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CthulhuTech Reglas parapsiquicos

CthulhuTech Reglas parapsiquicos

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Published by BlackShadow6
Reglas de Parapsiquicos para Cthulhutech
Reglas de Parapsiquicos para Cthulhutech

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Published by: BlackShadow6 on Mar 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Along with the acceptance of arcanotechnology and magic camepara-psychic powers. Those gifted with para-psychic abilities arenot as common as those who pursue magic, though they are anormal enough presence in society. However, while people knowthat sorcerers have to spend hours or even days involved in in-tense ritual to bring the powers of the universe to bear, they alsoknow that para-psychics do it with just a thought. Many peopledo not trust or are outright fearful of those who intuitively moldsupernatural power to their will.This chapter will introduce you to the concept surrounding para-psychics, how para-psychic powers work within
, and alist of para-psychic powers for use in your game.
All creatures have a reservoir of internal energy within them. Thescholars of the New Earth Government call it Orgone. It powersany ability that is considered to be supernatural. The symbiontsof Tagers feed off it. Sorcerers tap into it and shape the pow-ers of the universe through specific patterns. Para-psychics arethose who naturally and intuitively harness this cosmic power.While sorcerers may have access to a greater breadth of power,para-psychics can call upon their abilities at will.
There are three types of para-psychics: latent, erupted, and Zon-er. Those that are classified as latent have uncontrolled para-psychic potential or ability. What little ability they do display is minor and latent para-psychics are not required to register with the government. Erupted para-psychics are those that havemanifested a powerful ability or powerful abilities that they cancontrol. Zoners are erupted para-psychics whose bodies have in-ternalized the alien energies of the Nevada Zone. They manifestpowerful abilities, though at a cost to their grip on reality.
All para-psychics begin with latent abilities, which are usually pale echoes of what truly powerful potential lies within them.Then some kind of dramatic change or traumatic event (often-times puberty) triggers an eruption and these abilities come intofull effect. However, how these para-psychic powers feel andlook are different from individual to individual. One Pyrokinet-ic’s eyes may turn red when he uses his powers, while another might glow with a nimbus of heat. One Mindworm’s mental ten-drils might feel like ice water, while another’s might feel like stab-bing needles. One Teleporter may transport with a pop, whileanother might transport with the quiet rush of wind. While thetypes of powers may fit neatly into molds, para-psychics them-selves do not.
Para-psychics are controlled and regulated by the government,like sorcerers. However, unlike practitioners of magic, para-psy-chics have no choice about their situation. Their powers mani-fest and that’s that. Thus, the Office of Internal Security main-tains a very different registration system.There are technically three different classifications of para-psy-chic powers. Acceptable powers are those that are consideredto be no threat to society and the people around the para-psy-chic. Those para-psychics who are fortunate enough to havedeveloped only Acceptable powers are not forced to identify themselves as para-psychics and can live a relatively normal life.Dangerous powers are those that can cause physical harm toothers or the environment around the para-psychic and Inva-sive powers are those that pry inside the privacy and sanctity of another’s mind or those that can influence another against hiswill. Some powers are classified as both. Those para-psychicswho have developed these types of powers are forced to identify themselves at all times. Special badges or decorative pins identi-fying the threat must be visibly displayed whenever the para-psy-chic is anywhere but the privacy of his own home. If a Dangerousor Invasive para-psychic is ever found in public without visibleidentification he is arrested and prosecuted.All para-psychics are required to register once their first pow-er erupts. The penalties for violating the laws regulating para-psychic ability are just as severe as those governing magic. Un-registered or criminal para-psychics are arrested and detainedwithout due process. They are then taken to detention facilitieswhere they undergo interrogation and an unpleasant series of tests. Unregistered para-psychics, depending upon their situa-tion, are given prison terms if they agree to register. Criminalpara-psychics often find themselves guinea pigs for drug or sur-gical testing designed to dampen their powers. Few find their way back into the world. Those that do are either shells of their former selves or those who have cut deals and now live in inden-tured servitude to the government.
All students undergo aptitude testing as a part of their school-ing. Like magical aptitude, students are tested for psychic po-tential. Those who receive high scores are tracked by the Officeof Internal Security. However, para-psychic powers are unpre-dictable and many do not erupt until they are adults. The OISdoes its best to keep its eye out for para-psychics, but many fallthrough the cracks.Once a para-psychic erupts and chooses to register, there areoptions for training. Many accredited institutions offer pro-grams to help young para-psychics hone their powers in a mar-ketable way. Many para-psychics choose to join developmentworkshops offered through new-age and occult organizationsand stores. But there are those who believe that their powersare too personal for outside help and choose to concentrate ondeveloping them instinctually.
