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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1
Adding Linux Users
Who Is The Super User?
How To Add Users
How To Change Passwords
How To Delete Users
How To Tell The Groups To Which A User Belongs
Chapter 2
Using Sudo
What is sudo?
Download and Install The sudo Package
The visudo Command
The /etc/sudoers File
General Guidelines
Simple Examples
How To Use sudo
Using syslog To Track All sudo Commands
Chapter 3
Installing RPM Software
Where To Get Commonly Used RPMs
RPMs On Your Installation CDs
RPMs Downloaded From Redhat
RPMs Downloaded From Speakeasy
How to Easily Access CD RPMs With Automount
Newer Linux Versions
Older Linux Versions
How To List Installed RPMs
How Uninstall RPMs
RedHat Up2date
Some Necessary Facts About up2date
Chapter 4
The Linux Boot Process
The RedHat Boot Sequence
Determining The Default Boot runlevel
Get A GUI Console
Get A Basic Text Terminal Without Exiting The GUI
Using A GUI Terminal Window
Using Virtual Terminals
System Shutdown And Rebooting
Halt / Shutdown The System
Reboot The System
How To Set Which Programs Run At Each runlevel
Chkconfig Examples
Use Chkconfig To Get A Listing Of Sendmail's Current Startup Options
Switch Off Sendmail Starting Up In Levels 3 and 5
Doublecheck That Sendmail Will Not Startup
Turn it back on again
Final Tips On chkconfig
Chapter 5
Why Host Your Own Site?
Network Diagram
Alternatives To Home Web Hosting
Factors To Consider Before Hosting Yourself
Home Based Websites
Small Office Based Websites
How To Migrate From An External Provider
Chapter 6
Introduction To Networking
What Is TCP/IP?
What is TCP?
What is UDP?
What are TCP / UDP Ports?
What is a TTL?
What is ICMP?
What Do IP Addresses Look Like?
Private IP Addresses
What Is Localhost?
What Is A Subnet Mask?
How Many Addresses Do I Get With My Mask?
What’s The Range Of Addresses On My Network?
Manual Calculation
Calculation Using A Script
What Is Duplex?
What Is A Hub?
What Is A Switch?
What Is A LAN?
What Is A Router?
What Is A Gateway?
What Is A Route?
What Is A Default Gateway?
What Is A NIC?
What Is A MAC Address?
What Is ARP?
What Is A Firewall?
What Is NAT?
What Is Port Forwarding With NAT?
What Is DHCP?
What Is DNS?
How Can I Check The IP Address For A Domain?
How Do I Get My Own DNS Domain Name?
Static or Dynamic DNS?
What is FTP?
Regular FTP
Anonymous FTP
Where is Linux Help?
Finding General Information On A Command
Search For All Instances Of A Word
Chapter 7
Troubleshooting Linux With Syslog
Troubleshooting Linux With Syslog
About syslog
Syslog Facilities
Activating Changes To The syslog Configuration File
How To View New Log Entries As They Happen
Logging Syslog Messages To A Remote Linux Server
Configuring the Linux Syslog Server
Configuring the Linux Client
Syslog Configuration and Cisco Network Devices
Syslog and Firewalls
The /etc/logrotate.conf File
Sample contents of /etc/logrotate.conf
The /etc/logrotate.d Directory
The /etc/logrotate.d/syslog File (For General System Logging)
The /etc/logrotate.d/apache File (For Apache)
The /etc/logrotate.d/samba File (for SAMBA)
Activating logrotate
Chapter 8
Linux Networking
How To Configure Your NIC's IP Address
Determining Your IP Address
Changing Your IP Address
network-scripts File Formats
Multiple IP Addresses On A Single NIC
IP Address Assignment For A Direct DSL Connection
Some Important Files Created By adsl-setup
Simple Troubleshooting
How To Change Your Default Gateway
How Configure Two Gateways
How To Delete A Route
How To View Your Current Routing Table
How To Convert Your Linux Server Into A Router
Configuring Your /etc/hosts File
Your NIC's /etc/hosts File Format
Always Get A Bidirectional Traceroute
Ping & Traceroute Troubleshooting Example
Possible Reasons For Failed Traceroutes
Viewing Packet Flow With TCPdump
Possible TCPdump Messages
Useful TCPdump Expressions
Chapter 10
Linux Wireless Networking
Wireless Linux Compatible NICs
The Linksys WMP11 NIC and Linux
Pre Version 2.7 WMP 11 Card
The WMP 11 Version 2.7 Card
Linux-WLAN Preparation
PCMCIA Type Card Specific Information
Installing The Linux-WLAN Drivers
Linux-WLAN Installation - Using RPMs
Determining The Kernel Type
Determining The OS Version
Determining The Kernel Version
Linux-WLAN Installation – Using TAR files
Install the Kernel Source Files
Download And Install The Linux-WLAN TAR File
Configure The New wlan0 Interface Driver (PCI Cards)
Configure The New wlan0 Interface Driver (PCMCIA Cards)
Post Installation Steps
Configure The New wlan0 Interface
Disable Your Existing Ethernet NIC
Select the Wireless mode and SSID
Simulate a Reboot
PCI Cards – Installed Using RPMs
PCI Cards – Installed Using TAR Files
Check For Interrupt Conflicts
Linux-WLAN Encryption For Security
De-activating Encryption
Troubleshooting Your Wireless LAN
Chapter 11
Linux Firewalls Using iptables
What Is iptables?
