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The Restoration of Justice in Florida_synopsis

The Restoration of Justice in Florida_synopsis

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Published by sniperac227
This is a synopsis of "The Restoration of Justice in Florida" report.
This is a synopsis of "The Restoration of Justice in Florida" report.

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Published by: sniperac227 on Mar 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. The Report is Divided into six sections. The State of Florida and theUnited States are in the grip of what promises to be a long and gruelingrecession.2. The problem did not just happen as an inevitable progression througheconomic cycles. It was deliberately engineered and orchestrated bycriminals who have infiltrated Wall Street Institutions and the BankingSector of the US Economy. The report uses a title that was first used todescribe such people in the recession – Banksters. The term is notintended to be used without good cause and it adequately describes amixture or commerce and criminality, with the power to intimidate, eventerrorize victims on a large scale - not unlike the Mafia. It is just such asituation that this Report brings to the attention of all three branches of our State Government and puts forward urgent legislative, executive andjudicial actions that need to be taken to first end this tyranny, to prosecutethe criminals and to return this State to prosperity.3. The focus of the Report is upon the collapse of the Mortgage Market andthe unprecedented numbers of foreclosures that began in 2007/8 andshows no sign of abatement as more and more of our residents findthemselves owning homes upon which they owe more money than it isworth, or likely to worth for a very long time. They are also faced withloss of jobs and incomes. As this foreclosure animal runs amok throughour communities, destroying them, breaking up families, impoverishingand rendering homeless more of our residents, the government reactionhas been to throw public money at speeding up the foreclosure process,which appears to those who know the horrific facts of what has happenedand continues to happen at the hands of the Banksters means, speeding upthe rate at which people lose their homes and real property investments tobanksters who deliberately set out to destroy the economy.
4. The first section of the report attempts to give and overview of the presentproblems interspersed with a brief overview of the facts as to how theBanksters planned and executed what is undoubtedly the biggest Ponzischeme ever.5. The facts contained in this section establish beyond any doubt that thepeople whose properties have either already been stolen from them, are inthe process of losing them, or will eventually fall into the foreclosureprocess is only made possible by the utilization of a string of unlawful andcorrupt practices enforced by a cohesive effort of all three of our branchesof government at the behest of the fraudsters.6. A year ago the legislature had a Bill in each house sponsored by theBanksters which sought to abolish the judicial foreclosure process andproposed a retroactive non-judicial process designed to make it even easie,quicker and less expensive for them to steal our property. This caused a
letter to be written at that time by Mortgage Justice and the lead writer of this Report played a role in crafting that letter at that time. Similarlystructured to this report, but much shorter, it pointed out that any legislator who voted for either of those Bills or supported them would beparticipating in the hi-jacking of the Florida legislature for criminalpurposes. Fortunately for Floridians, both Bills were abandoned that sameday. We hope that our letter was one of the reasons that these Bills weredropped.7. Over the years we have watched the chameleon-like antics of theseBanksters. As one door opens they immediately open another one. Justtoday as this report was finalizing, intelligence reached us that House Bill1191 entitled “Florida Fair Foreclosure Act” had appeared on the HouseCalendar. This section explains why this Bill, SB 428 and their companion Bills together with any other pro-mortgage foreclosure lawsmust not be seriously considered and must be abandoned or rejected.8. An introduction to the root causes of state government serious wrongdoingagainst its residents is contained in this section of the report, it explainswhy urgent action is needed by the Judiciary to bring an immediate end tothe abuse of its residents at the hands of circuit court judges, who with theaid of intimidatary Court Bailiffs, are abusing Florida residents bydepriving them of their due process rights and Ordering hundreds of unlawful Summary Judgments of Foreclosure every day. The color of lawis provided by the Executive Branch through the Sheriff’s Departmentsduring the unlawful show trials during mass foreclosure hearings and byevicting the victims of that abuse from their family homes.
9. This part of the report is the longest and most intricate. It sets out it somedetail exactly how the Banksters’ Ponzi scheme was conceived,engineered and orchestrated. It totally explodes the Banksters’ attempts tokeep the populace believing that it was the fault of the greedy borrowersthat led us into this crises, that they borrowed more than they could affordand that they just need to be taught a lesson – “if they borrowed themoney, they have to pay it back.”10. The facts revealed herein tell a very different storey, not only different butdocumented. Despite their efforts to stifle discovery of the truth,irrespective of whether it is sought through regulators outside thelegislative process or by refusing to respond to legal discovery, or seekingprotective orders, astute and resourceful, loan auditors, fraud investigatorsand conscientious foreclose defense attorneys have pierced that veil of secrecy and have amassed huge volumes of forged documents, falsefilings in the Securities and Exchange Commissions Public Records,unprecedented evidence of fraud upon the courts in which thousands of foreclosure mill attorneys have been active participants, both within andwithout this state.
11. The reader will learn, if not already aware, that the ‘lenders’ on themortgage notes did not lend any money, that those loans were not sold intothe secondary market, that they were not transferred into so called REMICTrusts, that the Trusts are not Trusts, but Delaware LLC’s, recorded asentities in good standing in perpetuity without payment of annual fees, or submitting annual returns, unless the ‘Sponsor’ requests its removal.12. The mechanics of the IRS Tax Fraud, the method used to disguise ‘tablefunded’ loans as REMIC loans was achieved and why the scam could nothave worked without that essential ingredient, the essential involvement of the Rating Agencies, the names of many of the entities who put the scamtogether and where to find the documents that incriminate them all is all tofound in this section of the report.13. Further this section reveals how the employees of foreclosure specialistfirms, otherwise known as professional forgery factories have producedhundreds of thousands of bogus assignments of mortgages, put fraudulenttransfer stamps on Promissory Notes and much more.14. The reader will also learn the names of some of the now infamous robo-signors, the entities that employed them, to include Banksters, attorneysand their employees, the thousands of people who claimed to be VicePresidents or Assistant Secretaries of MERS, but who had never beenappointed as such as now proven in a deposition obtained from theSecretary of that entity.15. It describes how in anticipation of the imminent collapse of their contrivedscam the Banksters used their lobbies to make legislative changes, howand why vast numbers of Notes were falsely declared to have been lost,stolen or destroyed and how almost all mortgage foreclosure complaintsfiled in Florida fail to meet the basic requirement for filing a lawsuit – proof of standing, also known as showing a cause of action, but areaccepted as genuine by a corrupt judiciary that is more than willing to dowhatever it takes to use their office to churn out as many SummaryJudgments as they can manage every single day the court is in session.16. This sector also reveals in some graphic detail the tyrannical behavior of Circuit Court Judges, who have contrived their Mass Foreclosure Docketsto ensure that no defendant can ever be allowed to present his defense bythe simple expedient of making it impossible to schedule sufficient time tohear a full evidentiary hearing. After reading this long and involvedsection of the report no one could be in any doubt that this is unjust andtypical of white collar crime. The judicial branch of our government hasbecome an instrument of crime and immediate action is required to stop itin its tracks.
17. This section of the report is entirely concerned with the serious breachesof the US and Florida Constitutions and explains why the 1949 changes to

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