conceivable disastelse you will, you are still saying less than it deserves.”
St. Augustine held that the JewsCains than Judases.
The Jews were to suffer death in life.
St. John Chrysostom believedwere not ordinary members of the human race but congenitally evil people who “dancedThe synagogue was for him “the Devil’s house,” as were “the souls of the Jews.”
Just aspull the plow are slaughtered, so Jews “grew fit for slaughter.
The Church Fathers provided a consecrated attack-language that political leaders frRoman emperors to National-Socialists used to attack Jews, Judaism, and Jewishness. TheJewish language into public law. For the Christianized Roman Empire, Jews were “sacrilegi“polluted with the Jewish disease,” “contaminated with Jewish sacraments,” a “plague thwidely,” “the abominable and vile,” “enemies of the law,” “monstrous heretics,” “the wor“blindly senseless.” Judaism was “a deadly and sacriligious sect,” “a brothel,” “an alien aperversity,” “the mark of Jewish filth,” “an abominable sect and rite,” “frightful and hideoIn the Middle Ages, Jews were stateless beings who had no legitimate place in the sChristiana, the mystical corpus Christi of the Church. Their status, their very lives, depenkindness of the Church or Christianized secular authorities. The fundamental Jewish policwas to degrade Jews and alienate them from Christian society.
Many Christians, influencChurch’s overt hostility to Jews as “negators and malefactors,” vilified Jews and murderednumbers.
Several medieval theologians and popes
stated that the Jews were, or should be,to Christians.
St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that "Jews, in consequence of their sins, are orperpetual slavery,” and as a result the princes can treat Jewish property as their own.
delighted in the Church’s identification of Jews as slaves, because it justified governmentexploitation of the Jewish community.
Expropriation of Jews was not new to the Third ReAnother cause, and consequence, of the miserable and dangerous Jewish conditionChristian Europe was the isolation of the Jewish community.
By the end of the twelfth ceghetto marked most of Christian Europe’s towns.
Not intended as collecting points on thmurder, the medieval ghetto nevertheless led to increased Jewish stigmatization, and thelocation, overcrowding, and the legal compulsion forcing the Jews to live there made theThe Nazi stipulation that Jews wear an identifying and stigmatic emblem was comparChurch's requirements. Canon 68 of the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, decreed that thedistinguished from Christians “by the quality of their clothes.” Thus secular authorities, pChurch, imposed on the Jews the pariah’s hat and badge of shame.There are many parallels between the Holocaust and medieval violence against Jewattacked Jews as Europe's “greatest sinners” and despised enemies who must be punisheexterminated
"down to the last baby at the breast.”
Although some medieval Christianallowed Jews to escape death by means of conversion, The Jews’ existence tested the Chidentity, just as the Jews presence in Europe between 1933 and 1945 challenged that of tMedieval synagogues were invaded and burned, often with Jews in them,
and Torah scrointo the mud, torn, and set afire, and Jewish cemeteries destroyed.
 From the twelfth to the twentieth centuries, Christians fantasized that Jews and theinvolved in a murderous anti-Christian conspiracy and thousands of Jews were made to pwith their lives.
Jews were perceived as ritual murderers, vampires, desecraters of thethe wells. During certain periods, massacres of Jews became chronic. Christians acted “a

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