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Soul Exploration by RRNGE

Soul Exploration by RRNGE

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Published by Jonah Orange
Explains some of the traits of my own soul. Not as a professional. But as a refferance for future development. I do speak candidly because I want this to be easy on the eyes!
Explains some of the traits of my own soul. Not as a professional. But as a refferance for future development. I do speak candidly because I want this to be easy on the eyes!

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Published by: Jonah Orange on Aug 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This was all written in one day. I am writing this because this is the first timeit has made sense. I have been alive for 31 years. Of the 31 years most of my lifeI have been a dreamer. My mother used to tell me nothing comes to a dreamer butsleep. She was soo wrong. I dreamed my way through life at first like an old carin a new city. Then I realized it wasn’t an old car in a new city that it was anew car in an old city. With age clarity is achieved. They say hindsight is 20/20.I guess THEY got it right for once.I speak in a way that is looked to most people as "complexed". I think of my selfas a simple man... go figure? What I do believe is that this world is complexedyet its design if simple. Once you understand the design you understand why andwhy not.To me the most valuable possession I have is my soul. If I did not have a soul tome I would be a mechanical man. Ultimately My soul has grown to a point where Irecognize it as dominant. Especially around people who have weak souls. Weak soulsare all around us being dominated by healthier soul or vou little souls.Quick story.... I met a guy I called him Tostito cause it rhymed with his realname so we'll call him Tostito. Tostito is one of the kindest gentlest people godhas ever made. The problem with Tostito is that he is an Addict. He is addicted toCrack. The first time I saw Tostito high. He looked like he was possessed. Myfirst thought was of the late Tupac Shakur who said "Have you ever seen a crack-head that’s ethereal fire. I put my soul on it." Tostito looked beyond F-ed up.His eyes are what changed the most. I think drugs that do this to people arecreating weak souls. But drugs arent the only source. There are others. Tostitoyour still in my prayers buddy!But, back to me I feel like my connectedness with my soul is paramount to myhappiness. So I choose to maximize my souls potential at all costs. I want my soulto thrive. Because to me the soul doesn’t SLEEP!The reason why I love being me is because I know all the answers.I know that even If I do not know the answers that the answers know me.The answers know me because I know GOD, and it was in gods divineplan for me to know what I know now and to not know now.Therefore, if I do not know, I know, and what I know, I also know.This can be confusing to those who believe in the flesh.This can be confusing to those who do not believe in god.But since, I do not believe in the flesh, and I believe in godit is clear.I know I can't jump off of a sky scraper and live to tell about it.I am confident in this answer. I know that God loves me either wayand I am confident in this answer. I know that God would not allow me tobe on a sky scraper if he thought I would jump off it for any reason.I know people aren’t just jumping off of a sky scraper just for kicks and giggles.Therefore I knowwhat I, and I know what I dont know.You may be a weirdo and be thinkingyou may just have common sense not to jump off of a 30 story building. But I justsay I am blessed to know the difference. Perception is yours and yours only! Use
with caution!And of course handle with care.I know that if I succeed in life I will givegod all the glory. I know that god doesn’t make failures. I know that If I was afailure,God was never there from the start. Since God has been there from the start. IknowI am not a failure. And knowing that I am not a failure makes me believe in such.Believing in such, makes me act in a way contour to my belief. In acting in such awayI am predisposed to doing what is better for my beliefs. Which is in turn isbetter for me.Which is in turn, just happens to always be the right answer. ( now, that...was amouth full)I couldn't tell you the answerbefore hand because I didn’t know I knew the answer. Only I know I knew the answerandif I told myself the answer before the answer produced itself I would have overthought andchanged the answer. Which still would have eventually been the right answer afterI haveundone the part of the answer where I took control of the answer. Now the answeris theofficial answer.The next question comes and instead of fighting myself for the official answerI wait till the official answer is cultivated from within and brought forth. Eventhen this answeris my answer but it is not my answer. Like when one questions Sex before marriage.The officialanswer is that it is wrong because you are connected with god until you connectthrough god to someone else. If you are married then it is good. If you are notmarried then in this case you have cheated on god. This is the right answer...read the whole King James version of the bible like i have. you will see this morethan once.Natures answer is- If you have to use the bathroom and the rules of Christianitywere such as... (although they are not. )If you took a dump you were not fit for the kingdom of god. Would you still takea dump after thanksgivingwith all the trimmings? I know its not as extreme but the necessity is stillthere. The simplicity of this example is the main component. I know this exampleis a little out there but I had to get your attention somehow... well didnt I?You bodymakes hormones these hormones keep you alive mostly and cure you when you are sicktell you how much danger you are in and gives you the super human ability toutilize youbody in a way that is conducive in preserving health and vitality of your body.Sex is one ofthose things. Ask any dr they will tell you sex is probably the single most health
consciousthing you can participate in. For the physical and chemical reasons. But sex hasbeenon the reward system soo long that it is the reward system. So sex before marriagefor meI can say Yes sir because first of all I’m not a virgin. secondly I wouldn’t datea virgin.My sexual needs are so sharpened that if I had a virgin I would cheat on her onthe first dayI know this.... not because I’m a jerk or a player. Its because my mind will sayone thingand my body will do what ever it wants to do with out my consent.You want to test thistheory. Ill give you 100 million dollars if you can use only your mind and makeyourheart stop beating and your lungs to quit moving all together. You can not do itbecause you don’t control that part of your brain. And secondly you will die. SowhatI am saying is Your body is going whether you go with or not. you can certainlyshoot yourself in the head and your lungs will stop and your heart will stop alsobut you definitely will not be 100 million dollars richer cause you’ll never beable to collect.The body of a dummy (meaning intellectually challenged indivual )is smarter thatthe fastest computer with the most memory in theworld. Because its human and the computer is not. Your body is a marvel to sciencea computer is a marvel to geeks. And you want me to Control a marvel with mylimitedexperience in my particular marvel. Please. Thats like asking shaquille oneal todrive a 1971 volts waggonhard top beetle. It may be possible but who really wants to see such a thing?3 billions of years ofevolution and you want me to keep it in check? I say No Sir. I think explorationof the human physiology is the beginning of who we are. Once we understandourselveswe need not understand anything else because everything to this universe is atour fingertips. The human dna strand is something amazing to me if you will for asecondThere is a molecule in it that assigns which part of the dna goes where. now thatgoesfor all aspects of our body’s. that means if this molecule wants you to be tall orshortor have a beard when your ten years old it can make those decisions. It can repairdnaIt can deconstruct dna strands. it gets chemical orders from the brain of the cellandconstructs you one dna strand at a time. cool huh. If it is sent a bad pieceor a piece that doesn’t fit it can make an on the spot decision not to use thepieceand order another. That is Awesome to me.that is something a computer will neverbe able to do in this lifetime. I say that to say this. Your body is your libraryit is your

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