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Reglas de Magia CT

Reglas de Magia CT

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Published by BlackShadow6
PDF con las Reglas de hechiceria para Cthulhutech
PDF con las Reglas de hechiceria para Cthulhutech

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Published by: BlackShadow6 on Mar 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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With the acceptance of arcanotechnology came the inevitableacceptance of magic. While carefully regulated, magic is not un-common. Sorcerers help patients make speedy recoveries in hos-pitals, arcanotherapy is the cure for cancer, and corporate magi-cians hang wards to assure the privacy of company buildings.This chapter will introduce you to the concepts surroundingmagic, the mysterious arcane tomes that hold lost occult se-crets, how eldritch magic works within
and a list of ritualistic spells for use in your game.
Like any industry or hobby, the subculture surrounding eldritchmagic has a language of its own. The two most important differ-ences are orgone vs. ruach and magic vs. magick.Orgone is classified as the primal biological energy of the body and is the official term used by the New Earth Government for that invisible thing inside people that allows them to manipulatethe cosmic forces of the universe (magic or para-psychic abili-ties). It was “discovered” by Dr. Wilhem Reich, a psychoanalystwho’s experiments led him to believe there was a force that hadnot yet been described by classical physics. His theories of or-gone biophysics created the basis for modern accepted occult-ism. However, occultists and sorcerers in the trade rarely use theterm Orgone. To them, Orgone is just a fancy pseudo-scienceterm used by the government to make magic seem less scary.The thing they believe allows them to play with cosmic forcesis called Ruach, a Hebrew word for spirit. Since Jewish mysti-cism contributed significantly to the modern understanding of cosmic structure, the magical community fell into the practiceof using this term.Another difference, though more subtle, is in the spelling of theword magic. One can always identify a knowledgeable occult-ist or sorcerer in that he spells his magic with a –k at the end– magick. It is an anachronistic practice, but one that has main-tained favor through the translation of old occult tomes.
Magic is controlled and regulated by the government. All pos-sible ritual component and magic-related purchases are trackedby the Office of Internal Security. Those who have the knowledgeand skill to be sorcerers are required to register. The OIS alsopolices the magic black market, also known as the arcane un-derground, which traffics in items the New Earth Governmentdeems too dangerous to be in the public’s hands.The penalties for violating the laws regulating magic are severe,but not as severe as the “legal” process. Any person in viola-tion of magical statutes loses their rights. It is assumed that by entering areas deemed dangerous by the NEG that a person hasbecome compromised by the dark forces of the universe, andtherefore can no longer be considered mortal. The Office of In-ternal Security has the authority to arrest, detain without charge,and confiscate any and all materials and contraband that they deem necessary. Such individuals are then taken to a detentionfacility where they undergo an unpleasant battery of interroga-tions and tests to determine their state of mind and being. Thosethat succeed in establishing their sanity and mortality then goon to stand trial as normal. Those who do not find themselveslocked away in specially guarded and warded OIS vaults, lostforever to the world.
There are three things that make a sorcerer: a great will, a capac-ity for cosmic energy (inherent in nearly all living things), and thedrive to delve fearlessly into the occult. The first and the last areeasily measured and are watched in upcoming youths in the NewEarth Government school system.All students undergo aptitude testing as part of their normalschooling. The NEG has added a section that tests those traitsthat mark a youth as a potential sorcerer. When such studentsare identified, the Office of Internal Security takes interest,watching the individual’s continuing studies, their purchases,and checking on their lifestyles. This allows them to recruit giftedsorcerers into government service and also have an early warningsystem for any who decide to practice magic unregistered or whomight fall under cult influence. This testing is one of the primary reasons that cults home-school their children.The symbionts that make Tagers what they are require a regu-lar infusion of Ruach in order to exist. This constant siphon-ing makes Tagers poor sorcerers, something they leave to other members of the Eldritch Society.
