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Adolf Hitler and World War

Adolf Hitler and World War



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Published by Shaimaa Alhossan
General translation from English into Arabic by Shaimaa Alhossan
General translation from English into Arabic by Shaimaa Alhossan

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Shaimaa Alhossan on Aug 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Translated by Shaimaa Alhossan
Hitler left Germany and much of Europe in ruins. Over 60 millionpeople died worldwide in the war, and tens of millions more losttheir health and homes. Certain that they did not want to fight theGermans a third time, the Allies insisted on an unconditionalsurrender. They occupied all of Germany and divided it intoBritish, French, American, and Soviet zones. Even after the westernzones were joined into the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949,the country remained divided until 1990.
عيمج ف- درف نويلم نيتس ن ديزي ام ىق ذإ ،اًماطح ابوروأ ود ظمو ايامأ رلته ّلخ كلت ءّرج نم اسمو تحص نييم رش دقفو ،رح ف تح -ا ءاحأف تبغر د نم قيت رظ ؛طورشم ريغ ستس ىل ءالح ّرصأ دقف .رح،ةياطيرب طام ىإ اميسقتب وماو ،اهرسب ايامأ ولتحاف .ًةثاث رم نام ةبراحم ا ىتح يسقت ذه ىل ةود ّلظ و .ةيتيفوسو ،ةييرمأو ،ةيسرفو 
،عم داحتا ف ةيداحت ايامأ ةيرومج ةيبر طام
The German people discovered for the first time the extent towhich modern warfare could destroy a country. World War I hadnot been fought to any great extent on German soil. The events ofthe war also demonstrated to many Germans the problems ofdictatorship. Increasing numbers were now prepared to try adifferent, democratic, path at home, as well as an attempt atreconciliation with their neighbors. Both projects would take time, but they were major departures in the history of Germany and ofEurope.
ىل رح ْرُدَت و ،ةود ةيأ ةثيدح رح رمدت د دم أ ىإ ام ش شتو  .ريب شب ةيام ضر،كذو ت اشم نام نم ريثل رح عئاو ّيب  ولسأ ةبرجت ددتس كذآ درف نم ديزتم ددأ د بصأو .ةيروتاتيد اهرجت ود عم لص ربإ ةواحمو ،ةيلخد وؤش ف ةيروتاتيد كلت ن لتخم طرقميد نيتط ناورشم دي نو ،و نم ًةحسف ناورشم  رتسو .رواجم.اهرسب ابوروأو ايامأ يرات ف نيتيسيئر 
Translated by Shaimaa Alhossan
The war also brought the Soviet Army into central Europe andprovided the Soviet regime with legitimacy in the eyes of its ownpeople, a new empire in east and southeast Europe, andsuperpower status in the world. The world role of the UnitedStates was also enhanced in spite of the American preference forremaining aloof. Outside of Europe, the war hastened the end ofcolonial empires and the emergence of the new Jewish state ofIsrael. It also brought about the creation of new internationalorganizations like the United Nations (UN) that might preventsuch wars in the future.
ىل ةيورشم ضأ دو ،ابوروأ طسو ىإ تيفوس يج ود ف اببس رح او تيفوس ش نوي ف تيفوس ح اظ ،ةيروطربمإ تيفوس داحت نو ءّرج  و .ايل ةيما ةطلسو ابوروأ نم رش وجو رش ف ديدج رج رود زيزت  .رح كلت ن ًديب ءاقبل نيييرم راثيإ عم ،دحتم ايو ب وقت ذ ماايو ،ةيرامتس ايروطربم ةياب لّج نأ ابوروأ راخ رح ئات نم ناو ةمظم :ثم ديدج امظم ب ش ىإ دأ كذو ،ديدجةيدوي يئرسإ ةود .رخأ رم ورح كلت ثم ودح عم ،دحتم م
Ironically, these developments were the exact opposite of whatHitler had hoped for. His ambition to make Berlin the capital of theworld was not realized, and the enormous buildings he starteddesigning for it in the 1920s were never built. Hitler combinedorganizational and manipulative talents with great cunning. Hewas simultaneously obsessed with fantastic visions and blinded toreality by those very visions. However, many Germans shared atleast a portion of those visions. This support made it possible forHitler to utilize the resources of Europe's second largestpopulation and most advanced economy to pursue his ends. Theresult was an outburst of destruction that consumed the lives ofmillions and transformed the world.
،يإ مطي ام قحي  ذإ ،اًمامت رلته امت ام يق ا روطت كلت نأ ارام نمو اييرش ف ا ططخ ت ةمخض ةيِْب نبي  ام ،ا ةمصا نيرب ج وهو 

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