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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Program Elements
Character Sets
Single-Byte Character Set (SBCS)
Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS)
Statement elements
Statement Elements
Delimiters and Operators
Condition prefix
Condition Prefix
Label Prefix
Statement Body
Other Statement types
Using DBCS in Source Programs
DBCS Identifiers
DBCS language elements
DBCS Language Elements
Elements not supported by DBCS
Elements Not Supported by DBCS
DBCS Continuation Rules
Chapter 2. Data Elements
Variables and Constants
Data Types
Data Attributes
Problem data
Problem Data
Coded Arithmetic Data and Attributes
String data and attributes
String Data and Attributes
Program control data
Program Control Data
Area Data and Attribute
Entry Data and Attribute
Event Data and Attribute
File data and attribute
File Data and Attribute
Label Data and Attribute
Offset data and attribute
Offset Data and Attribute
Pointer data and attribute
Pointer Data and Attribute
VARIABLE Attribute
Data Alignment
Data aggregates
Data Aggregates
Arrays of structures
Arrays of Structures
Structure mapping
Structure Mapping
Rules for order of pairing
Rules for Order of Pairing
Rules for Mapping One Pair
Effect of UNALIGNED attribute
Effect of UNALIGNED Attribute
Example of Structure Mapping
Chapter 3. Expressions and References
Evaluation order
Evaluation Order
Intermediate Results
Operational expressions
Operational Expressions
Arithmetic Operations
Bit operations
Bit Operations
Comparison Operations
Concatenation operations
Concatenation Operations
Combinations of Operations
Array expressions
Array Expressions
Prefix Operators and Arrays
Infix operators and arrays
Infix Operators and Arrays
Structure Expressions
Prefix Operators and Structures
Infix Operators and Structures
Structure-and-Element Operations
Structure-and-Structure Operations
Chapter 4. Data Conversion
Built-In Functions for Problem Data Conversion
Converting string lengths
Converting String Lengths
Converting arithmetic precision
Converting Arithmetic Precision
Converting Mode
Converting Other Data Attributes
Source-to-Target Data Conversion Rules
Chapter 5. Program Organization
Program activation
Program Activation
Program Termination
Block Activation
Block termination
Block Termination
Internal and external blocks
Internal and External Blocks
PROCEDURE and ENTRY Statements
Parameter attributes
Parameter Attributes
Procedure activation
Procedure Activation
Procedure Termination
Recursive Procedures
Dynamic loading of an external procedure
Dynamic Loading of an External Procedure
FETCH Statement
RELEASE Statement
Built-in subroutines
Built-In Subroutines
Built-in functions
Built-In Functions
Association of Arguments and Parameters
Dummy Arguments
Passing an argument to the MAIN procedure
Passing an Argument to the MAIN Procedure
BEGIN Statement
Begin-block activation
Begin-Block Activation
Begin-Block Termination
Entry Data
Declaring entry data
Declaring Entry Data
Entry Variable
ENTRY Attribute
OPTIONAL Attribute
OPTIONS Attribute
RETURNS Attribute
BUILTIN attribute
BUILTIN Attribute
GENERIC Attribute and References
Entry invocation or entry value
Entry Invocation or Entry Value
CALL Statement
Assignment Statement
Multiple Assignments
Examples of Assignment Statements
%assignment Statement
CLOSE Statement
%DECLARE Statement
DELAY Statement
DELETE Statement
DISPLAY Statement
Example of the DISPLAY Statement
DO Statement
Examples of DO Statements
%DO Statement
END Statement
Multiple Closure
%END Statement
ENTRY Statement
EXIT Statement
FORMAT Statement
FREE Statement
GET Statement
GO TO Statement
%GO TO Statement
IF Statement
Examples of IF Statements
%IF Statement
%INCLUDE Statement
LEAVE Statement
Examples of LEAVE Statements
LOCATE Statement
%NOPRINT Statement
%NOTE Statement
null Statement
%null Statement
ON Statement
OPEN Statement
%PAGE Statement
%PRINT Statement
%PROCEDURE Statement
