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The Book of Ascension - The Essenes of Kosmon

The Book of Ascension - The Essenes of Kosmon

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Published by Robert Bayer
Mystic Inspiration given from the Path of Oahspe Faithism, but nevertheless, purely universal.
Mystic Inspiration given from the Path of Oahspe Faithism, but nevertheless, purely universal.

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Published by: Robert Bayer on Mar 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Book of Ascension
Mystic Inspiration about The Path of Spiritual Ascensionfrom our mortal world to the heavens above.
The Essenes of Kosmon(1938)
Chapter the First
The suffering in the world is due to man’s cleaving unto the path of evil. This isthe way of self and the seven tetracts: which is to say, these seven tetracts are theinheritance of all men born of the earth. 
Anashwhich is persistent stubborness by word or thought, and the delight indestruction.Zimmahwicked device. Negativing every good thing by holding it up toridicule. It is the joking evil.Ra the delight in being bad; the flesh evil.Belayyalis worthlessness, inertia.Avenvanity and self conceit.Dibbahlove of slender and the reporting of evils; the enticing of evil.Satanthe leader of the other six, and is desire for self glorification and ledership to rule over others.
Shall we not strive to cleave unto the Path of Light that the tetracts ensnare usnot? That we shall not enhance the sorrow and suffering in the world? Yea, evenmore then this, shall we not by our lives given to holiness and service seek tostrengthen the power of the overcoming in the hearts of our fellowmen?So shall the blessed words Amereth and Aheba be known unto mortals, andevery soul born into earth shall receive of the Great Forgiveness; that is to say, shallhave power to negative the tetracts’ influences and find redemption from inheritedevil and the tendency to evil. So that when at last men shall cease to multiply evil onearth, the reign of Kosmon truly shall have come. Unto this end let us labour, acknowledging before the Throne of Light our tendency to the enthralment of the tetracts, and being firm in faith, determine never more to turn from the Path, and so advance the glory of the Father on earth.Full well we know, that when we seek the path of declension the spirits of lower Hada seek to enter the sphere of our life, and once taking their abode in our immediate surroundings, how hard it may be to cause them to leave us when we atlast truly desire to rise away from earth.
Moreover, we by our ascension, aid all those who seek the way of the higher life.It is this thought that inspires us this morn of ascension. Fain would we rise abovethe limitations of our elemental surroundings. Fain would we seek to unfold in the AllLight. Unto this end have we gathered, and putting away the desires of earth, striveto enter the delights of heaven.Jehovih saith : “I am to thy spirit as is the sun to a ray of light. I am the light thatillumineth thy soul.”Therefore let us realise the presence within the soul of spark which is theCreator’s Presence. Magnify and make active this power. Glorify His Holy Name, soshall we live and grow, yea, by the very redemptive power of Aheba shall we change.Even the vital atomic processes shall be quickened, and a new life shall dawn withinus. Living in this new world of delight, all that is unholy shall flee away. The serpentshall not bind us to the earth.Let us seek the Light. Let us search diligently, and discover what most we needto aid the unfolding of the soul’s true power, and ardently desiring that which is best,seek the Light in prayer, and on the wheel of Ormazd make an outward and visiblesign of the soul’s true desire.Here stand the holy angels of the Presence, those who strive to do the Father’sWill by coming to our aid. Peradventure, by uniting with us they shall in aiding us,further the Kingdom of Light on earth. Theirs is not the glory, the glory is the Father’s.Yet we by our very nature partake of this same glory, and the angels who come tous, ever in that glory shine.Think also of that great resurrection into the higher worlds, of those who, by thevery impulse that we give, rise to the higher heights, carried forward by the impetusof grace and the outflowing of the Light. Hard may be the striving, suffering is the way of the cross of creation. Yet thespirit is perfected through trial, and the gods themselves have gone the same path.This is the Path of Attainment, and in it is the glory of individualisation perfected.Let us this day look for strengthening on the path of forthgoing. Let us hereawait the coming of Aheba, and that same Aheba shall be the very help the angeliccompany shall bring into our surroundings, strengthening our pupose, aiding our hearts to face the problems of life. The influence they bring shall stay with us. Their souls shall blend with ours, so that this power shall be a lasting power.

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