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Of Novel Novels Pt7

Of Novel Novels Pt7

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Published by Hooky1979

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Published by: Hooky1979 on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seven.Friday June 9
, 2000
This Friday I felt like it – I waited the whole week for that Friday.I was determined not to waste this night. There was a point and I went willingly. Head up, eyes wide.That night I had a purpose. She had a name. I didn't know it but I hoped to rectify the situation. I hopedto look into those eyes and say it.I climbed up the same set of stairs as I did the week before. I could smell the smoke before I reachedthe top step. It tasted sweet in my throat.A cigarette lighter flashed flame as I entered. The glow cast a yellow flicker across the room. For asecond it caught two people in a moment. The dim lighting gave their faces a mysterious quality.Around me the place seemed alive. Teachers, students they all looked like poetry.I loved talking._________________________
“Now, Paul don't get discouraged,” 
this was Eloise as she pressed her chin on the top of my arm.
“It'sonly 12.30.” 
She was a good person to have around in that sort of situation. Devastatingly cool and beautiful. It isvain of me to say this, but I think having someone like her made me look better. I needed all the help Icould get.“It’s hard for me not to be. Is it too much to ask for her to be here?” I lamented.We were sitting at the same table from last Friday. The chipped surface had seen my glass before. Iwas trying not to scan the crowd. I was trying to not taste every drink for white wine.
 Morgan started laughing at me. He was also at the table.I have found memories of Morgan. He became a good friend of mine through this phase. He was agood person to have around in this sort of predicament. Unlike me he was sensible.The most memorable way to introduce him to the story is to tell an anecdote involving the mostpointless invention of the 1980's. No not BETA, that was technically better than VHS. Not the CD playereven if it doesn't sound as good as vinyl. I'm talking about the Rubik’s cube.I can tell you what songs were popular at the time.Jay would be able to write metaphors about the Rubik’s cube.Morgan would have brought shares in it - made a killing before the market bottomed out.He was so smart he could actually finish the cube. From jumbled to com in a completed in a couple of minutes. I need to take off all the stickers. Morgan didn’t need to sit around waxing lyrical all day. Hedidn't need to compensate.Having explained that Morgan was sensible and capable, should I have been worried that he waslaughing at me? It doesn't take someone who can finish the Rubik’s puzzle to answer that._______________________“What?” back in the moment I protested. “Stop laughing. Don’t laugh at my misfortune.”
“No, no,” 
Morgan said sobering his laughter.
“I'm not laughing at you. How do I explain? You're not normally like this. Once you told me love was evil. Now you are…' 
I cut him off, “I said love was dangerous, not evil.”
“Dangerous? Can you understand that you’re contradicting yourself? You call us up to help you wait for this girl.” 
“I know I am not following my own advice. Normally, I hold my cards close to my chest.”
“Anyway lets change the topic,” 
Ella quipped.
“Paul's mystery girl is making me feel all inadequate.” 
“She is not half as good as you...”
“Arggh... No, no better.” 
Ella flicked her hair around as if trying to hide.
“Horrible, horrible.” 
“If I can't give you a compliment, when it comes down to it, who can I butter up?” I lamented.Morgan leant in and kisses her.
“Taking a compliment isn't your strong point, dear.” 
“Enough of this girl,” I said. “I won’t talk of her again.” I changed the subject.“Here is a topic of conversation. If I was making a movie who should I cast as you?”
Eloise giggled.“Yeah the Eloise von Dutchy story.”
“Heather Graham,” 
she didn’t hesitate like she had thought about it before.“Remind me to buy you a pair of roller skates.” She punched me in the arm playfully.“I would cast Uma Thurman personally.” I said, soberly thinking my way through it.
“That sounds OK. Just keep me out of skin-tight leather.” 
“Avengers style? I thought that is what you wore around the house?”

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