%PROCESS Statement
*PROCESS Statement
PUT Statement
READ Statement
REVERT Statement
REWRITE Statement
SELECT Statement
Examples of Select-Groups
SIGNAL Statement
%SKIP Statement
STOP Statement
UNLOCK Statement
WAIT Statement
WHEN Statement
WRITE Statement
Chapter 8. Storage Control
Static storage and attribute
Static Storage and Attribute
Automatic storage and attribute
Automatic Storage and Attribute
Controlled storage and attribute
Controlled Storage and Attribute
ALLOCATE Statement for Controlled Variables
FREE Statement for Controlled Variables
Multiple Generations of Controlled Variables
Controlled structures
Controlled Structures
Built-In Functions for Controlled Variables
Based Storage and Attribute
Locator Data
POINTER Variable and Attribute
Built-In Functions for Based Variables
ALLOCATE Statement for Based Variables
FREE Statement for Based Variables
REFER Option (Self-Defining Data)
Area data and attribute
Area assignment
Area Assignment
Input/output of areas
Input/Output of Areas
List Processing
DEFINED Attribute
Unconnected Storage
Simple Defining
iSUB Defining
String Overlay Defining
POSITION Attribute
INITIAL Attribute
Examples of the INITIAL Attribute
Chapter 9. Input and Output
Data sets
Data Sets
Data Set Organization
Information Interchange Codes
FILE Attribute
Alternative attributes
Alternative Attributes
Additive attributes
Additive Attributes
Opening and Closing Files
Chapter 10. Record-Oriented Data Transmission
Data Transmitted
Unaligned Bit Strings
Varying-Length Strings
Graphic strings
Graphic Strings
Area Variables
Data Transmission Statements
Options of data transmission statements
Options of Data Transmission Statements
FILE Option
INTO Option
FROM Option
SET Option
KEY Option
KEYTO Option
EVENT Option
Processing Modes
Move mode
Move Mode
Locate Mode
Chapter 11. Stream-Oriented Data Transmission
Data transmission statements
COPY Option
SKIP Option
PAGE Option
LINE Option
Data Specifications
Transmission of data-list items
Transmission of Data-List Items
List-directed data specification
List-Directed Data Specification
List-Directed Data Values
GET list-directed
GET List-Directed
PUT list-directed
PUT List-Directed
PRINT Attribute
Chapter 12. Edit-Directed Format Items
A Format Item
B Format Item
C Format Item
COLUMN Format Item
E Format Item
F Format Item
G Format Item
LINE Format Item
P Format Item
PAGE Format Item
R Format Item
SKIP Format Item
X Format Item
Picture specification characters
Chapter 13. Picture Specification Characters
Picture Repetition Factors
Picture Characters for Character Data
Picture Characters for Numeric Character Data
Digit and decimal-point characters
Digit and Decimal-Point Characters
Zero suppression characters
Zero Suppression Characters
Insertion Characters
Signs and Currency Characters
Credit, Debit, Overpunched, and Zero Replacement Characters
Exponent characters
Exponent Characters
Scaling factor character
Scaling Factor Character
Chapter 14. Condition Handling
Condition Prefixes
Scope of condition prefix
Scope of the Condition Prefix
Established Action
REVERT statement
SIGNAL statement
Multiple Conditions
Example of Use of Conditions
Chapter 15. Conditions
Classification of Conditions
AREA Condition
ENDFILE Condition
ENDPAGE Condition
ERROR Condition
FINISH Condition
KEY Condition
NAME Condition
Condition Codes
Built-In Functions, Subroutines, and Pseudovariables
Chapter 16. Built-In Functions, Subroutines, and Pseudovariables
Classification of built-in functions
Classification of Built-In Functions
String-Handling Built-In Functions
Arithmetic Built-In Functions
Mathematical built-in functions
Mathematical Built-In Functions
Array-Handling Built-In Functions
Condition-Handling Built-In Functions
Storage Control Built-In Functions
Event built-in functions
Event Built-In Functions
Input/Output Built-In Functions
Miscellaneous Built-In Functions
Aggregate arguments
Aggregate Arguments
Null Argument Lists