Download And Install The Iptables Package
How To Get iptables Started
Packet Processing In iptables
Processing For Packets Routed By The Firewall
Packet Processing For Data Received By The Firewall
Packet Processing For Data Sent By The Firewall
Targets And Jumps
Descriptions Of The Most Commonly Used Targets
Important Iptables Command Switch Operations
General Iptables Match Criteria
Common TCP and UDP Match Criteria
Common ICMP (Ping) Match Criteria
Common Match Extensions Criteria
Using User Defined Chains
Sample iptables Scripts
Basic Initialization
Allowing DNS Access To Your Firewall
Allowing WWW And SSH Access To Your Firewall
Allowing Your Firewall To Access The Internet
Allow Your Home Network To Access The Firewall
Masquerading (Many to One NAT)
Port Forwarding Type NAT (DHCP DSL)
Static NAT
Logging & Troubleshooting
Chapter 12
Telnet, TFTP and XINETD
What is Telnet?
Setting Up A Telnet Server
What is TFTP?
Setting up a TFTP server
Configuring Cisco Devices for TFTP
Cisco PIX firewall
Cisco Switch Running CATOS
Server Protected By A Firewall Problem
How To Download And Install The VSFTP Package
How To Get VSFTP Started
Testing To See If VSFTP Is Running
What Is Anonymous FTP?
The /etc/vsftpd.conf File
FTP Security Issues
The /etc/vsftpd.ftpusers File
Anonymous Upload
FTP Greeting Banner
Using SCP As Secure Alternative To FTP
Example #1:
FTP Users With Only Read Access To A Shared Directory
Sample Login Session To Test Funtionality
Chapter 14
Secure Remote Logins And File Copying
Using Secure Shell As A Replacement For Telnet
Testing To See If SSH Is Running
The etc/ssh/sshd_config File
Using SSH To Login To A Remote Machine
User “root” Logs In To smallfry As User “root”
User “root” Logs In To smallfry As User “peter”
Using default port 22
Using port 435
What You Should Expect To See When You Log In
Deactivating Telnet once SSH is installed
Using SCP as a more secure replacement for FTP
Copying Files To The Local Linux Box
Copying Files To The Remote Linux Box
Chapter 15
Windows, Linux And Samba
Download and Install Packages
How To Get SAMBA Started
Configuring SWAT
Samba and PC Firewall Software
Zone Alarm
The Windows XP Built In Firewall
How To Create A Samba PDC Administrator User
Create The Administrator’s User Group and Directories
Create The Administrator User Under Linux
Adduser’s Command Switches
Create An Administrator Domain Password
Make The Administrator One Of The Samba Admin Users
How to Configure a Samba PDC
Create A Samba PDC
Create Your PC Machine Trusts
Manual Creation Of Machine Trust Accounts (NT Only)
Dynamic Creation Of Machine Trust Accounts
Make Your PC Clients Aware Of Your Samba PDC
Windows 95/98/ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
How To Add Users To Your Samba Domain
Add The Users In Linux
Map The Linux Users To An smbpassword
Map A Drive Share
Mapping Using “My Computer”
Mapping From The Command Line
Domain Groups And Samba
How To Delete Users From Your Samba Domain
Delete The Users In Linux
Delete The Users Using smbpasswd
Chapter 16
Sharing Resources With Samba
Adding A Printer To A Samba PDC
Adding The Printer To Linux
Make Samba Aware Of The Printer
Configure The Printer Driver On The Workstations
Creating Group Shares in SAMBA
Create The Directory And User Group
Configure The Share In SWAT
Map The Directory Using “My Computer”
Windows Drive Sharing With Your SAMBA Server
Windows Setup
Windows 98/ME
Test Your Windows Client Configuration
Create A ZIP Drive Mount Point On Your Samba Server
Prompted For Password Method
Not Prompted For Password Method
Using The smbmount Command Method
Chapter 17
Configuring DNS
What Is BIND?