If a person meets the basic requirements for magical aptitude,it’s pretty easy to find above-board training. Most reputable col-leges have metaphysics programs that teach a young magicianeverything he needs to know. Graduates leave with a broad edu-cation in occult and magical theory, and more than likely an En-chantment, Protection, or Transmogrification (if a doctor) ritualor two under their belt. But there are still those who believe thatthe process is more intimate than that and feel that classroomeducation only sullies the study of “the Art”. They choose to ex-plore occult mysteries on their own and experiment in private.Some believe in a more traditional master/apprentice system.Regardless, those who want to study magic on the up and uphave many options for training.
There are two routes for registered New Earth Government sor-cerers to go in life – either service to the government or workingas an independent.Working for the government certainly has its benefits. In addi-tion to great health and retirement benefits, NEG sorcerers haveaccess to illegal books and spells. After all, in order to unweavean illegal spell a sorcerer must know it. That doesn’t mean thatgovernment magicians have unlimited access to the “black arts”– this sort of knowledge is still carefully guarded. Even if thechances are few and far between, New Earth Government sorcer-ers are the only ones allowed to skirt the legalities of their spells
and libraries. On the other hand, not all government jobs areinteresting. There are sorcerers who’s entire job is maintainingwards for the President. But there are sorcerers employed by themilitary and police organizations that lead more exciting livesand these are the ones depicted in movies.Being independent simply means that a sorcerer doesn’t work for the government. Many sorcerers are recruited fresh out of col-lege by private institutions. Corporations employ many eldritchmagicians and actively seek hot talent. These sorcerers may bebound by the rules, but they are well compensated. Other inde-pendents might just be people with an active interest in magicor those who simply seek to improve their own lives. Regardless,being an independent often means greater personal benefit, butit also means that being carefully watched by the Office of Inter-nal Security.
Besides the panoply of Human languages in which occult knowl-edge is recorded, there are a number of ancient and inhumantongues in which such wisdom can be found.
– The language of the ancient Valusians, Aklo is a tonguethat modern mortals are capable of speaking with some difficul-ty. It existed in both a spoken and written form. There are few inthe modern age who know anything of this long-dead language.
– The supposed language of angels as recorded by Dr.John Dee and Edward Kelley, Enochian has become a languageused in many rituals (first adopted by Aleister Crowley). It existsin both a written and spoken form and is very easy for mortalsto learn and speak. Enochian, like Tsath-yo, is taught at mostmajor universities. To this day, no one knows if Enochian is agenuine or invented language – a topic of some debate.
– The language of either the Elder Race or the GreatRace, or possibly shared by both, Pnakotic exists today in writ-ten form only. Scholars have been unable to determine what thelanguage would sound like and Humans more than likely do nothave the biology to replicate it. Ciphers preserved amongst an-cient Antarctic ruins have contributed to the world’s knowledgeof Pnakotic today. While difficult to find, those who can trans-late Pnakotic do exist in the occult circles of the modern world.
– A common occult language, if such thing can becalled such a thing, R’lyehan has been preserved for millenniaamongst the various cults of the world. It is supposedly thenative tongue spoken by Cthulhu and his kind. Mortals are ill-equipped to speak the language, but phonetic recordings havebeen passed down through the ages and are still used in rituals.The true written form of the language is hieroglyphic.
– An early Human language, Tsath-yo is a Pangean(some say Hyperborean) language of ancient man. While notacknowledged by the archeological community for generations,the language was preserved in both its spoken and written formby those occultists who believed that our forebears held wisdomthat we have lost through the ages. It is not unusual to find oc-cultists who are fluent in Tsath-yo – most major universities witha reputable metaphysics program teach it. The written form of Tsath-yo is hieroglyphic, like many ancient languages of man.
