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Minnesota Wing Encampment - 2007

Minnesota Wing Encampment - 2007

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Published by CAP History Library

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Mar 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Welcome to Camp Ripley!Our Cadet Commander:
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brian Andersonwelcomes all cadets andstaff to the 2007Minnesota Wing CadetEncampment at CampRipley. "This will be oneof the most interestingand rewarding events inyour cadet career," said Anderson.He joined the Civil Air Patrol in December2001 and attended his first encampment at GrandForks Air Force Base in 2002. At the 6th CTG in2004 he was a flight commander and received theCommand Staff Award.At his home unit, the 130th CompositeSquadron in Lakeville, he has served as flightsergeant, flight commander, first sergeant, as wellas cadet commander. He has also served on theCadet Advisory Council at the wing, regional andnational levels.C/Lt Col Anderson is currently a student at theUniversity of North Dakota, where he is acontracted cadet in Army ROTC - HelicopterFlight Training Program. He wishes you the bestof luck in this year’s encampment, and had this tosay to basics, “Work as a team, and listen to yourstaff, which is there to help you. Also, try yourbest at every event. If you don’t put forth your besteffort you let yourself and your team down. Therehave been many people that have passedencampment before you, stick with it and you’llmake it too!"
Welcome from the EncampmentCommander
Major Conrad Peterson is this year’sEncampment Commander. “The encampment isone of the most challenging things that you aregoing to be doing in your early Civil Air Patrolcareer,” he said. “As you progress through theCivil Air Patrol program, the things that you cando at encampment become more and moreexciting. You’re actually going to run theencampment!”
What You Will Learn This Week
Precise drill
The importance of teamwork 
Time management skills
Interpersonal relation skills
And more.
Arrival of In-Flight Cadets
In-processing started today at 1100 and ran until1300. Cadets lined up outside building 7-1 wherethey found out what flight they had been assignedto. They reported any medications they take to themedical staff before the Standards/EvaluationTeam inspected each cadet’s luggage for anycontraband. The Stand/Eval Team is responsiblefor supervising and executing the inspectionsduring encampment. They set measurablestandards for the cadets’ uniforms, bunks, andbarracks area. They ensure that the basics work asa true team with their staff members and with eachother. Following room inspection, the cadets wereturned over to a Tactical Officer (TAC), a senior
MN CTG Encampment 
Issue # 1: Saturday, June 23, 2007 
MN Wing Encampment, June 23, 2007member that assists each cadet in balancing andintegrating the requirements of the physical,military, academic, and moral-ethical programsand aspects of encampment.
Encampment facts
The Minnesota Wing has been running cadetencampments since the 1950s. Over the years theyhave been modified and adapted to meet the needsof our wing and its cadets. Nearly 1,000 cadetshave participated since 1999.
Minneapolis Star Tribune visitsencampment
Jeff Thompson a photo/journalist with the StarTribune spent Saturday, June 23 at Camp Ripleylearning about encampment as part of a story he’sworking on. “I’ve never had more people call me‘sir’ in my life!” Thompson said. His plan is tovisit the encampment again during the week, andhe hopes to publish the story in a few weeks.We’ll try to let you know the actual date of publication as soon as we can.
Forecast for Sunday, June 24
Sunny with a high of 90 degrees. Winds S/SEat 5 to 15 miles per hour.
MED Tips
Drink a lot of water. You
drink at leasttwo canteens worth each day. Yellow urineindicates that you are dehydrated; urine shouldbe clear. If you are thirsty, it’s too late!
Do not drink any soda, coffee, or tea.
Do not lock your knees
Use plenty of sunscreen. Reapply itfrequently.
Tomorrow’s menu is:
Hard Cooked EggsSausage linksWafflesFruitCereal
Macaroni & CheeseGreen BeansLettuce SaladJello
Baked ChickenRiceMixed vegetablesLettuce Salad
The Daily Gremlin
is the official daily newsletterof the Ninth Cadet Training Group and the 2007Minnesota Wing Encampment. The Internetversion of the publication is an official Internetoperation in accordance with CAPR 110-1. It ispublished daily from 23 June to 30 June 2007from the offices at Camp Ripley MilitaryReservation.
Major Conrad Peterson: Encampment CommanderCapt Richard Sprouse: Encampment Public Affairs OfficerC/Lt Col Brian Anderson, 9
CTG CommanderC/MSgt David Blessman: 9th CTG Public Affairs Officer
Welcome to Day 2:
Day 2 of encampment started with physicaltraining (PT) consisting of various stretching andresistance exercises followed by a light jog beforeshowering up and changing to “Blues” inpreparation of breakfast and an ecumenical serviceheld at the Camp Ripley Chapel. Encampmentchaplains Major Chris Priest and Major RobertMcLawhorn provided those attending the servicesome words of advice and encouragement for theweek.Chaplain Priest told the cadets that it would be aweek of stress and frustration at times, and to drawon their faith. “The Bible is a great resource with allsorts of coping tools.”Chaplain McLawhorn called the cadets “heroes”because of the volunteer service they provide theircommunity, state and nation by being members of the Civil Air Patrol. Calling encampment animportant step in each cadet’s life, McLawhornwent on the say, “The skills you’ll learn atencampment you’ll carry for the rest of your life.”A section of the morning was also spent“squaring away” uniforms, bunks, footlockers androoms for a series of formal inspections that willoccur throughout the rest of the week.Just when the cadet’s thought they had spentenough time with inspection preparation, it wasanother round of folding and refolding blankets,sheets and measuring t-shirts making sure theymeet the specifications set by the Standards andEvaluation Team who are responsible forsupervising and executing the inspections duringencampment.The cadets were kept busy most of the rest of theafternoon with sessions on Morale Leadership,CAP’s Emergency Services Mission and more drilland ceremony.
MN CTG Encampment 
Issue # 2: Sunday, June 24, 2007 

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