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Published by: SHUBHAM MENDEVELL on Aug 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Feb 2008AT NITTE MEENAKSHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,YELAHANKA, BANGALOREBy Sudheendra KumarTHERE ARE TWO ROUNDS FOR SELECTION :-1)APTITUDE TEST2)H R INTERVIEAPTITUDE TEST CONSISTS OF TWO PAPERS:-(i)ARITHMETIC ANG LOGICAL REASONING.(ii)ENGLISH COMPREHENSION TEST (English grammar + passages).***************************************************************************************ARITHMETIC ANG LOGICAL REASONING PAPER:Questions : 30Time : 40 minutesALL QUESTIONS CARRY “ONE” MARK[i]Three persons A,B,C have Rs.165,Rs.180,Rs.150. The person having the highest amount gives1/5
of his amount to two other persons equally. The game ends when each one hascontributed.1>What was the amount left with C at the end of game?2>What was the amount left with B at the end of game?3>What was the amount left with A at the end of game?
 What was the amount left with A after his contribution(i.e after 2
step)?5>In how many steps the game ends?[ii] (VISUAL REASONING) 5 figures were given and we are asked to pick the ODD MAN out5 Questions on this.[iii](LOGICAL REASONING) READ THE QUESTIONS BELOW AND PICK THE RIGHTOPTION 1 – if conclusion can be made by using either of the two statements.OPTION 2 – if conclusion can be made by using only one statement.OPTION 3 – if conclusion can be made by only by using both the statements.OPTION 4 – if conclusion can NOT be made by using both the statements.5 Questions on this.Example : Total number of students in a class is 120.find the number of girls in the class?a)The number of boys in a class is 90.b) The number of girls is about 25%.Answer is OPTION 1 because using anyone statement you can solve the given question.
[iv](Data Interpretation)There are six firms A,B,C,D,E,F and its information:FIRM** TOTAL INCOME**No. of EMPLOYEES**OFFICES***INCOME SPLIT**** I ** II ** III ** IV**A 8000mn5000400 15 20 35 30B 7500mn4000350 10 25 40 25C 7000mn4500250 not availableD 6500mn4000300 15 30 40 15E 6000mn 4200280 not availableF 4500mn2500200 not availableI:auditII:taxIII:net incomeIV:extra16>What is the difference in income generated between firms A & D?17>Which firm has highest ratio of no. of employees to offices?18>Which of the three firms contribute to around 42% of the total of all firms`s income?(1)A,B,C(2)A,D,B(3)D,E,F(4)C,B,Danswer is (3)19>If next year Firm A has its tax increased to 10%,what is the difference of amount of taxincome between the present year and previous year?20>If total income of Firm B has increased to 10% what is the difference of amount that it has topay through tax(i.e II of income split)?[v](Sitting arrangement)There are 8 persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H seated in a circle:B is sitting between G and D.H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A.C is sitting between A and G.B and E are not sitting opposite to each other.21>if you assume A as 1
position then who is sitting at 6
position?22>Who is sitting opposite to A?23> If A and D exchange their places then who is sitting to the immediate left of D?24>Who is third to the left of D?25>Which of the following is not true?(1)A and D face each other.(2)H and G face each other.(3)F and B face each other (4)None of these.Answer is (4)None of these.[vi](Syllogism)5 Questions on these.Example: SOME BIRDS ARE STONES.SOME TIGERS ARE BIRDS.ALL STONES ARE GRAPES.Conclusions: I. Some stones are birds.II. some stones are not birds.III. some grapes are birds.IV. some tigers are stones.(1)I ,II and III follow.(2)I,III and IV follow.(3) Either I or II and III follow(4)I and III follow.(5)None of these.Answer is (4).**************************************************************************************
Note: IN OUR COLLEGE THERE WERE FOUR TYPES OF QUESTION PAPERS SET ANDONE PAPER WAS GIVEN TO ONE OF THE FOUR CLASSROOMS.ALL PAPERS DEALT WITH THE SAME TOPICS(6 TOPICS AS ABOVE) BUT ONLY THING WAS THE QUESTIONS WERE DIFFERENT.I felt that the reasoning paper was easy but the English paper was bit on the tougher side.Anwer sheet consists of one page like the OMR sheet , you just need to circle the correct optionnumber and write that number in the space provided…..with blue/black ball point pen.=============================================Question No.Options Answeroffice use1 1 2 (3) 4 5 32 1 (2) 3 4 5 23 1 2 (3) 4 5 3=============================================(ii)ENGLISH COMPREHENSION TEST (English grammar + passages).Questions : 40 Time : 30 minutes*******************************************************************************************1-5> Reading comprehension (easy but solve at last only, if you solve it first, you will end-upguessing for many questions)6-10> Reading comprehension (it was too easy, try to read it fast while solving)11-18> fill in the blanks with suitable words (easy ones according to grammer)19-26>choose the one among 4 suitable phrases for the underlined part of the givensentences.(sentence improvement……Be carefull sometimes no improvement is requiredchoose the same phrase) 27-34> choose correct sentence from four given sentences (easy ones but be carefull, there isonly a slight difference and you have to select which is more grammatically correct )35-40> You have to choose which Couse of Action suits best for the above given paragraph.(Mainly this specifies your managerial abilites.)*******************************************************************************************

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