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Users16&Name=Samraat Shashtho George_by_Binoy Majumdar

Users16&Name=Samraat Shashtho George_by_Binoy Majumdar

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Published by Debashis Ghose

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Published by: Debashis Ghose on Mar 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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j¢am¡m aMe hm‾me, qyÉ¡ Q¡Cz L¡lZ Bj¡‾cl ü¡d£ea¡ Q¡C‾a hm‾Re ‾pC ¢heuc¡-Cz ea¥h¡ ‾Le B¢j Bfe¡‾cl ¢hlš² Ll‾h¡? Bjl¡ i¡la£ul¡J¢heuc¡-l CµR¡ f¡me Ll¡l ‾Qø¡ Ll¢RzaMe pjË¡V où SSÑ hm‾me, cÉ¡M ‾a¡jl¡ piÉa¡ ¢L ‾pV¡ ‾a¡ S¡‾e¡ e¡ j‾e q‾µRz ‾a¡jl¡ ‾a¡ ApiÉ ‾R‾m HV¡ h¤T‾a f¡l e¡ ‾Le! HC Ee¢hwn na¡ë£‾aJi¡l‾al H‾LLSe f¤l¦o f’¡n¢V ‾j‾u‾L fkÑ¿¹ ¢h‾u L‾l‾Rz ¢h‾u L‾l fyua¡¢õnV¡ ‾R‾m‾j‾u q‾u‾Rz a¡lfl Ha ¢hn¡m pwp¡l Q¡m¡u L£ L‾l -- f’¡n Se ‾h±, fyua¡¢õnV¡ ‾R‾m‾j‾u Hhw h¡¢sl Be¤o‰ pcpÉl¡z Ha hs pwp¡l Q¡m¡u L£ L‾l? fyua¡¢õnV¡ ‾R‾m‾j‾u‾L f¤o‾a e¡ ‾f‾l, M¡h¡l ¢c‾a e¡ ‾f‾l fyua¡¢õnS‾el ¢ia‾l fy¡QSe‾L ‾l‾M h¡¢L Q¢õnSe‾L ¢h¢œ² L‾l ¢c‾u‾Rz ‾p iu¡hq hhÑla¡ Bjl¡ hå L‾l¢Rz j¢am¡m phC ¢heuc¡l CµR¡zS£h ¢c‾u‾Re ¢k¢e f¡meJ L‾le ¢a¢ez HC qm hÉ¡f¡lz ‾c‾MR f¡me Ll¡l ej¤e¡z ‾pC hhÑla¡ Bjl¡ hå L‾l¢Rz hý¢hh¡q fËb¡ fË¡u a¥‾m ‾g‾m¢Rz HMe Bl hý¢hh¡q ¢h‾no ‾LE Ll‾a f¡‾l e¡z HC ¢hh¡q hå Ll¡l hÉ¡f¡‾l, pa£c¡ fËb¡ hå Ll¡l hÉ¡f¡‾l hý i¡la£u jq¡f¤l¦‾ol p¡q¡kÉ, pjbÑe Bjl¡ ‾f‾u¢Rz¢f˾p à¡lL¡e¡b, l¡S¡ l¡j‾j¡qe l¡u, DnÄlQ¾cÊ ¢hcÉ¡p¡Nl H‾cl AL¥ã pjbÑe Bjl¡ ‾f‾u¢Rz k¡l g‾m hý¢hh¡q fËb¡ Bjl¡ fË¡u håC L‾l¢RzHC cÉ¡M j¢am¡m Bj¡l ‾Q¡M ¢c‾u Sm ‾h¢l‾u ‾N‾Rz L¡æ¡ f¡‾µR Bj¡lz¢heuc¡l L¡kÑfÜ¢a ‾c‾M L¡æ¡ f¡‾µR Bj¡lz a¡q‾m a¥¢j k¡J j¢am¡mz Hh¡l E‾jnQ¾cÊ‾L X¡L‾a q‾hzà¡llr£ mXÑ‾L pjË¡V où SSÑ hm‾me, Hh¡l E‾jnQ¾cÊ‾L ¢e‾u H‾p¡zE‾jnQ¾cÊ‾L ¢e‾u mXÑ Y¥L‾me pjË¡V où S‾SÑl O‾lzpjË¡V où SSÑ E‾jn‾L hm‾me, E‾jn Bjl¡ ‾a¡j¡‾cl ‾c‾n ‾lmm¡Ce ‾f‾a ¢c‾u¢R,¢g¢S„, ‾L¢j¢ØVÊ, jÉ¡‾b‾j¢V„ CaÉ¡¢c j§m ¢h‘¡e…¢m ú¥m N‾s ¢n¢M‾u¢Rz¢hnÄ¢hcÉ¡muJ ÙÛ¡fe L‾l¢Rz Bjl¡ S¢jc¡¢l fËb¡ Q¡m¤ L‾l¢RzpjË¡V où SSÑ E‾jnQ¾cÊ‾L ¢S‘¡p¡ Ll‾me, E‾jn a¥¢j ¢L HM‾e¡ ü¡d£ea¡ Q¡J?E¢j ¢heuc¡l CµR¡l ¢hl¦‾Ü L¡S Ll‾a Q¡J, l¡S£ BR?Sh¡‾h E‾jnQ¾cÊ hmm, qyÉ¡ Q¡C, ¢heuc¡l CµR¡l ¢hl¦‾Ü Q¡CzpjË¡V où SSÑ aMe à¡llr£‾L hm‾me, HC E‾jnQ¾cÊ, j¢am¡m, N¡å£ H‾cl fl£r¡ Ll¡l SeÉ X¡š²¡l ‾X‾L¢R B¢jz Hh¡l X¡š²¡l‾L f¡W¡JX¡š²¡l‾L pjË¡V où SSÑ hm‾me, X¡š²¡l ‾a¡jl¡ k¡Jz ¢N‾u cÉ¡M ‾a¡ N¡å£,j¢am¡m, E‾jn Hl¡ ph¡C p¤¤ÙÛ ¢Le¡ cÉ¡M ‾a¡z B¢j Hah¡l L‾l hmm¡j ¢heuc¡l CµR¡, ‾p Lb¡ öe‾R e¡z ah¤J aLÑ L‾lzBS‾L ‾p¡jh¡lz BN¡j£ ‾p¡jh¡l fkÑ¿¹ pju ¢cm¡jz ‾a¡jl¡, X¡š²¡‾ll¡,jeÙ¹š¢hcl¡ p¡a¢ce k¡hv fl£r¡ L‾l cÉ¡M ‾a¡ i¡l‾al ü¡d£ea¡ k¡l¡ Q¡ ‾R 

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