When To Use A DNS Caching Nameserver
When To Use A Regular DNS Server
When To Use Dynamic DNS
How To Download and Install The BIND Packages
How To Get BIND Started
The /etc/resolv.conf File
Configuring A Caching Nameserver
Configuring A Regular Nameserver
Configuring named.conf
Configuring The Zone Files
The SOA Record
NS, MX, A And CNAME Records
Sample Forward Zone File
Sample Reverse Zone File
What You Need To Know About NAT And DNS
Loading Your New Configuration Files
Make Sure Your /etc/hosts File Is Correctly Updated
Configure Your Firewall
Fix Your Domain Registration
How To Migrate Your Website In-House
DHCP Considerations For DNS
Chapter 18
Dynamic DNS
What Is Dynamic DNS?
Dynamic DNS And NAT Router/Firewalls
Dynamic DNS Prerequisites
Sign Up With A DDNS Provider
Update Your DNS Registration
Installing And Using ez-ipupdate
The /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf File
ez-ipupdate And NAT
Installing And Using DDclient
The /etc/ddclient.conf File
Testing Your Dynamic DNS
Testing Port Forwarding
Chapter 19
The Apache Web Server
Download and Install The Apache Package
How To Get Apache Started
Configuring DNS For Apache
General Configuration Steps
Named Virtual Hosting
IP Based Virtual Hosting
A Note On Virtual Hosting And SSL
Disabling SSL – (Not Recommended)
Use Wild Cards Sparingly
Configuration – Multiple Sites And IP Addresses
SNMP on a Linux Server
What is MRTG?
Download and Install The MRTG Packages
Configuring MRTG
RedHat Version 8.0 and Indexmaker
Using MRTG To Monitor Other Subsystems
What Is Webalizer?
How To View Your Webalizer Statistics
The Webalizer Configuration File
Make Webalizer run in Quiet Mode
Chapter 21
Configuring Linux Mail Servers
Configuring Sendmail
An Overview Of How Sendmail Works
Installing And Starting Sendmail
Restart Sendmail After Editing Your Configuration Files
Errors With The Newaliases Command
Errors With The m4 Command
Errors When Restarting sendmail
The /var/log/maillog File
The /etc/mail/sendmail.mc File
Why Sendmail Only Listens On The Loopback Interface By Default
Edit /etc/mail/sendmail.mc To Make Sendmail Listen On NICs Too
Regenerate The sendmail.cf File
Restart sendmail to load the new configuration
Now Make Sure Sendmail Is Listening On All Interfaces
A General Guide To Using The sendmail.mc File
The /etc/hosts File
Symptoms Of A Bad /etc/hosts File
The /etc/mail/relay-domains File
The /etc/mail/access File
The /etc/mail/local-host-names File
Which User Should Really Receive The Mail?
The /etc/mail/virtusertable file
The /etc/aliases File
Simple Mailing Lists Using Aliases
An Important Note About The /etc/aliases File
Sendmail Masquerading Explained
Configuring masquerading
Testing Masquerading
Other Masquerading Notes
A Simple PERL Script To Help Stop SPAM
Configuring Your POP Mail Server
Installing Your POP Mail Server
How To Configure Your Windows Mail Programs
How to handle overlapping email addresses
Chapter 22
Configuring The DHCP Server
Download and Install The DHCP Package
The /etc/dhcp.conf File
Upgrading Your DHCP Server
How to get DHCP started
Modify Your Routes for DHCP on Linux Server
Temporary solution
Permanent Solution
Configuring Linux clients to use DHCP
Error Found When Upgrading From Redhat 7.3 To 8.0
Chapter 23
The NTP Server
What is NTP?
