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Lessons Learnt From Commonwealth Games 2010

Lessons Learnt From Commonwealth Games 2010

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Published by pratheekpk
Authored by PRATHEEK PRAVEEN KUMAR. Comments welcome at prytheek@yahoo.com.
Authored by PRATHEEK PRAVEEN KUMAR. Comments welcome at prytheek@yahoo.com.

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Published by: pratheekpk on Mar 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hosting the Commonwealth Games was supposed to be a signal to the world thatIndia had, to use a clichéd term, come of age. An event to demonstrate India’s risingclout and maturity; an event way less brutal that the whipping that some African tribalsfollow to signify coming-of-age. Well, in some ways, this coming-of-age ritual hasbrought similar injuries to India’s self-esteem and pride. The rampant corruptionhighlighted rather gleefully by western media has brought Indian dreams crashing downto earth and has disappointed its myriad citizens. Its citizens hoped for a show equaling ingrandeur the Beijing Olympics and perhaps drew several parallels between the twosporting events held in the two rising countries. The Beijing Olympics was however ashining success, with the only blotch being the war between Russia and Georgia takingaway some of the attention from it. However, the Commonwealth Games did not attainthat measure of success; though it was not a failure by any means. There is an old Latinproverb. “Exita acta probat”. Its English translation means, “The end determines the act”.In that way, the Commonwealth Games was quite successful in anyone’s eyes.A slew of accusations and allegations of corruption directed at the head of theCWG Organizing Committee Chairman, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, amongst others, havecaused many eyebrows to go up. Eyebrows are not the only facial hair to go up. Hair-raising stories of corruption are being unraveled even as we speak. The ghost of CWGcorruption scams will haunt the dreams of those involved; or so it is hoped. However,that can and probably will be quite tricky. The ‘scamsters’ are probably adept in hidingtheir tracks. And have done so with much aplomb in the intervening time. However, theymay still be caught by vigilant officials.A wise man once said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Well, it’s not for nothingthat the aforementioned man was called wise. This quote has a lot of merit, even thoughmost do not seem to follow it, or even think about it. So instead of finding ourselves in all
that muck, we should have done every thing we could to avoid falling into it. One of thesad, unavoidable, regrettable truths of Indian polity is the heavy magnitude of corruptionthat literally haunts and dogs our lives. Corruption has only one cure. Only one. Fataldiseases usually are tough to cure, you see. Well, this cure is a twelve–letter word.Transparency. A transparent organization will never become corrupt. Every movementwill be scrutinized by the public and in a country like India, with so many people callingthemselves as India’s public, any discrepancy or incongruity will surely and swiftly benoticed and eliminated. Sheer numbers you see.We have to realize that we have to make all organizations especially pertaining tothe government, transparency will have to be present, otherwise our ‘netas’ and ‘babuswill invariably go astray. Greed is quite a powerful deterrent you see. A commission willalso have to be set up in order to oversee whether corruption is taking place in eachorganization. Perhaps, a branch of that organization itself will be ideal. Also, steps willhave to be taken to ensure that this branch itself does not become corrupt with time;otherwise we just will have added another organization that can become corrupt! Rottenapples will have to be somewhat ruthlessly cut and thrown away. We all know that onerotten apple spoils the whole barrel. In this age of many rotten apples, we should takecare that the good ones do not get spoilt too. Sounds like the new Mission Impossiblefilm, right?One of the major questions that remain unanswered is why India opted to hostthe Commonwealth Games when there a plethora of people all over the country who lack for even the basic necessities of food, water, clothing and housing. It should be theforemost priority of the Indian Government to cater to the needs of these people rather than try to increase India’s pride by hosting such large events. That can come later,because it is not a necessity. In the end India should look more for the welfare of itspeople.One very noticeable thing in the organization of the Commonwealth Games 2010was that the organizers kept every thing to the end. Just fifty days before the starting

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