Once registered, there are two paths for most para-psychics – fed-eral service or employment in the private sector. Those that workfor the government are given good salaries, excellent benefits,and many no longer are required to wear para-psychic identifica-tion markings in public. However, more than most, they are very carefully watched by the Office of Internal Security. Like thosefor sorcerers, there are many para-psychic government jobs thatare pretty boring, but those in military and police organizations
Explorers of the Mind
live much more interesting lives. Both such organizations actively seek Environmental and Manipulative para-psychics to recruit.Those that choose employment in the private sector have op-tions, many of them lucrative. Para-psychics that participatein collegiate training are often recruited by corporations. They are very well-paid and respected. Others choose to offer their services independently, creating profitable private practices.Those with Environmental powers find themselves in laboratory situations or hired as specialized bodyguards, those with Sen-sory powers often create counseling practices, and those thatmanifest basic somatic powers sometimes hire themselves out asbodyguards or stuntmen. Manipulative para-psychics have thehardest time of it as independents, but are sometimes capableof creating specialized counseling services.
Para-psychic powers bring the power of the universe into thehands of the user. They can be called upon at will and skilledpara-psychics can produce amazing feats. Powers are limitedonly by the para-psychic’s imagination, reservoir of cosmic en-ergy, and the careful maintenance of control over the forces thatrage within them.
Like sorcerers, most mortal para-psychics can only affect thefirst five dimensions. There are four categories of powers thataffect the World of Elements. They are:• Environmental Powers – These powers affect the primal forcesin the world around the para-psychic. Some examples of envi-ronmental powers include pyrokinesis (mastery of fire), telekine-sis (manipulating objects), and photokinesis (mastery of light).• Manipulative Powers – These powers are those that affect other creatures, often against their will. Some examples include Em-pathic Projection (influencing the emotions of others), DreamProjection (entering the dreams of others), and Probe (diggingdeep into the mind and memories of another).• Sensory Powers – These powers grant supernatural senses tothe para-psychic. Some examples include Empathy (readingthe emotions of another), psychometry (reading the emotionalresidue of an object), and retrocognition (receiving visions of alocation’s past).• Somatic Powers – These powers give the para-psychic super-human physical abilities. Some examples include Power Boost(increased strength and endurance), Magnetism (increasedpersonal charisma and charm), and Psychic Healing (mystically healing of illness and injury).Additionally, all powers are classified according to Order, whichis a representation of their individual level of influence andpower. There are three Orders in the World of Elements, witheach Order being more powerful than the Orders below it. ThirdOrder spells represent the greatest para-psychic ability within aparticular type of power – they are very powerful and typically very demanding.
Para-psychic powers are not the weak psychic abilities that many thought to be reality in a different age. They can be very pow-erful and dangerous, in some cases manipulating some of thestrongest and most primal forces of nature. What is most fright-ening, however, is that it seems random who it is that developspara-psychic ability and that the use of such amazing powers issimply instinctual – no discipline required.
There are two types of Tests to determine whether or not a para-psychic power is both brought into being and accomplishes theintended effect. The first is the invocation Test, which is set at aDegree determined by the Difficulty rating in each power’s list-ing. When you want your Character to use his power, you mustfirst use an Action and succeed at a Test using a number of dice
Mechanically each power lists a lot of information. Here are the different components:Name The most commonly used name for the power.Order The Order of the power, representing its level of power.Type If the power is Environmental, Manipulative, Sensory, or Somatic.Registration Whether the power is considered Acceptable, Dangerous, Invasive, or a combinationthereof.Insanity Test The Insanity Test required by manifestation of the power. If the Test fails, this also liststhe number of Insanity Points acquired.Intellect Required This lists the minimum Intellect required to manifest the power.Tenacity Required This lists the minimum Tenacity required to manifest the power.Power Prerequisites This lists if the power requires other powers to have previously manifested.Load Time This lists the minimum amount of time required to bring the power into being.Difficulty This is the Difficulty rating (Degree) for power Tests to bring the power into being.Orgone Initiation Cost This is the amount of Orgone that must be spent in order to successfully use thepower. This includes the first interval of the power, as indicated by the MaintenanceCost.Orgone Maintenance Cost This is the amount of Orgone that must be spent in order to maintain an active power,as well as the intervals in which the Orgone must be spent.Effects This lists the effects of the power.Manifestations This describes possible different ways the power might manifest for a para-psychic.Specializations This gives some suggestions for power specializations.