Descriptions of Built-In Functions, Subroutines, and Pseudovariables
ABS (Arithmetic)
ACOS (Mathematical)
ADD (Arithmetic)
ADDR (Storage control)
ALL (Array-Handling)
ALLOCATION (Storage Control)
ANY (Array-Handling)
ASIN (Mathematical)
ASMTDLI (Subroutine)
ATAN (Mathematical)
ATAND (Mathematical)
ATANH (Mathematical)
BINARY (Arithmetic)
BINARYVALUE (Storage Control)
BIT (String-Handling)
BOOL (String-Handling)
CEIL (Arithmetic)
CHAR (String-Handling)
COMPLETION (Pseudovariable)
COMPLEX (Arithmetic)
COMPLEX Pseudovariable
COMPLEX (Pseudovariable)
CONJG (Arithmetic)
COS (Mathematical)
COSD (Mathematical)
COSH (Mathematical)
COUNT (Input/Output)
CURRENTSTORAGE (Storage Control)
DATAFIELD (Condition-Handling)
DATE (Miscellaneous)
DATETIME (Miscellaneous)
DECIMAL (Arithmetic)
DIM (Array-Handling)
DIVIDE (Arithmetic)
EMPTY (Storage Control)
ENTRYADDR (Storage Control)
ENTRYADDR (Pseudovariable)
ERF (Mathematical)
ERFC (Mathematical)
EXP (Mathematical)
FIXED (Arithmetic)
FLOAT (Arithmetic)
FLOOR (Arithmetic)
GRAPHIC (String-Handling)
HBOUND (Array-Handling)
HIGH (String-Handling)
IMAG (Arithmetic)
IMAG (Pseudovariable)
INDEX (String-Handling)
LBOUND (Array-Handling)
LENGTH (String-Handling)
LINENO (Input/Output)
LOG (Mathematical)
LOG2 (Mathematical)
LOG10 (Mathematical)
LOW (String-Handling)
MAX (Arithmetic)
MIN (Arithmetic)
MOD (Arithmetic)
MPSTR (String-Handling)
MULTIPLY (Arithmetic)
NULL (Storage Control)
OFFSET (Storage Control)
ONCHAR (Condition-Handling)
ONCHAR (Pseudovariable)
ONCODE (Condition-Handling)
ONCOUNT (Condition-Handling)
ONFILE (Condition-Handling)
ONKEY (Condition-Handling)
ONLOC (Condition-Handling)
ONSOURCE (Condition-Handling)
ONSOURCE (Pseudovariable)
PLICANC (Built-In Subroutine)
PLICKPT (Built-In Subroutine)
PLIDUMP (Built-In Subroutine)
PLIREST (Built-In Subroutine)
PLIRETC (Built-In Subroutine)
PLIRETV (Miscellaneous)
PLISRTA (Built-In Subroutine)
PLISRTB (Built-In Subroutine)
PLISRTC (Built-In Subroutine)
PLISRTD (Built-In Subroutine)
PLITDLI (Subroutine)
PLITEST (Built-In Subroutine)
POINTER (Storage Control)
POINTERADD (Storage Control)
POINTERVALUE (Storage Control)
POLY (Array-Handling)
PRECISION (Arithmetic)
PROD (Array-Handling)
REAL (Arithmetic)
REAL (Pseudovariable)
REPEAT (String-Handling)
ROUND (Arithmetic)
SAMEKEY (Input/Output)
SIGN (Arithmetic)
SIN (Mathematical)
SIND (Mathematical)
SINH (Mathematical)
SQRT (Mathematical)
STATUS (Event)
STATUS (Pseudovariable)
STORAGE (Storage Control)
STRING (String-Handling)
STRING (Pseudovariable)
SUBSTR (String-Handling)
SUBSTR (Pseudovariable)
SUM (Array-Handling)
SYSNULL (Storage Control)
TAN (Mathematical)
TAND (Mathematical)
TANH (Mathematical)
TIME (Miscellaneous)
TRANSLATE (String-Handling)
TRUNC (Arithmetic)
UNSPEC (String-Handling)
UNSPEC (Pseudovariable)
VERIFY (String-Handling)
| Chapter 17. Multitasking (MVS Only)
Task Data and Attribute
| Task Data and Attribute
Creation of Tasks
| Creation of Tasks
| Priority of Tasks
| Coordination and Synchronization of Tasks
Sharing Data Between Tasks
Testing and Setting Event Variables
Termination of Tasks
| Termination of Tasks
Chapter 18. Preprocessor Facilities
Preprocessor Scan
Preprocessor Variables and Data Elements
Preprocessor References and Expressions
Scope of preprocessor names
Scope of Preprocessor Names
Preprocessor Procedures
Arguments and Parameters for Preprocessor Functions
Preprocessor RETURN Statement
Preprocessor built-in functions
Preprocessor Built-In Functions
The preprocessor built-in functions are:
COMPILETIME Built-In Function
COUNTER Built-In Function
INDEX Built-In Function
LENGTH Built-In Function
PARMSET Built-In Function
SUBSTR Built-In Function
Preprocessor statements
Preprocessor Statements
Preprocessor Examples
Appendix. PL/I Limits
PL/I for MVS & VM Publications
Language Environment for MVS & VM Publications
PL/I for OS/2 Publications
CoOperative Development Environment/370
IBM Debug Tool
Softcopy Publications
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