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WH syllabus 2008

WH syllabus 2008



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Published by dewert

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Published by: dewert on Aug 25, 2008
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Friendswood High School Instructor: Mr. Dan EwertSocial Studies Dept. Room 807World History Telephone: 281-482-3413Website:http://wh.ewert.us dewert@fisdk12.net 
World History
 Dear students and parents,Welcome back to Friendswood High School! This will be a new year for you and I think it will be a good one. Thisclass in particular should be interesting and a good learning experience. I have listed the following rules andexpectations towards the end of fostering a positive and effective learning environment.
Both the Mustang Manual and the Code of Student Conduct should be read carefully. They contain all theschool’s policies, rules, etc.
Do not be late. That means being in class before the tardy bell rings. You have only seven minutes between classes, so use it wisely. That means getting to where you need to be instead of lingering in thehalls. Seven minutes is enough to get from all parts of the building to any other part.
Once you get to class, you’re here for the duration of the period and may not leave unless summonedelsewhere by a principal.
Materials: textbook (World History from McDougal Little); #2 pencils; blue or black pens; 3-ring binder notebook 
Grading policy: Tests, quizzes, and projects account for 75% of your grade, daily work accounts for 25%.This is a department policy.
Late assignments are not accepted. If an assignment is late due to an excused absence, e.g. illness, it must be made up within as many days as the student was absent, per the Mustang Manual. School relatedabsences, e.g. athletics, band, etc., do not qualify the student for extra time.
If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to check the website and with me for any missingassignments..
Make-up tests are administered on departmental tutorial days which are Tuesday mornings and Wednesdayafternoons. The students must make travel arrangement for doing this and the tests are not administered inclass.
Be tolerant of others as well as of their beliefs, opinions, culture, orientation, lifestyle, class, etc. Suchintolerance will not be tolerated by me (and so that, intolerance of cheating, and intolerance of cell phoneswill be the only intolerance allowed).
Be prepared when you come to class! Have your materials, notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, andeverything else ready when the bell rings.
Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom.
Use the restroom between classes.
When I’m talking, you aren’t. Pay careful attention in class and do not interrupt either me or your peers. If you wish to speak or you have a question, raise your hand.
Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, copying of other students’ work,copying of printed, internet, or electronic resources without citations (this includes just rewording someoneelse’s work), and using unauthorized materials during a test. Plagiarism is intellectual theft. Plagiarismand cheating are intellectual dishonesty. If you are caught cheating on an assignment or test, you willreceive a grade of zero for that assignment or test, and will be referred to an assistant principal and your  parents will be notified. Do not jeopardize your grade, the value of an FHS diploma, the reputation of FHS,and/or your integrity for the sake of an easy grade.
Cell phones are not allowed out during class. Per the Mustang Manual, cell phones must be off and out of sight during school hours. If a cell phone rings during class, silence it as soon as possible. I will issue averbal warning for the first such incident per student and then will confiscate the phone for any subsequentincident.
Rules can and will be added, modified, or redacted as I see necessary.

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