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Published by Gimmy james

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Published by: Gimmy james on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SW 6.00c allows to specify by configuration which BTS (cell) should be used by aspecific GSM moduleThis option is supported for Wavecom modules only. To specify the BTS we don't use the Cell IDbut the absolute frequency the GSM module is working with BTS.To find out the parameters of the available cells in the neighborhood of the installed iGATEload pabx.cfg with TRACE[fecc] option in the GSM Subscriber entry. Normally it is sufficient to haveone SIM per GSM operator if you plan to route to different GSM operators.It is useful to do this trace not running any voice traffic over the GSM module. Subscriber00=TRANSPARENT ROUTER GSM[0000,00000,+000000,1,1,1,SIM24,IMSI,TRACE(fecc)] CHADDR ALARM NEXTThen start an online trace for the port you want to check and save into file. See the cut out sample trace info.GETSTAT is running every 60s and retrieving the +CCED Cell Environment Description for the main and available neighbour cellsThe first part shows four recognised cells, the second only three.[26:14.06] i[00]: mid dn GETSTAT (06)[26:14.07] i[00]: msg pr GETSTAT (06)[26:14.08] i[00]: cmd fun[26:14.09] i[00]: msg compl.: GETSTAT[26:14.10] i[00]: cmd seq cont: prio 0[26:14.10] i[00]: hrd dn {07} 'AT+CSQ.'[26:14.12] i[00]: hrd up {07} 'AT+CSQ.'[26:14.13] i[00]: hrd up {14} '..+CSQ: 14,0....OK..'[26:14.14] r[00]: 16[26:14.15] i[00]: mid up CONFIG (16)[26:14.16] i[00]: mid st HOME_REGD (01), rssi 14, sim 1[26:14.17] i[00]: hrd dn {0c} 'AT+CCED=0,3.'[26:14.18] i[00]: hrd up {0c} 'AT+CCED=0,3.'[26:14.19] i[00]: hrd up {7a} '..+CCED: 202,05,0046,1e35,31,91,25,,,0,,,0,202,05,0046,,11,68,5,2[26:14.20] i[00]: hrd 02,05,0046,1ce1,27,81,4,202,05,0046,25eb,22,732,6....OK..'let's check the info in detail for main cell202,05,0046,1e35,31,91,25,,,0,,,0MCC, MNC, LAC, CI, BSIC, BCCH Freq (absolute), RxLev, ....Mobile Country Code, Mobile Network Code, Location Area Code,Cell Identity, BaseStation Identity Code, Broadcast Control Channel Freq (absolute),202 Greece 05 Vodafone(Panafon) 0046 1e5331 91Reception Level (also known as RSSI),...25 this can be a value between 0 and 31, 31 is best, formula -(113 - 2*RxLev)dB , in the specific case -(113-2*25)dB = -63dB,this level is shown in WinRemotePro, GSM status, Receive Signal window.

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