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Kansas Wing - Dec 2004

Kansas Wing - Dec 2004

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Published by: CAP History Library on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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ad Astra
KSWG Volume No.2 Issue No.6 November/December 2004
Inside this Issue
Kansas Wing News 1,2,3,4,5Promotions & Awards 5For the Record 3Jayhawk Flyer Calendar 8,9Semper Vigilans 10, 11Contrails 13Uniform Issues 14Aerospace Education 15Chaplains Corner 16 
by Maj. Regena AyeEncampment Deputy Commander
The Annual Kansas Wing FallEncampment was held on the first,second, and fourth weekends of Oc-tober with sixteen seniors and twenty-five cadets participating in the activi-ties.Cadets from Lawrence, NewCentury, Emporia, Pittsburgh, Wichita,and Garden City attended the encamp-ment. Cadets completed traditional en-campment tasks such as drill, inspec-tion, and physical training. In addition,the encampment this year had an Aero-space Education emphasis.On the first weekend, twoaerospace education members fromEmporia came to the encampment tohelp cadets complete the first level of the Model Rocketry Program as wellas other aerospace education activities.During the second weekend of the encampment cadets went onBlackhawk helicopter rides courtesy of the Army National Guard unit in Salina.The flights were approximately 30 min-utes in duration and cadets flew overthe terrain of the Smoky Hill Range.Also during the second weekend, thecadet staff completed leadership simu-lations that included a ground searchand rescue exercise.On the third weekend, cadets
High flying Kansas WingHigh flying Kansas WingEncampmentEncampment
built sixty model rockets and launchedapproximately forty of them. In ad-dition, cadets and seniors took a tripto the Kansas Cosmosphere inHutchinson where they toured themuseum, took in a planetarium show,watched live science experiments atDr. Goddard’s lab, and watched anIMAX movie about sharks. The visitto the Cosmosphere and the modelrocketry activities were funded by agenerous donation from the K.T.Weidemann Foundation, Inc. of Wichita.One difference in this year’sencampment was that instead of us-ing a caterer, senior members volun-teered to serve as cooks. Maj. Terry
please see
High Flying
on page 3courtesy photoCadets Unrue, Lapping, Pfau and Williams performingan air thrust experiment at Fall Encampment courtsey photoC/MSgt. Keeple applies camo paint tofellow encampment cadets
The weekend of 2-3 October has been a great one. I leftmy house at 0645 because SLS was starting at 0700 and I wasgoing to be one of the instructors teaching CAP organization from0730 to 0830. Five students showed up most of whom were fromthe Emerald City Composite Squadron. Their training ended aboutnoon on Sunday and they left with a lot more knowledge of CAPthan when they started. They also got to know each other better asthey went out Saturday night for dinner.When I got there the cadets attending the encampmentwere already busy. They were actively engaged until Sundayafternoon. This included firing rockets in the field east of theheadquarters on Sunday. This is only the first weekend of three thatthese cadets will be busy learning about aerospace education andlearning about leadership by fulfilling leadership roles.At 0830 some of the volunteer arrived who were going to paint the west side of the wing headquarters,clean the gutters and cut back some of the trees and bushes which were hiding the headquarters. Theywere joined later by some of the staff and commanders and worked until after 5 PM. The headquartershas not look so good in a long time. I think that I am going to make this a semi annual event. Next springI would like to paint the south side and try to take back the east side from the jungle that has grown there.In two years we can have the building completely painted and then try some other enhancments to makeit look better.By 0900 we were ready for the monthly commanders call which lasted until 1130. We passedout a number of aerospace education awards. I encourage every member to get on line and take thistest. Lt Col Hill also explained that AF money can only be used for events which involve at least 50%SAR related events. The meeting ended at about 1130 but the days event were not complete.One of our CAP members had arranged to fly an AC-47, Puff the Dragon gunship to Salina fortours and flights. This went on both Saturday and Sunday. It was great to hear the roar of its radialengines which we were outside working on the building. While this event was drawing crowds to Hanger509 just north of the tower, the Salina Squadron set up a recruiting table just inside the gate so all whoentered had an opportunity to learn about CAP and hopefully join.Some members of the Emerald City Squadron had flow their corporate aircraft to Salina to attendSLS. The Salina aircraft is down for an engine change so Saturday evening some of the Salina squadronmember took advantage of the Wichita aircrafts presence and did some night proficiency flying.The cooperation between units and the spirit of the many people who volunteered their time andtalents this weekend really made me proud to be in the Kansas Wing.
