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A Global Appeal to Muslims

A Global Appeal to Muslims

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Published by haqqseeker1
By this message I want to appeal to the entire Muslim population of the world, irrespective of their adherences and beliefs, to unite and stop our brothers/sisters/sons/daughters/wives/husbands from falling prey to Shaytan’s nefarious tricks. Jazakumullahi Khairan.
By this message I want to appeal to the entire Muslim population of the world, irrespective of their adherences and beliefs, to unite and stop our brothers/sisters/sons/daughters/wives/husbands from falling prey to Shaytan’s nefarious tricks. Jazakumullahi Khairan.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: haqqseeker1 on Mar 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Facebook, for those have not heard about it, is a social networking website that wasoriginally designed for college students, but is now open to anyone 13 years of age or older. Facebook users can create and customize their own profiles with photos, videos,and information about themselves. Friends can browse the profiles of other friends andwrite messages on their pages.Facebook has taken the world by storm, sorry by mega-storm, and as such it has attained the status of being
the world·s largest socialnetwork.
he founder of this site is 25 year-oldMark Zuckerberg. Raised Jewish but now a self-proclaimed atheist, he is the world¶s youngest billionaire.Here are some statistics about Facebook. Far-fetched they may appear but be assuredthey are all facts extracted from the official Facebook site:
More than500 million active users 
50% of active users (250,000 million)log on to Facebook on any given day
verage user has130 friends 
eople spend over700 billion minutesper monthon Facebook
here are over900 million objectsthat people interact with (pages,groups, events and community pages)
More than30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blogposts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.
bout 70% of Facebook usersare outside the United States
here are more than200 million active userscurrently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
eople who use Facebook on their mobile devices aretwice as active on Facebook as non-mobile users.
Recently Facebook apologized to Laura Eckert for disabling the account of this Iowabirth photographer who posted pictures the company initially deemed inappropriate,including shots of a friend and her newborn moments after birth. Facebook spokesmanSimon Axten said the company reviews thousands of pieces of content every day and
takes action to ensure Facebook "remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone."Her supporters had formed a group on Facebook to lobby for her reinstatement, sayingthe company was hypocritical for targeting photos they considered beautiful art whileroutinely
allowing pictures of teenage girls dressed provocatively andothers they consider obscene.
and Facebook 
he Facebook craze has caught up with our Muslim youth too. If we donot caution them now about its threats then we may regret in future. Ithas taken considerable control of not only of the male members of our society but the female ones too. Let us all join hands in a campaign toeradicate this vice which is steadily destroying the very fabric of thecore Islamic morals and values.
From a broad, worldly perspective we could have nothing against this site. However,from Islamic viewpoint Facebook has serious problems.
he name µFacebook¶ may sound harmless, but in real fact it is very deceptive. For thedangers it poses for the men (and women) of Iman, it should actually be called by anyone of these names:
It is anenormous trap in which Muslims are incessantly getting ensnared en masse.A person accessing Facebook can never save himself from committing one sin or theother.
here are numerous pitfalls in this site that are tactfully concealed beneath theveneer of glamour, charisma and a bit of material pertaining to religion and as a resultMuslims men and women tend to overlook its perils and repeatedly get lured intologging on to it.In one of Facebook¶s Discussion Board there are posts from 17 users out of which 5(29%) are from Muslims. Based on this finding at least 29% of the Facebook userscould be assumed to be Muslims. Even if we do not base our calculation on this result and have it based on worldpopulation figures, which indicate that Muslims constitute 20% of the total worldpopulation (minimum estimate), then the above statistics could proportionately betranslated into the following with regards to Muslim users, both male and female:
More than100 million activeMuslimusers 
50% of our activeMuslimusers (50 million)log on to Facebook on any given day
Muslimsspend over140 billion minutesper monthon Facebook
here are over180 million objectsthat Muslimsinteract with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
More than6 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blogposts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared byMuslimseach month.
here are more than40 million activeMuslimuserscurrently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
From the figures given above one can see how obsessed Muslims have become withFacebook.
his obsession has even led some of us to become frenziedly addicted to it.Stealthily it is infiltrating our lifestyles and our lives and there are signs we mighteventually get enslaved to it.
oday a Muslimah¶s hijab and niqab are being reduced to shreds, thanks to Facebook.Our daughters, sisters, wives and even mothers of some of us have starteduninhibitedly interacting and chatting with
, are freely watching their 
¶) pictures and posting their own so that the
of the worldcan feast on them.
o look at a woman with lust constitutes the
of the eyes.What about our young Muslim women who eagerly and candidly post their picture inwhich they are often portrayed with their heads uncovered, revealing their varioushairstyles and at times in very provocative postures? Have the Ummah of the ProphetMuhammad (
sallalahu alayhi wasallam
), the greatest man that ever lived on this earth,
stooped so low as to allow their daughters to behave like the
women?³But there are some articles/blogs/links etc that night be beneficial to Muslims,´ some of you might argue. Please try to look for therebuttalin this question:
Is it permissibleto visit and spend our valuable time in a place where Allah·scommands are explicitly and flagrantly violated just because there area couple of ayaahs of the Holy Qur·an hanging on the wall?
his is just the tip of the iceberg.
he situation is much more frightening. Facebookfounder Mark Zuckerberg says, ³
he age of privacy is over.´ He told a live audiencerecently that if he were to create Facebook again today, user information would bydefault be public, not private as it was for years until the company changed dramaticallyin December 2009.He is right. Facebook is now much more unrestricted and open. It has prompted our once modest Muslim girls into becoming very outgoing and bold and ready to µexpose¶themselves in every way possible. Photographs of single Muslim girls from respectable

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