equal to his skill rating in the power and his Tenacity as a thegoverning attribute. If you fail, your Character cannot bring thatpower to bear this turn. He expends no Orgone and can try againon his next Action, with no Test Penalty. Success equals invoca-tion, and only success requires the expenditure of Orgone.Once a power has been properly invoked and you’ve determinedhow you’d like to use it, your Storyguide will give you a Difficulty just like any other Test. To make a Para-Psychic Powers Test, rolla number of dice equal to your Character’s skill rating in thepower with his Tenacity as the governing attribute and compareas usual. If the power is successful, spend the required Orgoneand the power’s effects happen. Critical Failures have differentconsequences, however, which will be discussed shortly.Some powers can be maintained, that is they are not simply aninstant effect and can occur over time. To maintain a power,simply pay the Orgone cost and the power continues. If you wishto radically alter how a maintained power is being used, your Storyguide may call for another Test to make sure you can pullit off.
Orgone naturally replenishes given time. It returns more quickly if a Character is resting, but will replenish even if he’s rigorously active. Use the following guidelines:• 1 Orgone recovered for every hour spent resting.• 2 Orgone recovered for every hour of restful sleep.• 1 Orgone recovered for every four hours spent active.
It is possible to make the success of a power more likely by in-vesting more cosmic energy into the power than is normally nec-essary. By spending double the amount of Orgone required, apara-psychic can reduce the Degree of the power Test by oneand by quadrupling he can reduce it by two. The Degree of apower Test can only be reduced two levels and then only to Aver-age. However, many powers require too much Orgone for thisto be practical.Para-psychics also have the ability to sacrifice their life-force togenerate more power. For every 1 die of Vitality damage a para-psychic is willing and able to suffer, he can generate an extra four points of Orgone. This damage cannot be reduced in any way.It is determined after the Test is made so it is conceivable for aCharacter to die in this fashion.
While para-psychics cannot assist each other in manifestingpowers, they can combine the strengths of their powers. As anexample, two manipulative para-psychics might both assault aresistant subject using the Probe power to get into his mind. If anExtended Test is required, the normal rules for Teamwork apply.However, if only a single, normal Test is required for immediateeffect, the following rules apply. The para-psychic with the high-est power skill level is the Character who initiates the Test androlls the dice. Each para-psychic of Novice or Adept power skilllevel with the same power who is assisting reduces the Degreeone category or provides a +4 Contest Bonus; each para-psychicof Expert or Master power skill level with the same power whois assisting reduces the Degree two categories or provides a +6Contest Bonus. The minimum the Degree can be reduced is toAverage and the maximum Contest Bonus is limited to +10.Many powers are as such that assistance only means the com-bining of effects. For example, two Pyrokinetics may attempt toignite an entire building. In these cases, simply aggregate the in-dividual Tests and effects to determine the cumulative result.
Para-psychics with the same power can attempt to counter eachother. To do so, they must engage in a Contest using their pow-er’s skill. Both are forced to expend Orgone. If the initiator wins,the power succeeds. If the para-psychic attempting to block thepower wins, the power is stymied.Certain magical rituals also interfere with the function of para-psychic powers. The protection offered by the Ward AgainstSorcery also works against para-psychic powers. Wards of Se-clusion and Solitude, and Wards Against the Unseen protect intheir own ways.
The ways that many powers can be used are only limited by thecreativity of the para-psychic. Some of them may become fa-vorites for the user. You may choose to have your para-psychicCharacter Specialize in these defined ways. Some suggestionsare provided with each power listing.
While sorcerers labor under the constant threat of a mishap,para-psychics must face Burn. It is what happens when a para-psychic opens himself up to the cosmic forces that power hisabilities too often and without the proper care and respect.A Burn Test is called for whenever a para-psychic Critically Fails aPower Test or runs himself out of Orgone. A Burn Test is also duewhen a Character uses his power habitually or a single power toooften, at your Storyguide’s discretion. A Burn Test is a Tenacity Feat Test against a Degree based on the situation surroundingthe Test. In the case of Critical Failures or running dry of Orgone,those Tests occur when the situation occurs. For habitual users,the Storyguide will call for Tests periodically – once a month,usually. The Degrees are as follows:• Challenging – the Character Critically Failed a Power Test or theCharacter ran out of Orgone.• Hard – Character regularly runs out of Orgone, the Character is in the early stages of habitual power use, or the Character hasbeen through many Burns.• Very Hard – Character is a truly habitual user of his powers or the Character has Burned often.The state is called a Burn because the cosmic forces inside thepara-psychic start to burn off of their own volition – through hispowers. All of his powers begin to flare-up randomly and out of his control. He becomes a walking psychic bomb. What’s worseis that these flare-ups do not drain him of Orgone – the Burntaps them into a greater reservoir of energy beyond that of the

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