As sorcerers quickly discover, the dimensions we perceive in thismortal coil are only part of the greater universe. Together they are called the World of Elements in esoteric tomes. The firstthree are commonly known as the physical plane: height, weight,and depth. The fourth dimension is not so easy to quantify, andit is primarily known through its effects – this is the dimensionof time and vitality. It is what channels the energy of the universeinto life, as well as what locks it into the cycle of mortality. Sideby side is the dimension of thoughts and emotions – the fifth– where all things exist for eternity. Wrapping around all of thatis the Astral Plane, a place of pure essence, into which those whoare gifted enough can travel in a disembodied state.The higher dimensions are beyond mortal ken, but it is rumoredthat another, higher magic exists that draws its power from andaffects these dimensions. The power this would grant wouldmake the sorcerer who controls it potent and alien – and a demi-god. Those beings who naturally exists in the higher dimensionsare called Outsiders, as they exist outside the World of Elements,and those mortals that have been rumored to harness the pow-ers of the higher dimensions give up their mortality to becomeone of them.There are those mortals who gain an understanding of the great-er nature of the universe – and great power along with it. Sorcer-ers or magicians are those who force their rational mind to com-prehend the complex and alien nature of the universe and learnhow to manipulate it in practiced ways. These practiced waysare called spells, and can, in theory, be developed to manipu-late things in nearly every way conceivable. Those who have anintuitive understanding of this framework manifest para-psychicabilities, which are more set and restricted in their manifesta-tion, but do not require the study and ritual that eldritch magicdoes. Someone so gifted is either a magician or a para-psychic– they are mutually exclusive.
While most major religions still try to force what people nowknow about the universe into their dogma, occultists have dis-covered stories that tell of darker, more ancient gods. They areinhuman, terrifying, and seem to have care little for Humanity.Very little is known about their purpose or desires. According toarcane works, there are three groups of these terrible deities. TheEndless Ones are supposedly made of and control the primalenergies of the universe, the Old Ones are alien gods who onceruled this planet, and the Forgotten Ones, thought by some tobe responsible for the disappearance of the Old Ones, remaina mystery.Of these, several are of importance to practitioners of eldritchmagic. Yog-Sothoth, an Endless One, has been said to be a thingthat exists in all worlds in all times and knows the passings ineach. It is often entreated by those who wish to see the futureor to manipulate the fabric of dimensions. Hypnos, possibly anavatar of the Forgotten One Morfean, is said to be the master of dreams and is beseeched by those who wish to travel intothe land beyond sleep. Gurathnaka, an Old One, is a dark godof nightmares who has purportedly consumed the Dreamlands.Because of him most sorcerers light their homes and work-ing spaces brightly, as it is said to see and influence the worldthrough shadows. Perhaps the most significant is the EndlessOne called Nyarlathotep, who is rumored to have been involvedwith mortal affairs since the dawn of time and often takes spe-cial interest in visionary sorcerers.There are two other gods that have become important to theAeon War. Perhaps the greatest of the Old Ones, Cthulhu is thething the Esoteric Order of Dagon seeks. This deity supposedly reigned hundreds of millions of years ago and will do so againif raised from his sleep of death. The Dead God, the Old OneHastur already walks the Earth and guides the effort of his cult,the Disciples of the Unnamable, from his palace in Central Asia.Few sorcerers dare use his name, as supposedly the mention willdraw his unholy attention.
In days gone by, sorcerers jealously hoarded their knowledgein old and musty tomes. The information age changed all that.Nowadays, ancient eldritch books and magical rituals are foundelectronically. No longer is knowledge lost to decay. No longer are rituals the domain of the lucky or rich. It’s all there, if you justknow where to look for it.Now that’s not to say that all occult books are legal. Many oc-cult books have been declared too dangerous for public con-sumption by the New Earth Government and owning them is aserious offense. Some books have been censored by the govern-ment and re-released in “less harmful” editions. The same goesfor magical rituals. Some spells have been classified “safe” by theNEG and are readily available. Others require a permit, muchlike those required for guns, and still others are blacklisted. Onecan assume that if a book or ritual contains anything regardingextra-dimensional entities that it’s been blacklisted.To the New Earth Government’s credit, the majority of the oc-cult books and rituals that have been blacklisted are dangerous.The knowledge or power in them, even in responsible hands,might corrupt the user or unleash powerful forces that are easily outside of any mortal sorcerer’s control. But it’s not like thatstops anyone.If a book or ritual is legal, acquiring it is just a question of talkingto the right dealer and ponying up the money. A copy-protectedversion will be downloaded to your PCPU and you’re ready togo. Standard copy-protection gives a user one legal backup andfive legal printouts before the file locks up. Even if it’s legal, allmagical purchases are tracked by the Office of Internal Security,so the government knows what you’ve been buying. If a book or 

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