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Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 22

Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 22

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Published by JemGirl
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.

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Published by: JemGirl on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. No one I know is depicted in this story,and no one, living or dead was used to create this story.This is a gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, whatever you call it, story.No one in my whole story is under 15 years of age and that person is with anotherteenager.Also the age of consent on average in the US is 17.Now, if you still feel like reading on, enjoy, and leave a comment if you actually like it.I will be repeating this warning for every chapter of this story.
-22--Alex's POV-"I'm a little sticky," Eddi mumbled to me a few minutes later."I have some tissues in the glove compartment," I told him. He nodded his head and started to reach backwhen I widened my legs and held him from moving off of me. "But let me help you," I said as I unzipped hispants and saw his white underwear with a small wet spot on it. I pulled them down along with his pants as Ipushed him up onto my knees.I closed my knees and lifted them when I saw that he wasn't trying to get off my legs anymore. There was somecum that had landed back on his penis and slid down to his balls. It wasn't much so I quickly licked it up andlicked him all over. I swallowed his penis and balls at the same time. I moved my tongue over them and enjoyedthe slight coolness of his flesh as it made it's way around the inside of my mouth.I felt his hand in my hair as his cock started to fill my mouth. When I felt him lift his hips up towards my mouthsome more, I looked up at him and saw that he was leaning back unto one of the front seats. I pulled myself off of his cock to look down at his was fully erect penis. I slid my lips back down his hotter and harder flesh andswallowed it whole once again."Ah," he cried out as sucked his balls into my mouth also and sucked on everything at once. I did that a fewtimes until both his hands were in my hair and then I let his balls slip from my mouth as I pulled up slightly onhis cock. I then concentrated on sucking him off before I got too caught up in what I was feeling and pushedthings too far for him."Alex," he moaned as he started to lift his hips up towards me and slowly fucked my face. I wanted to put myfinger up his ass, but I stopped myself and just sucked on his cock hard."Alex!" he shouted as he gripped my hair harder and came in my mouth. I licked him clean as I slid my handover his shaking tummy and legs."All clean," I joked as I looked up at him when I was done, but he wasn't looking back at me. His eyes wereclosed and his chest was raising and falling rapidly as he leaned onto the back of the passenger's seat. I loweredmy knees and he slouched back even more. I smiled down at him as I look in his appearance. His face was shinywith sweat, I had pushed his shirt up a bit and I saw his belly button before I looked further down and saw hissoft penis laying over his balls that were right at the top of his open legs.
Such nice looking thighs. I can see the curve of his ass from this angle. If I reached out I could touch it. I'm sureit's...
I pulled up his underwear then jeans and closed them before kissing his belly button.
I'm not going to do it.
I pulled his shirt down and he looked decent again. Tired, but decent."Can I kiss you?" I asked him as I started to pull him up from the back of the chair. He opened his eyes andlooked at me with dark green orbs before he closed them again and kissed me instead."Mum," I moaned as he press down."You taste funny," Eddi told me when he finally pulled up. "Do I taste funny?" he asked after a moment as he
looked back at me."No," I said as I shook my head. "You taste fine," I told him in all honestly. His cum didn't taste as strong as someothers, but he was young. It would get better in time. In time things will change. He will get bigger and soonstink like a few of the boys I loved to rub against. My mind started to wonder as I saw a tall red head laying inbed next to me as we kissed and pulled on each other's cock. "Come on," I said when I felt myself started to gethard again. "I'll take you home," I told him."Ok," he said before he moved backwards and moved to sit down in his seat again. I followed him and sat downin my own seat behind the steering wheel. We buckled up before I turned the key in the ignition and backed upmy car. We had turned onto the road and were about three blocks from his house when Eddi asked me aquestion. "So what time will you be coming to pick me up for lunch tomorrow?""I'm not sure," I said since I didn't have a time in mind. "I guess I'll come and get you at eleven thirty," I saidafter I thought about it for a bit. "Is that a good time for you?" I asked him. He may have some where to bebefore he hand lunch with us."No, that's a good time," he answered. "Just wanted to know when you were coming for me," he said."I should have already told you. Sorry Eddi," I told him as I realized my mistake. "Well here you go," I said as Ipulled to a stop in front of his house. I looked over at him and watched him unbuckle his seat belt before heleaned over and kissed me."See ya tomorrow," he said."Yeah," I told him as he smiled at me before getting out of the car.I watched him walk halfway to his door before I checked the traffic and pulling out to go home.-Father's POV-"So you have plans," I commented over the phone. "It's fine Robert, I get it. I should have asked you sooner. It'sok, it's just lunch," I laughed into my cell. "Good night to you too. Oh, tell Candy I said hello," I told him beforehanging up the phone. That was the last person. Well not the last person, but I'm sure he had plans too.
Besides, I'm sure he wouldn't want to come even if he didn't have plan. Every time I ask him he gets jumpy. But then he did have his reason and I explained about Alex, so it should be fine now,
I reasoned with myself.I picked up my cell from the ottoman, that was in front of me and looked for Jefferey's number. It rang a fewtimes and I was starting to think that he would just let it ring out. A computerized female voice started to talk tome and I sighed.
Guess it will just be me and Alex with his boyfriend.
"Hello?" I heard coming over the phone just before I took it away from my ear. "Hello?" Jefferey's voice saidagain."Jeffery?" I asked considering it odd that he was able to cut into this cell's voice message."Henry?" he asked me"Yeah, it's me," I answered back. "How can you do that?" I asked him thinking it would a neat trick for when I

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