Col Barney KingKSWG/CC 
From the CommanderFrom the CommanderSLS held October 2-3SLS held October 2-3
by Capt. Jon HolderKSWG/LGS, DCE/ SLS Director
Kansas Wing hosted a Squadron Leadership School (SLS) at KSWG Headquarters October 2-3. The SLSwas held in conjunction with the first weekend of the fall cadet encampment as well as the monthly Commander’sCall, which made for close comforts even in the large building we have. This year’s SLS was relatively small,with only 6 members attending but we had members as far away as North Carolina Wing attending.Squadron Leadership School (SLS), a requirement for the senior member Certificate of Proficiency (Level2), provides CAP’s adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and howthose operations affect CAP’s national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, corevalues, and communications. Among the other topics covered was the organization of the Civil Air Patrol, human
Col. Barney King CAP KSWG/CC 
ad Astra is the official newsletterof the
Kansas Wing of the Civil AirPatrol
Col.Bernard King, CommanderKSWG/CC e-mail:barneyfk@informatics.net1st Lt. Mark P. Schock, EditorKSWG/PAO e-mail: mps6261@aol.comMaj. Ron Behm, Staff WriterNCCS/PAO e-mail:RonBehm@aol.com1st Lt. Randy Colby, Assistant EditorECCS/MLOe-mail rcolby@pastorcolby@sbcglobal.net1st Lt. Mark Sageser, ContributingEditor, ECCS/PAOe-mail: Sageser @sbcglobal.netC/Maj. Derek Montgomery, CadetCorrespondent C/PAOe-mail: dsm493@hotmail.com
High Flying
continued from page 1
Boyle and Maj. Regena Aye cooked meals the first weekend with the help of C/Capt. Kenyon Fryman. On the other weekends, Major Boyle was assistedby two senior members from Emporia Composite Squadron. The second and
third weekends, 1st. Lt. Jean W inkler and 1st Lt. Debra Schlesener came toencampment just to cook for the cadets. The food arrangements worked outgreat and because of the success of the project, future Kansas W ing encamp-ments w ill probably also try to use senior member cooks to serve meals at alower cost than the caterer.Lt. Col. Larry Brockshus, North Central Liaison Region commander,flew down for graduation and spoke to the cadets. Col. Barney K ing, KansasW ing commander, also congratulated cadets on their accomplishments. A l-pha Flight garnered Honor Flight for the 2004 encampment w ith a w in in theD rill Competition. M ajor Terry Boyle was chosen by the cadets as the HonorSenior and Cadet A irman Brandon M iller was named Honor Cadet at gradu-ation. Cadets Peter Pfau and Neil Pfau of New Century Composite Squad-ron also received their M itchell Awards at the encampment graduation fromColonel K ing.
resources policies and the differentmissions of Civil Air Patrol.Not all of the time togetherwas in the classroom. The groupshared a dinner together afterSaturday’s classes at the localApplebee’s with fellow students,instructors and their families,making for a nice end to a long day.I wish to thank everyonewho instructed at this year’s SLSfor their help. This was my firsttime serving as an SLS director andwithout your assistance it neverwould have come together. Manyof you juggled betweenCommander’s Call and encamp-ment duties and for that I’m grate-ful. Many of the faces in the SLSreturned 2 weeks later for theCorporate Learning Course, so musthave done something right!
For The Record
Kansas Wing MembershipSeniors: 416Cadets: 173(August 17, 2004)Kansas Wing MembershipSeniors: 408Cadets: 173(October 29, 2004)
Flint Hills Sqdn.Flint Hills Sqdn.helps findhelps findmissing womanmissing woman
by 1st Lt. Mark Schock/ KSWG/PAO
Members of KS-066, Flint Hills Composite Squadron
joined about20 Geary County Reserve deputies on Sunday evening, October 10, tosearch for a missing Junction City woman. Judith Maurer, 56, wanderedaway from a trailer park where she lives with her daughter. Mrs. Maurerwas found cold and wet, but safe, early the next morning.The search was hampered by rain, falling temperatures and verylow visibility. Geary County Director of Emergency Management, GarryBerges, explained that the search had been ended about 1 a.m. Mondaymorning because conditions had deteriorated to the point that “she couldhave been three feet in front of someone, and they wouldn’t have seenher.” Berges was also of the opinion that Mrs. Maurer did not wish to befound.Weather conditions also prevented any air search. The groundsearch was resumed Monday morning and the missing woman was foundaround 9 a.m. in the same general area searched the previous night.“I am just thankful she’s alive and well,” commented Geary CountySheriff, Jim Jensen
“We’ll make sure she gets the counselling sheneeds.”
TO: All those who participated inTO: All those who participated inthe KSWG HQ “painting party”the KSWG HQ “painting party”
I am sending this message out with a big “Thank You”!! to thosewho volunteered their time and energy on Saturday, 02 Oct to paint thewest side of the KSWG HQ building. It looks great! Thanks also to TimHansen who prepped the building for painting several weeks ago. Iappreciate all your hard work!
Capt. June FergusonKSWG/DA

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