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Gasifiers.mini project

Gasifiers.mini project

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Published by engineerusman219

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Published by: engineerusman219 on Mar 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gas Producers (Gasifiers)
Design of gasifier depends upon type of fuel used and whether gasifier is portable orstationary. Gas producers are classified according to how the air blast isintroduced in the fuel column. History of gasification reveals serveraldesigns of gasifiers. The most commonly built gasifiers are classied as :
UpdraftWe Use Biomass Every DayPeople and animals get their energy from biomass. The energy in everything we eatcomesfrom plants. Bread is made from wheat, a plant. Hamburgers are made from beef,which camefrom cows that eat grass and grain.Until about 150 years ago, biomass gave people most of the energy they used. Thecave dwellersand settlers burned wood for heat. They burned wood to cook food.In many poor countries, wood is still used for most energy needs. People also burncorn cobsand straw. In places without trees, people burn the waste from cows and pigs.Biomass is anything that is alive. It is also anything that was alive a shorttime ago. Trees, crops, garbage, and animal waste are all biomass. Mostof the biomass we use for energy today is wood. We burn wood to makeheat.Biomass gets its energyfrom the sun. Plants store
the sun’s energy in theirleaves and roots. When weeat biomass, we use theenergy to move and grow.When we burn biomass,we use the energy to makeheat. We can also changethe energy in biomass intogas and liquid fuels.BiomassThe NEED Project P.O. Box 10101, Manassas, VA 201081.800.875.5029 www.NEED.org 11
Biomass can be used to make electricity. Many towns burntheir garbage in waste-to-energy plants. Instead of puttingthe garbage into landfills, they burn it to make electricity.This saves landfill space and gives them energy too.Burning biomass doesn’t cause as much pollution as burningcoal. But many people don’t like to burn waste near theirtowns. Sometimes it smells bad.
Biomass can be used to make an energy-rich gas calledbiogas. Biogas is like the natural gas we use in our stovesand furnaces.In India, many farmers use all of their garbage, even animaland human waste, to make biogas. They put the wasteinto big tanks without air. The biomass makes biogas asit decomposes. Farmers use the biogas to cook food andlight their homes. The waste that is left after the biomassdecomposes can be used as fertilizer to grow more crops.
Ethanol and Biodiesel
Biomass can also be turned into a fuel like gasoline. Just asapples can be made into cider, corn, wheat, and soybeanscan be made into ethanol and biodiesel.Ethanol is a fuel a lot like gasoline. Ethanol costs morethan gasoline to use. It is also renewable. In many places,gasoline and ethanol are mixed together to make a fuel thatany vehicle can use.Biodiesel is a fuel a lot like diesel fuel, but it is cleaner. It isalso renewable. Biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel.Many large trucks and farm equipment use biodiesel.
Difference between updraft and downdraft gasifier :

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