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Alvin Brown questionnaire

Alvin Brown questionnaire

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Published by: The Florida Times-Union on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. In recent years, the mayor and City Council have used a mixof revenueincreases and cuts in expenses to balance the citybudget. Do you agree? Ifnot, what would you do differently?
The mayor and City Council did what they thought was in the bestinterest of the city at the time. However, I think I would have beenreally focused on looking atways tostreamline government andconcentrate more on public-private partnerships, finding morepartners in the private sector to support such things as our parks, our libraries, our senior centers and the Jacksonville Journey. Getting theprivate sector and national foundations to adopt a park or a program,or getting the private sector and foundations to give funding toJacksonville Journey, since it helps with kids and the whole notion of after school programs, getting private sector dollars to support it,which would mitigate our cost. I would also have looked for moresavings by streamlining the government and initiating a strictpurchasing policy. I would have looked at freezing our equipment andvehicle purchases, trying instead to extend the life of such things asvehicles, equipment and computers, but being careful not to hurtproductivity or effectiveness.
2. Do you support the Jacksonville Journey? Explain your answer.
Yes. I support it. Jacksonville Journeyis working and I wouldcontinue to fund it. The program has increased police presence incrime hot spots, funded after school programs for 1,700 children andhelped ex-offenders make a positive transition into the community.However, it is important to develop new metrics to determine whether taxpayer funds are being used efficiently and effectively.
3. What endorsements have you received?
So far, I have received endorsements from individuals who arefamiliar with my work and my character. President Clinton, VicePresident Gore, numerous pastors, colleagues at JU, businessleaders such as Dr. Chester Aiken, Charlie Appleby, Lisa Weatherbyand former Chamber Chair Adam Herbert. In addition, State Reps.Mia Jones and Reggie Fullwood, State Sen. Tony Hill, CouncilMembers Warren Jones, Reginald Brown and Dr. Johnny Gaffney,School Board members Betty Burney and Paula Wright, and U.S.Rep. Corrine Brown have all endorsed me. My work in the Clinton
administration in providing leadership to help communities revitalizetheir cities, focusing on job creation, improving the quality of life incities that focused on jobs, transportation, education, publicsafety,working with stakeholders throughout the nation,businessleaders, civic leaders, will allow me to reach out to thoseindividuals to help move Jacksonville forward. The same is true aboutmy ability to work with members of Congress on both sides of theaisle.
. How much civic activity do you perform outside work?
A fair amount, actually. I¶m chairman of the board of Families of SlainChildren. I served as chairman of the board of the National BlackMBA Association, which represents more than 100,000 MBAgraduates. I served on the Jacksonville University Board of Trustees.I served on the Jacksonville Chamber Board of Directors. I¶m alifetime member of the NAACP and served on the executivecommittee of the local branch of the NAACP. I work with 100 blackmen. In the past, I hosted an annual forum on access to higher education, which included more than 100 colleges and universities.Through a partnership with the Martin Luther King Center, I createdan academic essay challenge, which annually sends students andparents to Atlanta to observe the Martin Luther King holiday and learnabout civil rights. I served on the board of Junior Achievement.I¶malso very active in my church and head up evangelism there. I¶m alsoan active member of Kappa Apha Psi fraternity.
5. How do you intend to comply with Florida¹s public recordsand governmentin the sunshine laws? If you saw an electedofficial breaking the sunshinelaw, what would you do?
I will comply with the letter and the spirit of Florida¶s public recordsand government in the Sunshine laws. My administration will beopen, transparent.If I saw an elected official breaking the Sunshinelaw I would bring it to the official¶s attention and suggest that he/shepost a notice and continue the meeting at a later date. I would notparticipate in that meeting. I would also suggest to the public officialthat he/she contact the General Counsel to get a briefing on the lawand potential consequences of violating it. I also would suggest to theGeneral Counsel that he/she brief the official. One of the things I didyears ago was lead a national dialogue on leadership and ethics as
chair of the national MBA Association at the National Press Club inWashington, D.C. with former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, andformer JU President David Harlow. Some Jacksonville businessleaders, including Wally Lee of the Jacksonville Chamber, were there.
. What can you do to help support the cleanup of the St. JohnsRiver?
I would work with all the key stakeholders in Jacksonville, but alsowork with Florida¶s Congressional Delegation to get resources fromWashington to help clean up the St. Johns River, coupled withcleanup ofbrownfields. I would encourage researchers at JU and UNFto continue looking into the causes and potential solutions for suchthings as algae blooms, fish kills and other environmental issues thatare detrimental to the health of the St. Johns. I would work with theSt. Johns Riverkeeper to get fundingfor the American HeritageRivers, which started during the Clinton administration.
7. How can you become engaged in the city¹s high murder,infant mortalityand suicide rates?
First of all, I would continue to support the Jacksonville Journey. Ibelieve it is a step in the right direction. I also support communitypolicing, which has a track record of being an effective tool to reduceviolent crime and murder. I would also look at proposals in the 2006JCCI study such as addressing opportunities for prevention,intervention and rehabilitation, direct resources to eliminate problemsand create solutions. I would push to involve community stakeholdersand parents, such as the faith-based community, the YMCA, PoliceAthletic League, Boys and Girls Clubs, fraternities and sororities, BigBrothers, Big Sisters and other organizations focused on families andchildren.I would work to foster an environment that would create jobsand internships. To do that, I would work with the private sector.As for infant mortality, I would appoint an ombudsman to spearhead thisinitiative to make sure that we implement all the recommendationslaid out by JCCI in their 2008 report. Although some of therecommendations have been implemented, others have not butshould be. Chief among them is the appointment of an ombudsmansimilar to the St. Johns Riverkeeper. As for suicide, we need topartner with healthcare providers and certified counselors who would

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