Download and Install The NTP Package
The /etc/ntp.conf File
How To Get NTP Started
Determining If NTP Is Synchronized Properly
Configuring Cisco Devices To Use An NTP Server
Cisco IOS
Firewalls and NTP
Chapter 24
Configuring Cisco PIX Firewalls
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Accessing the PIX command line
Via The Console Port
Via Telnet
Sample PIX Configuration: DSL - DHCP
Configuring PPPoE
NAT Configuration
Dynamic DNS Port Forwarding Entries
How To Get Static IPs For DSL Cheaply
Sample PIX configuration: DSL - Static IPs
Outgoing Connections NAT Configuration
Incoming Connections NAT Configuration
Chapter 25
Configuring Cisco DSL Routers
An Introduction to Network Address Translation (NAT)
Introduction to accessing the router command line
Sample Configurations
DSL Router With Built-In Modem - DHCP
DSL Router With Built-In Modem - Static IP
DSL Router With External Modem - Static IP
Other NAT Topics
Commonly Used TCP And UDP Ports
How To Verify That NAT Is Working Correctly
How To Troubleshoot NAT
Appendix I
Miscellaneous Topics
VPN Terminologies
Authentication Header (AH)
Encapsulating Security Protocol (ESP)
Transport mode VPNs
Transport mode AH packet format
Transport mode AH / ESP packet format
Tunnel mode VPNs
Tunnel mode AH packet format
Tunnel mode AH / ESP packet format
Authentication methods
Encryption methods
Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
IKE authentication methods
Public key cryptography using RSA encryption
Shared keys
IKE's role in creating Security Associations
VPN Security And Firewalls
VPN User Authentication Methods For Temporary Connections
Types Of Dial Up VPN Authentication
Running Linux Without A Monitor
Preparing To Go “Headless”
Configuration Steps
Make Your Linux Box Emulate A VT100 Dumb Terminal
Syslog Configuration and Cisco Devices
Cisco Routers
Catalyst CAT Switches running CATOS
Cisco Local Director
Cisco PIX Filewalls
Cisco CSS11000 (Arrowpoints)
The Sample Cisco syslog.conf File
Disk Partitioning Explained
What Is A Partition?
What Is A Filesystem?
How Linux Links Filesystems And Partitions
What Partitions Are Mandatory?
The mandatory partitions are:
"/", Also Known As "root"
Recommended Sizes For Disk Partitions
Some Recommended Partition Sizes
How Much Space Do I Have On My Partitions?
What Can I Do When I Run Out Of Disk Space?
The OSI Networking Model
The Seven OSI Layers
TCP/IP Packet Format
Contents Of The IP Header
Contents Of The TCP Header
Contents Of The UDP Header
Appendix II
Codes, Scripts and Configurations
Codes, Scripts and Configurations...293
Subnet Calculator Script
Apache File Permissions Script
Sendmail SPAM Filter Script
The mail-filter.accept File
The mail-filter.reject File
The mail-filter Script
IPtables FTP Client
IPtables FTP Server
IPtables NTP Server
IPtables Complex script
DNS Zone File For my-site.com
; Zone file for my-site.com
DNS Zone File For my-other-site.com
; Zone file for my-other-site.com
Forward Zone File For A Home Network Using NAT
Reverse Zone File For A Home Network Using NAT
Sendmail Sample /etc/mail/access File
Sendmail Sample /etc/aliases File
Sendmail Sample /etc/mail/local-host-names File
Sendmail Sample /etc/mail/sendmail.mc File
Sendmail Sample /etc/mail/virtusertable File
ICMP Codes
Cisco PIX Firewall - DHCP DSL Configuration
Cisco PIX Firewall - Static DSL Configuration
Appendix III
Wireless Linux
Cisco Router Configuration Examples
Cisco PIX Firewall Configuration Examples
Netfilter - iptables Configuration
General Home Networking Resource Pages
SSH Servers and SSH Clients
The Windows SCP client called WinSCP
FTP Server and FTP Clients
DHCP Server
Apache Web Server Software
Sendmail Mail Configuration
Static DNS
NTP Server
POP Mail Server
Samba - Linux as a Windows File Server
General Linux Resource Pages
Disk Partitioning
Network Monitoring
My Other Sites
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