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New P3 English 110

New P3 English 110

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Published by Sybil Priebe
This is a new project I'm trying out that combines using works cited and fake research and personal writing about one's life.
This is a new project I'm trying out that combines using works cited and fake research and personal writing about one's life.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Sybil Priebe on Mar 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 project 3: 50pts.mini-memoir.
This project is a combination of Project 2 (multi-genre research)and the Fake Assignment.It is a small autobiography, also known as a memoir, about you.The catch is that it will be written in 3
person.And it’s multi-genre since you’ll site multiple fake sources.Yep.
Step 1:
You will create a Works Cited list of 5 Fake Sourceswritten about you or by you (see sample to the right). Thisincludes:a book,an article,a web site,a personal interview, anda movie.
Step 2:
You will write about your life up to this point, using theFake Sources. Basically, the information is true, but the sourcesare fictional. [This part needs to be at least 500 words in length,so it’s short – focus on the important parts! (Anything under 500could see a 50% deduction.)]
Step 3:
Make sure you have used the sources correctly.For eachsource on the Works Cited page that is correctly cited, you’ll earn5pts (25pts total to earn).For each source in-text that is correctlycited, you’ll earn 5pts (25pts total to earn). See sample to theright.
Step 4:
Proofread. Have someone else read it aloud if you don’t want to.
Step 5:
Add a very, very cool title. This will earn you 10pts (orcause you to lose 10pts – yikes!). See sample to the right.
project 3 checklist:
= Works Cited list of Fake Sources (25pts to earn or lose). Thisincludes: a book, an article, a web site, a personal interview, and amovie. Five (5) points per citation means using those periodscorrectly!= You will write about your life up to this point, using the FakeSources, 500+ words. (The 500+ can include the WC sources; thesample to the right is a little over 500 words.)= For each source in-text that is correctly cited, you’ll earn 5pts(25pts total to earn or lose).= Proofread. Have someone else read it aloud if you don’t want to.Over 10 errors (spelling, punctuation, etc.) = 50% deduction.= Title? Creative ones earn 10pts, remember!
One Disco Ball Short of a Nerd PartyShe “wasn’t born with a disco ball in her bedroom oranything,” but she knew how to do a few disco moves bythe age of 2. When a person is born in the 70s, they tendto know a few moves that where tossed around by a youngJohn Travolta (Priebe).The story goes that Sybil was late, as in a wholemonth over her due date. Her mom even carried boxes whenthey moved at the beginning of January, but she stayedput until January 25
. After that, it was said she wasnever late. She must’ve gotten it out of her system(Parker 17).She liked being the only kid, even if it was short-lived. Her imaginary friends were Connie, Bonnie, Ronnie,and Tawnie; what she lacked in creativity of names, shemade up for in the stories these friends told her. Lateron, she’d look to books to push her imagination, as hersiblings – all three of them – “pushed each other aroundlike UFC fighters” in the middle of the living room(DeGeneres 47).The pushing she was more inclined to was on thecross-country path or the fake grass of a tennis court.During her senior year, her team would head to state forthe first time. Sybil was even nominated for Miss Tennisof North Dakota, but lost to “some chick from Bismarckwith a better record” (DeGeneres 48).While they didn’t capture a
title, she did headup to North Dakota
for Architecture aftergraduation. Those books, though, crept back in and sheswitched to an English major. After a brief, but creative,stunt as a high school English teacher in the lakescountry of Minnesota, Sybil snuck back up to Fargo andher alma mater for graduate school.Eventually, her siblings would follow her to NDSU.Her parents got smart and purchased an older home forthem to crash in; the stories shown in the documentary,Fargo Bradshaw, display that time period. This connectionwould take them into adulthood, making them closer thanother siblings they knew.The documentary also showed her acquiring her first“big purchase after college” – a VW bug and taking on theresponsibility of caring for an abandoned kitten “whowasn’t originally going to be under [her] care anyhow”(Priebe).Later on, after settling into a career as a communitycollege instructor, Sybil would go onto creating a website of her writings, videos, and blogs called47 Pairs.It includes her teaching blog and various oddlyexistential flash fiction pieces.
Works Cited
47 Pairs. 05 Dec 06. Fallopian Online Incorporated. 10Jan 09. www.47pairs.comDeGeneres, Ellen. “99 Problems But Her HairAin’t One.” F-O: Fly Over State Magazine. January2007: 47-48.Fargo Bradshaw. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Perf.Jessica Simpson, Amanda Peet, Cameron Diaz, andZach Galifinakis. T & P Distribution, 2009. DVD. PlanZ Distribution, 2010.Parker, Sarah Jessica. Fargo Bradshaw.Minneapolis; T & P Publishing, 2005.Priebe, Sybil. Personal Interview. 14 Dec 09.

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