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Shelton Hull questionnaire

Shelton Hull questionnaire

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Published by: The Florida Times-Union on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shelton Hull
1. In recent years, the mayor and City Council have used a mix of revenueincreases and cuts in expenses to balance the city budget. Do you agree?If not, what would you do differently?
I agree with the city doing what is legally requred to achieve balaced budgets, butI think our approach needs work. "Revenue increases" must mean more than justtax hikes and fee increases; the emphasis must always remain on profitability.Weshould resist further cuts to vital infrastructure like police, firefighters andteachers, and we should keep funding those groups that deal with our growingunderclass. As to profitability, my proposals to maxmimize the economic potentialof our outstanding local cuture could, if implemented, increase the tax base bymillions virtually overnight.
2. Do you support the Jacksonville Journey? Explain your answer.
I support it in principal, but I have concerns with the vehicle Jacksonville will betaking that journey in. I am not yet convinced that a majority of the city's residentsare truly serious about preserving the quality of life in our city. Many others feelthe same way, here and elsewhere, and the results of this election will go a longway toward resolving those concerns.
3. What endorsements have you received?
 My only endorsement so far has come from individuals in the community whochoose to show their support for my campaign. Most unions and civicorganizations have not yet made any endorsements, as there are still someweeks to go before the election.
4. How much civic activity do you perform outside work?
 I consider my entire life an ongoing process of civic activity.
5. How do you intend to comply with Florida¶s public records andgovernment in the sunshine laws? If you saw an elected official breakingthe sunshine law, what would you do?
 I intend to make my term entirely transparent. Frankly, I think those laws areexcessive and an impediment to civic progress, and if I'm ever in a position to
shred them, I'll be happy to do so. All my politicking will be extensivelydocumented online, and all lobbying will occur in public. No elected official wouldever break the law in my presence, because they would worry about how I mightuse that information against them, one way or another.
. What can you do to help support the clean-up of the St. Johns River?
 I support the St. John Riverkeeper, the Sierra Club and the other trainedprofessionals who work to make our river more beautiful every day. I will work tohelp make sure these professionals get the financial and political support theyneed to finish the job we've started. We also need to keep educating the publicabout how central (literally) the river is to the past, present and future success of our city.
7. How can you become engaged in the city¶s high murder, infant mortalityand suicide rates?
These are three very distinct issues, all of which deserve much greater publicadvocacy. As with the river, there are skilled professionals already working hardto help save the lives of our fellow citizens, and they need our sustained support.As a councilman, I will use my position to keep these issues in the public arena,while using the office itself to keep people connected. Now, as for the violentcrime problem, my views are more hardcore than arguably any political candidateor officeholder of any type, on any level in this country, ever. But that's a longstory!
8. Has consolidation been a good or bad deal for Jacksonville? Pleaseexplain your answer.
 Consolidation has been great for Jacksonville,and it can be even better. Thepoint of consolidation was to enhance the region's functonality, thus facilitatinggrowth. I feel that we have reached a point where most of the major planningdevelopment has been done, and we're now beginnng a process of "tuning-up"the engine of progress we've built. We've built horizontally for decades; now wehave to build vertically.For council candidates:
What is the role of a council member? As mini-mayor?Or as legislator?

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